Kino’s Journey (ep 1 – 3)


Spoilers Abound

So I mentioned in my first impressions that I didn’t know how I was feeling about Kino’s Journey and I’m still there. In a sense it is repetitive, something I expected with the summary of Kino just exploring new countries and new cultures, but also it isn’t?

There’s just something about it that makes it…different. Like I can’t dislike it

In the three episodes of this series, Kino has already explored three different countries, all with different kinds of people residing in them. In the first one it was said that people could kill each other without penalty and that’s why one of the traveler’s Kino meets is going there. With a description like that, I was expecting the place to be filled with bodies on the streets and killers on the loose. Of course, when we see Kino there we do see that a large chunk of citizens owned guns (even old ladies) but that the streets were nice and clean, the people friendly, and everything just seemed peaceful

But the rumours aren’t untrue as we see later on in the episode. They just weren’t the whole truth

As Kino continues to travel he meets more people on their own travels. In the second episode he actually ends up in a town where he heard rumours of a lustrous country. It seemed almost too good to be true and when he arrives, he finds out that the current ruler hold tournaments every couple months. Sort of like battles to the death but you can apparently yield and get away with your life…if your opponent lets you. And in the third he encounters a moving country that is so technologically advanced it made me laugh when it encountered a military-esque country that reminded me of Germany


In a way, the thing that makes me want to watch the next episode are the subtle messages each episode has. In the first and second we hear rumours of countries and end up being greeted by completely different lands. Like the first one, at the end someone asks Kino that if the country he just came from is a safe place. Considering they allow killings without penalty, a safe country isn’t what you would expect, but the show shows us that it could happen. How realistic is it? I’m not very sure

Part of me thinks that it isn’t because if someone could get away with killing with no consequences, what would stop someone from doing it? From shooting your s/o when they cheat you? From killing your competitor in some business? But then the other part of me sees that “there are no consequences” is only in a legal sense because locally it’s different. In a way, I think fear ends up playing a role in how peaceful this country is because seriously, who wants to die by a mob’s hands?

In the second episode, the idea is similar but in reverse, but my takeaway there was that sometimes one needs to use their skills to the max unless you want them to waste away. In Kino’s case this seems to be his shooting skills. And in my case everything has rusted over!


In terms of characters, I just can’t feel for Kino in any way. I think he’s cute if you have him pose with his bike but aside from that, I think he does all feeling poorly. In episode 2 he was supposed to be enraged because of what happened to the couple that had to fight in the tournament. That’s the reason he ends up being part of the tournament and at the end of the episode he’s throwing rocks in the lake “angrily” but I didn’t feel anything. That episode was also more “action packed” than the others but even that felt a bit stiff and calm. For a moment I thought Kino was just missing his shots and then I realized his opponent was dodging

I’m going to keep watching this but I’m not sure at what pace. I know I didn’t talk too much about episode 3 and that’s because it felt the most boring of the set. The only interesting aspect was the mentality of the moving country and how they seem pretty happy-go-luck but in reality they’re rather destructive, not caring at the people they end up hurting during its travels (nature too). In a sense, this reminds me of America, especially back in the older days when it was expanding (but still now too)

If you’re keeping up with this, what are your thoughts so far? Do you like it, dislike it, have mixed feeling over it?


7 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey (ep 1 – 3)

  1. I’m actually really enjoying it so far. I hadn’t ever heard of the original so this is all new to me and I’m having a lot of fun watching it and drawing parallels between the countries Kino encounters and our world. I also don’t mind Kino. They aren’t going to be my nominated pick for best character ever, but they have served their purpose in the story relatively well so far. All and all, I’m really glad I decided to give this one a go and hopefully it continues as it has so far.

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  2. Another great review. I haven’t checked thos one out yet. But looking at the screenshots and the description in your post I get more interested in it by the minute. I usually like slow paced shows and am not really bothered by that 😉

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    • Nice! I hope you enjoy it if you pick it up 🙂 i dont mind slower anime on ocassion xD i think im going to keep watching for curiosity, im interested in the other places kino will visit

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