The Ancient Magus Bride: April Showers Bring May Flowers


I am finally one of those fans who have watched the first episode of the Ancient Magus Bride and I have mixed feelings over it!! Yes, I’m so happy we finally get a SEASON because as much as I love the OVAs, I really needed more, but god, it felt like so little 

And I got a bit of the answer I was wondering about. This is starting from the beginning of Elias and Chise and it’s bringing back the manga feels. The animation is just as gorgeous as the OVAs and I kinda want to go live over with Elias. Also, I guess I hadn’t thought too much about it, but the OVAs really made me feel more of an attachment to Chise. In this first episode we get flashbacks of her being haunted by all these creatures and when I saw her at the park I thought, It’s that one OVA episode!

If I think about it objectively and I leave my love for this series, this episode, by itself, doesn’t work too well. We’re introduced to the characters, we’re pulled in by the animation, and if you’re into magic, you might just end up staying for that. But that’s all there is. Yes, Elias just bought her and is now going to make her his apprentice and oh his bride too? but I can’t really think of anything else that might pull me in. And this is probably the reason why I stopped reading the manga after a certain point. I guess I just needed more than just a slice of life type feel anime. I need for there to be some purpose or even advancement towards her becoming his bride, which I think is the main end goal? Based off the title

Just this first episode was good in terms of the pacing but as the series continues, I wonder if the pacing will pick up. Also, by the end of this I was just smiling and laughing because how can this super tall skeleton head be so funny and cute?! 

But yes, I’m excited to see Chise grow as a character in animated format 😀

p.s. The opening didn’t do much for me. I’m not a huge fan of the latin feel to the music and the video seemed really plain. I just feel it could have been much nicer

What did you all think about the first episode? Especially if you haven’t read the manga or maybe even haven’t seen the OVAs. Does it pull you in? Make you want to watch more? And if you have checked out one or both of these, what do you think about everything in general? Let me know in the comments section

3 thoughts on “The Ancient Magus Bride: April Showers Bring May Flowers

  1. I really liked this first episode. I definitely feel the plot is needing to do a bit more for this to push over into a series I really fall in love with, but at the same time if it just wants to be about the feels, it kind of nailed that aspect and I’ll stick around for a season even if that is all we end up getting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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