[Netgalley] Manga Classics: Jane Eyre

I just had to check out another. This might be my last manga classics in awhile because I can only read so many (lol)


Jane Eyre is one of those classics that I’ve only heard of but never really got curious about. I’ve read Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte but aside from that one book, I hadn’t really heard of this author’s name before

In Jane Eyre we meet Jane and follow her story to adulthood. As a child we meet a feisty little girl who only wants to be loved but is shunned and mistreated by her only living relatives. Having convinced her aunt to send her to school, she wishes to make friends and have people like and respect her. To her luck, she does end up doing this, even when Mr. Brocklehurst accuses her of being a liar, an apparently huge crime at the time


As the years pass, we learn that Jane was one of the fortunate children who survived in Lowood and even became a teacher there for two years. However, afterwards she found herself a job as a governess for Adele from Thornfield. It’s actually here where the “actual” story starts

I surprisingly enjoyed this story the most out of all the manga classics I’ve read so far, which isn’t many but you know. I found it surprising because it was a romance story but there was this whole forbidden aspect to it and drama that I wasn’t expecting. It felt more mature than your typical shoujo reads and I liked that

Aside from Jane we meet Mr. Rochester, who is Jane’s boss. There seems to be an immediate attraction on his part when they meet, even when he tries to be cool about it. Jane, on the other hand, slowly starts to find him handsome but from the beginning talked to him more casually than other people. Probably because she didn’t know he was her boss (lol)


I did think he was a jerk about midway through the story. Would it be spoilers to say what happens even though the novel is years old? Not sure so SPOILERS: when he tried to marry Jane only to be outed that he was already married…at the alter. And he knew about this!! And still tried to marry Jane. Yeah, by that point I was super glad she left him and I hoped he’d live a terrible life because you don’t do that to a bride who is seriously in love with you. If he’d done it to some gold digger I’d be like whatever, but Jane seriously liked him

After Jane leaves Thornfield we’re introduced to more characters (because of course she had to leave). None of them were really fleshed out or given much panel time with the exception of Mr. Rivers. He’s one of the people who take in Jane when she arrives in a new town (penniless), figures out her true identity (she changed her name), turned out to be a relative, and tried to marry her


By the time he’d asked her to marry, I was getting worried. I was closing in on the end of the book and I really didn’t want them to end up together. From the beginning, Jane had been really true to her own beliefs and didn’t succumb to pressure. I was afraid that’s what would happen this time because Mr. Rochester was a dick and tried to make her his mistress. Luckily, the ending was a nice one

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this manga classics. Out of the three I’ve read, I felt this shoujo style fit this story the most, since it was a romance. I was a bit iffy about Jane’s appearance throughout the book since she doesn’t age at all. She looks the same way at 18 and nearly 30. And if it weren’t for the hairstyle difference and height, I would say she looked almost identical to her child self

I ended up giving this book a 5/5 on Goodreads

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