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Crimson’s Mini Con-season: What Conventions Am I Attending?

Hey guys! So this post is months late I believe. I know I usually post one of these at the beginning of the year because I already have most of my conyear planned out. Well, this year I was in a bit of a financial bind so it wasn’t until I got a job where I could definitely say if I could attend any conventions


And what conventions might that be? Well here are some “for sure” and “possibly”

ACEN (For Sure)


Like every year since I was a pre-teen, I’ll be attending ACEN again. I’m kind of excited because I haven’t been to a convention yet this year but I’m also a bit meh about it. Why? Because I go to this con every year and it’s usually the same panels, similar guests, same people, same place to eat, and so forth. I’ll be going with my brother but considering I’ve been into cosplay shoots lately, we might only end up together for half the convention

Since this convention is “in the area” (about an hour away from home), we might end up commuting the three days

Colossalcon (Possibly)


This is the convention I’m most iffy about. I really want to go because it’s a smaller convention and I really liked it when I went last year, but it’s also really last minute. I thought it was happening later on in the year so I haven’t even checked tickets or hotel info yet. Last year I was lucky enough to find a place for $40 so if I find something like that again, I might end up going

I would be driving out there so tolls would be an extra cost I have to think about

Anime Midwest (Possibly)


I completely forgot that this convention was coming up!! For some reason I thought it would be later in the year but when I looked it up the tickets for pre-registration had already been sold. Right now the tickets are at $50, only $10 off the at-door price (compared to the $35 I could have paid if I’d paid attention to dates). That’s the only reason this con is listed as “possibly”

If anything, I might just end up going for a few cosplay shoots because I do want to take some pictures ^^

Yaoicon (For Sure)


I had told myself this would be a yearly convention when I turned 18 but stuff happened last year and I couldn’t attend (stuff as in I went to AX and Fanime). This year though, I’ll be heading back and am super excited about the opening/closing performances, the bishie auction, and really anything with the con’s bishies! Nobody does opening and closing ceremonies like Yaoicon, NOBODY

Like Naka-kon and Fanime last year, my trip to Yaoicon this year is also a Blogger Meet! Yup, I’ll be meeting up with Lyn (lynlynsays), Naja (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero), and Hazelyn (Heyitszel)!

If anyone else in the community is attending, it’d be awesome to meet you all ^^

CAD (For Sure)


Another local convention for me and since it’s at the end of the year, I know I’ll for sure be able to attend! I think I’ve only gone to this convention once or twice before. I decided to check it out with my brother and he ended up not liking it because it was small and didn’t have many events. I thought it was okay, especially since I went for cosplay pictures and could meet their guests!

Because it’s run by the same people as Midwest, there will be some overlap but honestly, I like to go to conventions because they’re a nice way to get away from home ^^

I might end up going to one more out of state convention but as of right now this is what I got. I will be vlogging during all my stays and doing some minor PR for OWLS. I’ll be posting more updates about this in May when I head for ACEN. Obviously, if you guys will be at any of these conventions and want to meet up, I’m all for it. Just be aware I’m an awkward potato (but one who likes to meet friends~)

Is anyone else attending conventions? Are you cosplaying? What are you excited about?

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