I Want a Gaming Computer, don’t you?

So it’s been awhile since I last posted anything gaming related but I recently went out to watch the League of Legends NA Finals in Boston, and like the year before, those matches got me pumped to actually play the game. Last year I ended up downloading the game but it took SO LONG to download (and later to update) that I gave up on the endeavor. And now it got me thinking about that gaming computer that’s been on my to-buy list for possibly a year now


Now I don’t know much about computers. Right now the one I have is one I bought on a whim a few years back. It’s a one-in-all Samsung desktop, so no tower. It has yet to fail me but I also still think it’s in its baby phases. Half the time I’m just waiting for it to crash on me because that’s what electronics do (lol)

But then my brother got into building computers and he offered to build me one. All I had to do was buy the parts. I told him I wanted to play games on it and also do some digital work on there (aside from all basic functions) and these are the 3 items I decided I didn’t mind splurging on (after consulting with him of course):

Graphics cards, CPU, and RAM


  • Graphics card, 1080s: Apparently this has to do with how well something looks and how smoothly it happens. Since I plan to do some digital work on this computer as well as gaming, I want it to look as good as it can and with as few lags/crashes
  • i7 CPU: With an i7 core this desktop will work more efficiently and quickly on more intensive programs
  • 32gb of RAM: Because who doesn’t want everything to run quickly? Right now with my desktop I have trouble when I open two Adobe products at the same time and sometimes I’m also running games but then stuff freezes on me. This is something that I really don’t need and something I want to fix with this new desktop!

Of course, when you’re shopping and setting up a computer station, it’s so easy to also splurge a bit on comfort and design. I know I want to be comfy when I sit at my desk so I also wouldn’t mind spending on a good chair (which I hear runs into the hundreds!!), a really nice case because I’m all about nice looking things (it’s my weakness!!), and fans if I need them

The Case I Currently Have


Like I mentioned, this whole desktop deal has been something I’ve been meaning to do for a year now, so I actually already have a case for this (Graphite Series 780T Full-Tower). When we were at the store (Microcenter), we were looking at all the cases and instead of getting a cheaper model, I instantly fell in love with this rounder one. It’s huge! But it just looks so nice

Extra Fans (if needed)


One thing I noticed is that these computers heat up quite a bit. When my brother built his, he had to install some fans after the fact (Air Series AF120 Performance Edition High Airflow 120mm Fan) and since I tend to keep my computer on for many hours at a time, I wouldn’t mind spending on this item when necessary. Plus, I don’t need this new desktop failing me and getting a heat stroke. I need this to last me a good couple years

And these are some of the items I wouldn’t mind splurging on if I were to get a gaming computer. I don’t understand too well how all these part work individually but I know what my end product will be and that’s what I care about the most here. I will need to take extra care with it, something one doesn’t really do with a premade one but I’m ready for the challenge! Also, I know once I actually start to build this thing in earnest, the items on this list will probably double because that’s what I’m like (lol!)

What about you all? What items would you prioritize for your gaming computer? Would you buy one that’s up and ready for you, like these being offered by HP, or would you have one built? Let me know in the comments or even make your own post about it (I’m sure it would be 10xs better than mine, haha)

p.s. This post was written with the help of my brother : )

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3 thoughts on “I Want a Gaming Computer, don’t you?

    • Lololol! I was going to say, isn’t that a phone? and then laughed bc iPHONE, duhhh

      i think the only game on my phone is pokemon GO and i hardly ever use that anymore :”D

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  1. I’d love a PC gaming, but considering games every year come out that 2 year old pcs can’t run okay it’s why I prefer portable gaming. Less hassle 😹
    Though if it’s just to play LoL, I’m sure this will be fine for a long time 👌
    Good luck with it, and I’m sure you can find a decent gaming chair for 100 or so 👌

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