The Ancient Magus Bride: One Day Is Worth Two Tomorrows



I finally got around to watching the next episode and I’m glad we’re getting more info on the world! In this episode, it’s been two days since the previous one, and Chise has been sleeping off her exhaustion. Now that she’s up, Elias has decided they should go shopping and also think about their honeymoon

There were so many things I liked about this episode and one of them is that we’re getting more insight into Chise’s past. From the OVAs we already knew her childhood wasn’t the best and even now that she’s in a loving and accepting home, she still falls back into her usual habits (like being extra worried about causing trouble, apologizing). And in a way to repay that kindness she’s also opening up to Elias, telling him about her mother who is dead (and it’s being hinted that she committed suicide) and her father who is out of the picture. Still, even though she is being more open, we get to see how she is still cautious. Yes she thinks Elias is kind but there’s also some hesitance in her thoughts

Seeing the flashback with her mom made me curious though, why the change? Her mother seemed nice enough but we also have flashbacks where she wishes she didn’t have Chise. I’m guessing it has to do with Chise seeing those creatures but I guess in my mind, a mother should love their child regardless (remembers Todoroki’s mom, mmm, emphasis on SHOULD)


Oh man guys. Oh man. I was so excited about seeing Elias’s human face and I feel like I was betrayed! When I read the manga I thought he was so cute and handsome but here I’m just like screams into the void! I mean he’s not terribly bad looking but just, that hair is not helping his look, lol! Like, just do the skull

And speaking of looks, it’s so nice to see that Chise is looking better. I remember liking that change in the manga, which is where I feel it’s easier to show the changes in her health but even here we can see it. She doesn’t have as many bags under her eyes anymore. She’s dressing well. She’s eating well. And she just looks healthy and maybe I’m exaggerating since she’s only been there so long, but she just feels better in a way, more lively. Still, we know she’s not completely ok since a lot of her mannerisms still persist

Overall this episode had more “life” in it. I found myself laughing more, especially when Elias turned human. It still had some more serious moments and that part where Chise does the ice garden and Elias hovers over her, that was like a scary Elias moment. I could imagine him just glaring and back off Angelica. Which he kind of did in a polite way I think.


We were also introduced to a couple new characters like Angelica and her daughter. Thank you for explaining the whole magic (vs sorcery) in this world. Part of me thinks we won’t get much more of her since she’s just the person providing materials for Chise and a part of me hopes she shows up again. For what, I’m not sure

Soon after we also met Simon, who is a churchman and the one who is getting this series rolling. He’s brought three tasks (I believe) that he needs Elias to do (makes me wonder what would happen if he didn’t do what the church asked for). One of them, we learn, is to check on some dragons, and we finally get some action scenes. The end of the episode sort of leaves you in suspense, what with Chise being snatched up like that!

Part of me just wants to pick up the manga right now and see what’s up with Simon. Chise makes a comment about how everyone seems edgier with him around. Silky is hugging her and Elias is making biting remarks and is he a bad guy or do they just not really like him because he makes Elias do stuff when all Elias wants to do is be a hermit?

By the way, I’m super curious about the whole marriage and honeymoon thing, what with Elias bringing it up twice. I know there’s the three envelopes/errands they need to do and Chise’s got her tools now, but I wonder when he’s expecting the whole bride thing to happen. And I wonder if it’s different from what I’m imagining or what. I guess I thought it would happen down the line when she’s learned everything she needs to

But yeah, let me know what you guys thought of this episode and overall so far! I’ll be checking out the Magus Bride posts now since I’ve gone ahead and checked this episode out


6 thoughts on “The Ancient Magus Bride: One Day Is Worth Two Tomorrows

  1. I haven’t read the manga for this one, so I can’t really comment on that, but the anime I am really enjoying so far. I love the rich world it is weaving. There is just so much life in it, and almost in every frame there is so much happening that at times your eyes might miss things. The characters are great, the story is highly entertaining, so far it has really been a blast. Can’t wait for the next episode to arrive πŸ˜€

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    • Agreed! The animation is still looking great and so pretty. I had to go back a few times bc I felt I was too focused on it instead of reading the subtitles xD also excited about the rest of the series πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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