2017 Fall Anime First Impressions (part 2)


Are we really already in week 3 of this season’s anime and am I really only just getting to some first episodes?! Haha. Yup. Well this post is majorly overdue but here goes. It’s a rainy day in the neighborhood so time for some anime watching!

SPOILERS incoming if you haven’t picked these series up yet!



Oh my. Oh my this anime is kind of misleading but also not really? The first few minutes of this show made me think, Nope, not watching this ever. But once we realize this is actually a draft for a new book, things mellow out and I find myself considering. The characters all look super young to be in their 20s but overall I’m find the story interesting, especially since it’s about writers. I’m just afraid the little sister thing is going to crop up again like in those first few minutes and I can’t handle that. Too weird for me. I don’t think I’ll be watching more of this unless I find myself all caught up with the other shows I’m watching

If you don’t mind that our main character has a thing for naked little sisters or a rather vulgar…love interest? Then I say check it out. It’s rather funny and even introduced me to a game I would play



I want to watch the next 2 episodes now?! As soon as this anime started I knew I was going to want to watch more. The first few seconds of it we have a little girl watching some anime and being entranced by it and I was just thinking, I’ve been there!! So far there’s been a lot of moments where I feel like I can relate to the characters and I just want to see more of this club. It feels like your typical school themed anime so I’m not expecting too much in terms of plot, but who knows, I might be surprised, what with them having a talking cat now

I’ll be watching the next two episodes and seeing if I continue or drop



What did I just watch? The concept of this is so interesting but I feel like I’m treading on thin ice. In this show we have a school that was created to reform kids who are addicted to the internet. Our main character is one of those people as we see his mother forcibly enrolls him, but what she might not have known was that their methods are to abuse kids physically and mentally. So far I’m really not liking the main character at all but I’m just so intrigued by what might happen next. The art is really bad if you think about the quality nowadays but it feels so appropriate to the atmosphere

I’m thinking I’ll watch the next few episodes, see how I like it



Why didn’t I check this out sooner?! Or maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t because now I can binge on 3 episodes in one go! So this story is a battle to the death game where each character represents an animal in the zodiac and they need to open each others stomachs to retrieve a black gem filled with poison in order to win the game. The winner gets an antidote and one wish fulfilled. Oh man, those action scenes are so neat and while there are moments where the animation goes fuzzy (or it might just be my contacts), I still like it. Our main character is Inonoshishi, and I hope there’s an easier name for her later on (or maybe I missed it). She’s one crazy lady but I admire her dedication to being the Juni Taisen warrior

Aside from the whole battle, there isn’t some kind of plot going, which might feel flat for someone who’s looking for a more story based series but for me it’s all good. I will definitely keep watching this!



This was such a good feels anime. Our main character is such an innocent little fox and I want to continue watching a bit more but also I don’t want to at the same time. I don’t want to because there is no point other than them become friends and sharing a bath and a bed and sleeping under a sakura tree. But I also want to watch more because it’s so pretty and cute!

As of now I’d say this is a drop but like all the shows in this genre, I might end up coming back to it in the end. Who knows



Are my eyes deceiving me or is this lady married?! I don’t think I’ve ever watched an anime where the main character was married so I’m feeling kind of out of my zone. Wow. Also, this first episode was super short. I think I’m just going to keep watching and see what happens. There doesn’t seem to be a plot so far, aside from the Chief (I might have missed her name) drinking cocktails her husband makes and not wanting to go out drinking because she acts different when she’s drunk

Totally wouldn’t watch this if each episode was 20 minutes long but these are 3 minutes soooo….hehe



How does one feel about this show?! /screams into the void/ Ok guys so I really liked this show but I have conflicted feelings!! When I play games I also play as a guy and wow do I kind of look like this main character? And I feel like I act like her too! lolol. And I absolutely love that she’s so enthusiastic about this girl in the game and it’s too cute for my soul! But the other girl is actually a guy playing the opposite gender like her and he likes her guy character and MINDBLOWN. I know it’s just a game but god I seriously wanted this to be some yuri or yaoi type thing #cries

I’m going to keep watching this because it’s too freaking adorable!

Ok that’s all for this first impressions post! I went down the fall season list in order and I think I found some neat shows. Some that I will definitely follow and others I’ve placed in my maybe list. I have about 7 more shows to check out for this season and those will be up in my next post! I’m sure I’m the last person still checking out first episodes at this point but yes, how goes everyone else’s fall season shows? Did you guys already decide what you’re watching and dropping?


6 thoughts on “2017 Fall Anime First Impressions (part 2)

  1. Juni Taisen is seriously kicking my rear by knocking down all of my favorite characters—AND IT’S ONLY BEEN THREE EPISODES. Hope the ending turns out epic. Also, that animation DOES look “fuzzy” at times during the action, idk what or why. I might have to check out the Sister show since it looks . . . entertaining enough. :3

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