My First Time at Indy PopCon and Indianapolis Area

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I last wrote up a post about my travels. For one, I’ve been cooped up mostly at home and second, well, I just haven’t had the desire to write about the times that I have gone out (because I wait too long)

But I went to Indianapolis this summer for Indy Pop Con (a pop culture convention) and while I was there I also checked out a few other places and figured I’d show you all some pics!


Usually I’m the one who hunts down conventions and then drags whatever unfortunate soul with me (aka brother), but this time around it was the opposite. My brother heard about this convention and thought it’d be a nice place to check out, and since it’d been awhile since I last went to a new convention I thought, why not? In terms of a convention I would give it a 4/10 score. It was held at the convention center in downtown Indianapolis but there wasn’t much of a crowd or panels or merchandise in the dealers hall…


  • No worry about not making it into a panel because there weren’t many people in attendance
  • The biggest appeal seems to be the guests, which consisted of a lot of YouTubers
  • Everything is situated in the same building (and floor) so you don’t have to worry about running from the Convention Center to the Marriott or Double Tree for panels (like ACEN and pretty much every other huge convention)
  • Downtown area is aesthetically pleasing


  • Panels end at 8pm (and there are no yaoi panels!!) all 3 days. The first day also started late, opening ceremony being at 1pm
  • Not much panel variety even though they have a huge space. A lot of the panels I went to seemed to focus on gaming and shows. Of the anime variety I think I only attended one and that one also talked about Japanese culture
  • Dealers hall is about 90% action figures, comic and non-anime content, which sucks if you’re predominantly an anime fan. Most of the anime content came from the artists alley. I don’t even think I saw any industry guests aside from random places like universities and a lottery stand?
  • The Indianapolis area is very scarce with entertainment. Did a search on where to get some entertainment and most of it was museums and parks, which is fine if you’re into museums but we had one weekend and those usually close early
  • Tad too costly if you’re coming from out of town. We had to pay +$300 for a hotel PLUS parking. Valet at our hotel was about $32 a day and garage parking was $22 for 24 hours. Just in parking costs was $66! If you come from a big city like Chicago then Indy is like a baby “downtown” and the costs just don’t make it worth it

And because a lot of the panels ended early the bro and I went out to explore some food places

Café Patachou

So the first day that we were out there (or really the first morning), I was craving some eggs for breakfast. We ended up finding this little cafe called Café Patachou and it was within walking distance to the hotel we stayed at

I really liked it aesthetically but not so much my food. I found the portions to be really small for the price we paid and my omelet was rather dry (just look at it, lol). I did like that they had the spicy chiles and not those jalapeños in vinegar which are ZERO hot. They also had a nice little coffee self-serve spot with four different coffees to choose from. I’m typical so I just wanted your normal coffee (but found the thing empty so I ended up not drinking much coffee)

I wouldn’t go back because I know I would still be hungry after eating here and even though I could just order more stuff, it would be costly

Indy Reads Books

Because I’m so used to places like Barnes and Noble and Half Priced Books, I sometimes forget little cozy places like these exist. To be honest, out of the whole trip THIS was possibly my favorite place. We randomly figured we’d stop by a bookstore and since this place was “nearby” we decided to check it out. And W-O-W

This place just felt so different from B&N (which feels cold and distant and you don’t want to sit and read there for hours). As soon as you walk into this place there’s immediate quiet, sort of like a library. Displays are up just about everywhere with some really nice themes, like bargain books and local authors and school reads. Everyone kind of has their own little sections, so if you’re a teen you have the corner to the left, if you’re older, the corner to the right

Even the bathroom had books inside!!! I really wish there was a place like this near my house



Another place we checked out for breakfast was Yolk. We actually decided to go here walking so you can imagine I was about ready to faint, what with the weather being too sunny and my not knowing how much longer we were heading. Plus, we ended up going the wrong way and retracing some of our steps. But I actually liked this place!

My brother said he looked this place up because I said I wanted to eat eggs and lol, we get there and I order a hamburger. A really good looking hamburger with jalapeños inside! This place was on the more decent size in terms of portion size and price. Or maybe I just eat a lot. I know there were some ladies sitting next to us at the bar looking place and asking what I was eating. I could hear them judging me, lol!

I ended up getting a coffee here (not very good), grapefruit juice (yum but expected as it’s from those big gallons), a hamburger (100 points!), and this weird but tasty looking strawberry dessert. Honestly, I ended up not liking it. It just had this weird taste and after I added some syrup I just couldn’t eat it. I’m not even sure what I did to it Orz

I also learned that there is a Yolk location in Chicago! Might not actually go back but it’s good to know…just in case 😉

Coffee Place

Ok so this place isn’t actually called Coffee Place. I’m just calling it that because I have no idea what the place is called and I’ve looked on Google maps to see if I can find it. No such luck, so if you guys know this place, let me know!

The story is, I was craving iced coffee and we thought we could check out a local place. Brother found this place that we drove to but it was in a weird little place, almost an alley, and the only reason we found it is because I saw a sign that said COFFEE

They had quite the selection, which was cool but also, what do I order?! I ended up asking for this iced latte type drink and my brother got something with Lechera. Honestly thought his would be really sweet but we were both surprised by how good his drink tasted. Mine was a bit on the stronger side but really sweet for some reason. Still, we did drink it all and the cookie I got was good!

Bit on the pricey side considering the size of the drinks. Smaller than a small at Dunkin

Now, we also went to other food places but I lost the phone I had on this trip. At this point I can’t remember if I lost it like misplaced it, or lost it like I killed it somehow. What I do know is that I don’t have the pictures anymore (and I can’t remember the two burger places we checked out >_< I remember one was inside the mall and they had these waffle shaped fries. That place was decent. The other place was more of a restaurant but it’s one of those popular chain places, just don’t know which one…)

But yes, I did think the trip was a tad expensive and there wasn’t much entertainment (we went primarily for the con). I wouldn’t really go back next year unless I could somehow find a cheap place to stay at and if I went on the train or something (if there’s a train that goes out there)

3 thoughts on “My First Time at Indy PopCon and Indianapolis Area

  1. I went to Indianapolis for a con years ago, which was the Midwest Gen-Con after it had been in like Wisconsin or something for so many years. Indianapolis was my first time out of the state for anything like that (plus I was a kid) so it was a real treat at the time. Hopefully this con that you went to will grow over the years and become a success, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll revisit and they’ll have tons of anime stuff! And a yaoi panel! >.<

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