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[Review] Too Many Feels and Tears: Season 2 of Hakkenden

Oh my, Oh my. So I went back to watch Season 2 soon after finishing Season 1 and I don’t think I’ve ever had such an intense workout before? I swear my heart was about ready to pop out of my mouth and I probably screamed a couple dozen times at 1:47AM


Season 2 continues off where we left off in Season 1, which was Shino and Sousuke finding the eight gems of Princess Fuse’s Dog Companions. Our characters are starting to draw connections between their flower shaped birthmarks and their backstories, making finding the rest of the Companions slightly easier

We also have a lot of Ao causing trouble as he sets his sights upon consuming spirits in order to become the ