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A Weekend in Boston: TD Garden, The Freedom Trail, Books, Harvard, and Foods


Hey guys! So I realized I didn’t post about this trip and wow, has it already been this long since I went?? (has no idea when she went). Now, as a bit of a refresher, I ended up driving out to Boston with my brother because he wanted to attend the Summer Finals for the League of Legends games. That was some 15 hours of just driving

We were going to watch the games for two days but we decided to leave a day earlier so we could explore. Honestly, we didn’t do as much as I usually would when I go out, but here goes


OK, so I actually forgot to take my tea bag so I had to make do with the Freedom Trail. Basically it’s a whole bunch of stops around town where historical stuff happened. I actually found this trail on Google while I was looking for tourist attractions but I didn’t think it was an actual trail! I just figured they were landmarks but I found myself pleasantly surprised when we started the walk and found an actual, physical trail that took you around town. The beginning is a bit confusing though since it’s just a shop with articles on it. I wish there’d been a better marker

We did see some interesting stuff, like where the Boston Massacre happened, which is honestly the only thing I “know” about Boston. Yeah, I don’t really know any American history and while there my brother’s just, and you’re supposed to be an American?Β I was also really excited about seeing some graveyards but we got there too late. The place was closed up so no nice pictures of tombs. I thought maybe we could come back later but the games started a bit after noon and we didn’t get out until night. The cemeteries closed at 5 I think



Definitely not on the schedule but while on the Freedom Trails we saw this sign directing us to this bookstore with some old books and we thought, why not? This place was kind of awesome. I’m not used to being inside an independant bookstore, which I THINK this was. It just had a very different feel to B&N. Closer to a HPB but somehow different from that as well. Everything was a little cramped, things were stacked on the floor, there were old maps, books were organized by country and topics, and there was this really old typewriter (lol)

I want to say we were there for an hour just browsing. I found a lot of things I wish I could buy but I was on a budget and things were a wee expensive. After this we ended up going out again and just exploring. That’s when I saw this beautiful thing


We used to have one near my school but it was taken down because people wouldn’t put books back and when they did they nearly destroyed the poor thing. I guess the people who put it there figured we couldn’t have nice things. Though maybe four blocks down into one of the residential areas, they had another and that one looked so neat

So far, this one is the biggest one I’ve seen. There weren’t too many books in there and I kind of wish I’d had one on hand so I could have left it. Like, p.s. from Chicago (lol)



Ok so when we decided we were going to Boston I instantly knew we had to make a stop here on one of the days. Maybe walk around a bit, get some souvenirs, something! We ended up going the last day we were in Boston for a reason called laziness and for our bad habits, it rained that day. And it was Sunday so everything opened late and we were there kinda early. Suffice to say my brother was going to blame me for his supposed eventual sickness (I have no idea if he got sick)

But if we got one good thing out of this outing, I’d say it was some more book browsing!

I believe this was called the Harvard Bookstore and the pictures here are for the downstairs portion where the used books are at. I actually ended up buyingΒ CrΓ³nica del pΓ‘jaro que da cuerda al mundo (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle) by Haruki Murakami. It was a decent sized book for the price, so I nabbed it. There were also other books I wanted to get upstairs that I ended up browsing through, which I’m going to attempt to buy at a later date. Most of them were art related books

I also tried to look up my teacher’s name here since I know he graduated from Harvard. Figured if he had a book out there somewhere, maybe it would be here and maybe I could check it out (or even buy it depending on the price). No such luck


Food! Oh how expensive is thee! So since we stayed at a hotel with no stove, we ended up eating out the whole weekend. The first day we went to this place called The Neighborhood Restaurant. I ended up getting some juice, coffee, an omelette with some sort of potatoes, and a waffle. And to be adventurous I ended up trying dry cereal (surprisingly good but has a funny texture) and kale soup (someone throw more meat into this thing and it’ll be 100%). I ended up liking the food here and the atmosphere of the place was really homey, if a bit cramped

We tried coming back here the next day and NOPE, was super busy. I want to say the wait time was around an hour, but I can’t remember.

At the Harvard Square we also ended up checking out this breakfast place called Zoe’s. Like usual, I ended up getting an omelette. The food wasn’t exceptionally good and their hot chocolate was really sweet. I would probably go back if it were an early Sunday morning, since the rest of the shops were closed

And the last place we visited was this pizza place where they claimed to have the biggest pizza slices. I disagree since my one slice was cut into two regular sized slices. Besides, I’ve seen bigger slices and their pizza was really bland. Even Little Caesar’s pizza was tastier. But maybe that’s because Chicago is apparently renowned for their pizza that I feel this way (says the person who hasn’t tried the famous Chicago styled pizza)

Oh! I also tried some pizza at the TD Garden, which I don’t recommend if you’re on a budget but I like to live dangerously. It was a much bigger size than this Ernesto’s Pizzeria but it had a bland taste as well. It was also really hard to take it apart, almost having a plastic-y feel to it. Reminded me of Sbarro


Can you guys believe that I went to the TD Garden twice and completely forgot to take a picture of the building?! I know. It’s like how I go to ACEN every year and every year when I sit down to do that con-experience post I realize I forgot to take a picture of the building. So instead I leave you pictures of some of the cosplayers I found at the TD Garden

Since I’d gone to the Summer Finals last year (Toronto), I knew I’d find a couple cosplayers so I “came prepared”, which is a total lie because I forgot my camera. Lame, I know. But I did get these pictures on my phone


In terms of comfort, the place was terribly uncomfortable. I just wanted to stand from where I was sitting because it was really cramped and the seats started to hurt after an hour. And that’s me being generous. The items were overpriced, as expected, and why, why is Dasani the only water they sell?! That’s the water I completely refuse to drink, so I ended up buying a hot tea without the tea (hehe)

I also got the pizza that I mentioned before and some coffee. And I was able to keep up with what was going on in the game. Well, for the most part. There were moments in the game where things just happened too fast and I was like, what??

Overall, going to Boston was quite the experience. I really enjoyed visiting the food places, the bookstores, and even the TD Garden, but I just wish I’d had more time for exploring because some of the time I felt like we were in a rush. It was a bit expensive being in the city, especially in the (I imagine) downtown area. I would for sure go back for another visit if we could get a good deal on a hotel though where to visit escapes me

I have a couple more pictures on my Instagram if anyone is curious πŸ™‚

p.s. GOD these pictures are huge (to anyone seeing on a desktop)

7 thoughts on “A Weekend in Boston: TD Garden, The Freedom Trail, Books, Harvard, and Foods

  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip. I get hungry just by looking at the pictures of all the food that you have included, and those bookstores: I could spent days there: for real πŸ˜€ Glad you had so much fun, thanks for sharing this with us πŸ˜€

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    • yes! thanks for checking this out and omg i would have stayed at the bookstores longer but we couldn’t, we had to keep moving πŸ˜› and lol! i feel the same way about food pics

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