Garo: Vanishing Line (ep 1 – 3)


Spoilers Abound

OK so excitement levels have teetered off for this show. I know I was really excited about episode 1 because everything looked so cool and I’m seriously a sucker for anything action packed. As for episodes 2 and 3…well, things aren’t moving along in the direction I hoped and I’m afraid it might end up like (let’s say) Dimension W

The anime takes place in Russell City where there are creatures called Horrors who are wreaking havoc and eating humans. Because this city isn’t the best neighborhood, many deaths go unnoticed and unsolved, making it a perfect feeding ground for these creatures. Or at least it would be if people like Sword didn’t exist. Sword is a motorbike riding womanizer who makes it his job to find and destroy Horrors. And on the side he’s also looking for any clues on “El Dorado”


In terms of the art I feel like it’s nothing compared to the first episode. In the first episode I thought everything looked SO COOL and shiny and don’t blink or else you’re going to miss something important! In episode 2 and 3 the quality drops. We still have those really neat fight scenes and bike chases but outside of these moments, things start to look…very basic and doodley. Like this prostitute has no details until Sword decides to come back to see her boobs. Since she’s not really a main character I feel like I can let it slide but a lot of the episode looked like this and it’s not something I was expecting given episode 1

Of course, that’s not to say it’s all bad. Sword is still getting his details every time I see him, as is his bike, not to mention the fight scenes are still up there for me. Plus, we also had a really neat scene in episode 2 where the art goes into horror, paint smearing across the screen, which I thought was neat (and it reminded me of MP100). Still, I could do with way less CG moments. Especially anything outside of Sword transforming and fighting on his bike

In the first episode we’re also introduced to Sword and a girl named Sophie. I thought we would get more of them interacting, especially since they’re both looking for the same thing (El Dorado), but we hardly got any Sophie. She mentions needing to find someone in the second episode, then completely disappears. Did she find them? Who was she looking for? Did she make it before dinner? What would have happened if she didn’t make it before dinner? Is she out on the streets? Is she looking for Sword?!


With new episodes we also have new characters and new stories. In episode 2 we end up meeting Luke, an emotionless and insensitive sniper badass. He’s what you would expect from a stoic character – ruthless, smart, and you are so troublesome I can’t trust you to handle difficult situations. It’s actually in this episode where we learn that whatever Sword is doing is something bigger (like secret organization bigger). Not unexpected but it’s now confirmed. In the third episode we are also introduced to Gina, possibly another associate but most definitely a jaw dropping sexy ruthless fighter. But beware, she has a creature living between her boobs so don’t look unless you fancy getting your face clawed up

As characters, while I think they’re cool, neither Luke nor Gina do it for me. They just feel so one dimensional and maybe it’s because we’re only 3 episodes in but I want to go back to Sophie and Sword and whatever “El Dorado” is (omg ever since I heard this I can’t help but remember the Black Panther trailer because they also mention El Dorado)

Add to that the very predictable story so far of Sword defeating a Horror each episode and my excitement for this is down. I don’t know how long this anime is going to be but if it’s the usual 12-13 episodes, we’re already down 3 and nothing significant has happened to move along the story

I’m still going to keep up with this since I really like Sword and curiosity. I just want to see where this goes, but so far my rating for this series is a 5/10. What about everyone else? What are your thoughts on this series so far if you’re watching it?


6 thoughts on “Garo: Vanishing Line (ep 1 – 3)

  1. I haven’t seen this one, but when I started reading your review and read the premise it sounded like a series I might want to check. I always love a good monster movie/series. Reading on though it seems like this is one of those animes that is just a matter of a new monster every week kind of series. I will wait a bit to watch this and see how it turns out by reading your reviews. Hopefully it will get better 😀

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    • yeah i was really liking it the first episode esp since i’ve been into the whole monster series recently but so far that all it’s offering. i’m also hoping it gets better :3

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