Crimson’s Dream Crates, What Is Yours?

Hey guys!

So I noticed it’s been awhile since I last posted something on my site. Or at least it feels that way because most of the stuff that published recently were scheduled beforehand (I know, even I surprise myself!). The only new stuff I did was the Your Name, GitS, Fate of the Furious, and Beauty and the Beast posts (yay to new movies!)

Because of that, I thought it would be fun to join in the Dream Crate posting!


I’ve seen a couple videos before (unboxings) of Loot Crate. I know my brother has wanted to try ordering one before and even I’ve considered trying this out once (if they only had the yaoi, wow you guys I’d be on that ASAP). And recently I was told that there was a Dream Crate project where we plebeians can nudge nudge wink wink at Loot Crate

And I thought it would be a really fun idea to try making my own Dream Crate. So what items would I like in my ideal crate? Honestly, if I could get away with it, my crate would be an endless supply of yaoi goodness. Possibly resembling Newt Scamander’s suitcase except that I wouldn’t have to find these things, they’d just materialize in there (Lol)

Because I have some BL content on this blog (hehe), I decided to make two Dream Crates. One of them is for the non-BL lovers and the other is for BL lovers ^^

Dream Crate (Anime)

This would be my Dream Crate if we just looked at your general anime, for my non-BL audiences. And now that I think about it, possibly more for my female audience since this turned out a bit more on the girly and collector’s side

Cardcaptor Sakura Stars Bless You 1/7 Scale Figure


I was once asked about my favorite magical girl anime and I told that person I didn’t have a favorite because I wasn’t into that genre. Well, I forgot I absolutely love Cardcaptor Sakura and wow, how would this even fit into the Loot Crate box?! First item and already it’s just a dream

Takeshi Obata’s Blanc et Noir


I walked into Kinokuniya a few weeks back and saw this beautiful artbook and almost left with no money. Takeshi Obata’s art is Beautiful and I’d love to have this artbook. I’m not an artbook person but this. I would love to have this in my collection! Another huge item that would definitely not fit into the Loot Crate box

Ghibli Sweater or Leggings (Clothes basically)


I’ve always wanted to have something Ghibli related but never bought anything because it’s expensive! But I’d LOVE to get a Ghibli hoodie and/or leggings. Not specifically of Totoro (like these images) since I’ve never even watched the movie but something Ghibli and cute. I need cute things in my life sometimes 😉

Going along with that, I love hoodies and I feel like I don’t see enough anime hoodies. Hoodies make me feel cuddly and protected (hehe)

Karasuno Mini-mini Bag (plus Tsukki)


I think the last anime bag I bought was a Kuroshitsuji one and I used that thing until it nearly fell apart on me. My mom sewed that thing until she couldn’t anymore! And well, that means I need a new one and this Karasuno one is so pretty! It says it’s a mini-mini one so it’s even smaller than mini, which means I can’t stuff it with pens, notebooks, or candy…but I’ll take it!! I’d also like a Tsukishima sew in patch? I don’t even know if there are still some of those but I’d sew it into the bag 😎

I was also contemplating a Tsukki phone cover for an HTC and a sassy Tsukki cut out and well…a lot of other Tsukki products

Pencil Bag


Lately I’ve been buying quite a few of these pencil bags. I have this blue one with strawberries where I have markers, a Katsuki Bakugou one with pens, and an Attack on Titan one with pencils. I would love another one as my pens/pencil/marker collections keep growing because stationery is my weakness!! I was trying to figure out what anime I would like and can’t seem to decide. I really like the designs for Kuroshitsuji but I also think a ghost design from 07 Ghost would look great! Just to have some variety

Dream Crate (BL)

For my more specific interests 😉

Doukyuusei DVD Set


Can this count as one item? Like I know it comes with the DVD, an artbook it looks like, and some postcards but Doukyuusei! This was the most adorable BL movie and series I’ve ever seen before. Absolutely love these characters

