Crimson’s Top 4 Moments in Your Name Movie

Yup, this comes out before my review for Your Name. I just couldn’t help it! Since I’m talking about moments in Your Name, there’s obviously SPOILERS so please go watch the movie if you haven’t already!! And if you have watched it already, I hope you watched it more than once (lol).


Some of these moments I only realized I liked because I went back for a second watch and they meant more sense to me. Others I thoughts were hilarious, and one I love and hate with a passion. You’ll see why 

4. When They Realize They’re Switching



So I liked this part more for the visuals coupled with Zenzenzense. I just liked how it fit together with them living each other’s lives, the city/landscapes, and the feelings. I honestly wish this whole section had been elongated because I could have watched each encounter, no matter the length, and loved it, but having this summarized was also nice

Also, did I mention it was absolutely adorable and hilarious?

3. Mitsuha’s “I” Moment


Aside from loving how I instantly knew this was Miharu in a guy’s body, I also loved how hilarious this switch was. From when she first realizes ‘something’s there’ to her not knowing which “I” (pronoun?) to use, and then her not knowing where Taki works! Like please, just slay me. Every gesture she made, the way she spoke, her love for sweets, etc., definitely made this one of my favorite scenes

I was really sad to see how this translated in the dub

2. Nostalgia Exhibit



When I first watched the movie, I didn’t expect Mitsuha to die so I didn’t really pay attention to this scene. But once I knew and watched it a second time, I felt so heartbroken at how the destruction had been foreshadowed. Like UGH MY KOKORO. This seriously made me tear up when I went for a second and third watch

It also makes me wonder how Taki didn’t make the connection? I mean, when I walk into an exhibit, one of the first things I read is that info at the start to see what it’s about

1. Taki Can’t Remember

tumblr_oij6fzetnN1vgh64ho1_500 (1)

Just crush my heart in the palm of your hand, throw it to the ground, kick it, stomp on it, and stab it…repeatedly

I HATE THIS PART SO MUCH because I loved it. I loved it ok?! Taki’s cry of “what’s your name” coupled with Sparkle playing CRUSHED ME. I watched this moment 4 times and no matter how ‘prepared’ I was, I always cried. And by this moment I mean the sub

Yes, Mitsuha forgetting Taki’s name was also sad but this guy went to where Mitsuha died, managed to talk with her, she disappeared without warning, he tried to write her name on his palm and wasn’t able to remember, and just everything! It was really well put together

And those are my top moments in Your Name! I know I had other moments I liked (like Taki crying and groping Mitsuha’s boobs, Taki seeing Miharu’s life) but these just stood out the most to me

What about you guys? What parts made you laugh like crazy? Cry? Feel?

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4 thoughts on “Crimson’s Top 4 Moments in Your Name Movie


    The Zen Zen Zense part was a real hit for most of us. Like you, I probably could’ve watched the whole film like that and would’ve been cheeky (my emotions would have been at least). While I honestly can’t recall how the “I” scene was translated in the dub, the sub part of it was freakin’ hilarious. Slay me, you right.

    As to those last two (glad to see variety here), ugh, my aching heart. Music seems to be behind the magic in two of the scenes on this list, so a smart move in timing on their part. What I could give to go out traveling and experience this ride all over again. Thanks for letting me reminisce!🙏😭

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    • i also can’t remember how the dub did it (exactly), but i remember not liking it. i know when she firsts says it, she says “gal” and the others I can’t remember, but it just didn’t give off the same feel

      i loved the music so much T_T like PLS, especially Sparkle! the music just fit really well with everything :”D

      Man, i want to go see it again and i went like 3 times o(-( gonna make sure i buy this when it’s released :”)


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