2017 Fall Anime First Impressions (part 1)


Hey guys! So I’ve finally got myself sitting down in my not really comfy chair and Anime Time. I know some people already started their fall 2017 impressions but I’m a little behind, so no visits from Crimson yet. But you’ll see me soon, especially those people watching The Ancient Magus Bride. I just want to watch it first 😀

But here’s the first part of my 2017 watch list. SPOILERS incoming if you haven’t watched these



So I’m just going to say I enjoyed this. It wasn’t terrible, except for maybe when Asta was screaming, which was for most of the episode. I just wish he’d tone it down, lol. It follows basic shounen rules and reminds me a bit of Naruto, what with them being orphans, Asta wanting to become the Wizard King, finding he’s below average only to have a demon be part of him, and Yuno as his rival (dark, mysterious, cool, 100x better than thou). I’ll be watching it but it’s not on my priority list

Episode 1 gets a passable rating. It introduces the characters, the world, it has a fight scene at the end to make you come back to see what happens next, and while weak (talking about Asta here), character motivations are revealed



Wow. Ok, so this started off really vampire anime and it just turned into something I didn’t understand. There’s something going on about this blonde guy not using his full power, possibly a parallel world or a past, and lots of characters from organizations I’m not sure about. It looks pretty decent but when it’s time for the fight scenes they’re a little meh (except that last part where we got the whole destroy the world vibe). I’m thinking I’ll check out at least two more episodes before I make my verdict

Episode 1 (0) gets a confused rating. I wouldn’t pick this up just by itself because we don’t really get a lot of explanations. Maybe with the second episode it might clear stuff up



Is this possibly the first title I’m hoping to catch next week? Yes. I won’t say I’m excited but I am curious where this will go. We have Cardia who can’t touch anything because her father implanted this Horologium (The Eternally Beating Heart) into her, which makes everything she touches disintegrate. And then we have different organizations trying to kidnap her for this power, and our bishie booty happen to be one of the good kidnappers. Plus it’s really funny, especially this engineer here. TOTALLY KILLING ME

I’m so sure this is a reverse harem so I’m on the fence about that but I liked the first episode. The animation is really nice, the story interesting, and the romance isn’t really the focus. Passing grade on this!



I think it’s been awhile since I last checked out an anime with so many cute girls in it. I really ended up liking this one and found myself laughing quite a bit. When I read Tsundere on the description I was afraid of what I might end up watching but it’s more like the girls take on these dere characteristics at a cafe. In a sense I found that I felt a lot of the feelings that Maika felt, especially concerning customer service and being nervous. And the whole arcade scene was really fun

This series gets ok points. I won’t go out of my way to watch it but if you like cute girls and pretty animation, this would be a good one to check out. I’ll maybe check out another episode as the season continues but it’s not something I’m excited about



This was so badass I need more of it!! I’ve never been a huge motorcycle person but THIS just makes me want to change my mind about them. God this show was so action packed, the music was amazing (now you all know what kind of music I like, haha), the animation was really nice (even the more CG parts were decent), and the story is starting to happen. I don’t usually like my ladies to be so well endowed because that’s all their appeal but there’s just something about this show that makes it work. Same with Sword. I don’t like my guys all muscle filled but he’s just so cool!

This show gets flying colors on my radar and I’m excited about what comes next and learning about our characters, especially Sophie and why she’s looking for Eldorado (and what that even is)



Ohhh! Another one I’m pretty curious about and just in time for that Halloween spirit. This one actually reminds me of Future Diary in that there’s some higher being at work and if you don’t follow orders you die. But it also reminds me a bit of the books by Yoshiki Tonogai even though I can’t even remember what they were about anymore. It just has a similar vibe to them. The animation is pretty good and our main character a bit wimpy (but considering what he’s gone through it makes sense he’s a little emotional and weird). This also feels like it’s a season 2 but on Crunchyroll it only has one episode so I guess it’s just how the story is being told

I’m super curious about what’s going to happen next so definitely going to tune in weekly!



So this was one I wanted to check out because it looked cute and the concept was interesting. After watching it, I’m not sure how I feel. It’s really nice, I enjoyed the first episode and the twist but I’m also afraid it might get repetitive if Kino just keeps doing the same thing all the time. Also, I’m not completely sold on the animation. Not just the CG parts, though those don’t bother me too much, but just Kino being so moe. And holding guns. Like, my brain is telling me that such a cute character, so small too, shouldn’t be carrying or even using guns

Kino gets an OK rating from me. I’m curious to see what else we get and I’ll be checking back on it, but it’s not a series I feel I NEED to watch



I’m a little conflicted over this one. I really want to keep watching it but I’m going to confess I have no idea who all the characters that were introduced are. There were just so many of them! But I like the animation, the fight scenes are pretty good, and the clothing oh my goodness so much beautiful details. Plus, I think, aside from the girl, everyone else is male and who doesn’t like an all bishie booty cast? Lol. It does remind me of Escaflowne, what with the girl (I looked up her name but can’t find it?) ending up in a strange land

This show gets an OK rating so far. I’m going to check out another episode and see how I feel after that

Wow, I can’t believe I watched all of these! But yes, that’s going to be all for now. I will be watching the Ancient Magus Bride right after this post goes up and I’ll be writing up a separate post for that because I’m definitely going to be following that series. For any shows I’m iffy about, I’ll be watching up to episode 3 unless it just gets really bad. Just to get a feel for them. Have you guys watched any of these yet? If so, let me know what you thought ^^ I’ll also be blog hopping tonight so if you’ve already written up your fall impressions, let me know (or leave a link) so I can check it out

I’ll be catching a couple more titles tomorrow

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    • Awesome! i was really hoping it wouldn’t be like that and i just really liked how it didn’t feel like it, at all. there were many moments where i thought it could pull the i love you scenes and pick me but it wouldn’t come and i was rather happy XD and everyone just gets along so well 🙂

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