Ten Count Figures and/or Drama CDs


Out of all the items on this list, I knew I had to add some Ten Count and I couldn’t decide between the figures or the CDs. Like, I really want to have the figures because they’re absolutely adorable! But the CDs are possibly as close as I’m going to get to an ‘anime’ for this series. It was a tough decision

Then there’s all the other adorable merch #CRIES

Ask Me About My Ship OTP T-Shirt


Can you guys believe I just heard about this shirt’s existence?! Yup, I know, I’m terrible. But I’ve come to remedy this by adding it to this Dream Crate. Obviously it would be a BL canon couple but it would work the same way (and yeah I ship the one this shirt is implying). I feel like the obvious choice would be Victuuri from Yuri in Ice but I think I’ll go with Honto Yajuu’s Aki and Tomoharu

Although there are some ships I’m pretty crazy about right now…

1 or 2 Random Unlicensed Manga Title


I think this would be a fun way to learn about new titles! I say unlicensed because I actually collect these but it could be an English volume. And this way my manga collection can continue to expand! Not to mention a lot of BL titles are only one volume long anyways so there wouldn’t be much of a worry to get more volumes



Don’t think there’s a lot of BL merchandise, and if there is I don’t know about it. For that reason now I’m just thinking about stuff I’d carry around or that I would find useful. Like some notepads that I would never use because I’d be afraid to ruin them! But yes, maybe 2 BL notepads with some college ruled lines and a tiny image on the right corner of each page would be cute ^^ Though maybe a pencil bag would be a bit more useful…decisions, decisions

I’m thinking it could match the manga title!

WOW, I felt like I was being terribly specific and greedy (LOL) and these are just some of my ideas. There are so many things that you can combine and themes you can do but I was basically going for

  • A figure
  • A book
  • Article of Clothing
  • Bag/Stationery

What about you guys? What would your Dream Crate consists of? Let me know in the comments section or make a post/video about it! (Then link me so I can see what you’d do!)

I might actually do another one of these because it was really fun!

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9 thoughts on “Crimson’s Dream Crates, What Is Yours?

    • i wasn’t originally going to add the HQ bag but wow when i saw it i knew i had to xD ahhh, i can’t remember! i don’t even know what i was looking for! something about tsukki i’m sure but maybe if you look up karasuno minimini bag you’ll find it? @_@ and hehe, glad you liked >:^D

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  1. I’m on a little unfamiliar territory here since the only anime (I hope I got the term right, sorry if I mixed it up) I’ve watched is Deathnote. But everything on here looks super-cute! 🙂 Also, this is your dream crate, so I’m sure you’re allowed to be greedy.
    My dream crate would probably have:
    A figure: A Galadriel funko pop from The Lord of the Rings.
    A book: A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi in hardcover.
    An item of clothing: Sherlock’s coat from the BBC series.
    Stationery: A Ravenclaw notebook.
    If someone sent all of that to me, I’d probably faint theatrically. In reality, subscription boxes and books are just so costly because of the crazy exchange rates and I feel like I’m missing out so much being here in India. 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d subscribe to your crate for the book and Sherlock’s coat TAKE MY MONEY xD

      Oh yeah, death note’s a good one, been awhile since I last watched it (i say as i briefly wonder if it was last year or early this year xD). If someone sent me my dream crate i’d probably start crying, i’ve a bad habit of crying when i get emotional or when i see cute things, or sad things or you know…all the time ^^;;

      i haven’t subscribed to subscription boxes because i haven’t really found one that has made me think, yeahhhh thats the one. Then again, i haven’t exactly looked around much @_@ a bit too costly for me right now haha. Oh man, I can imagine!

      also, whats a funko pop?

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  2. Omg YES that BL dream.create would be my dream loot … It’s so hard to find a loot company that’s does BL .. I’m like hello bishie is great but I want some yaoi dude , wether it’s yamamoto kotetsuko or ogeretsu tanaka manga .. figures of kurose and shirotani, poster of kuroneko kareshi . I don’t care just give me a loot box of yaoi monthly subscription and I’d start thinking going to work would be worth it lol

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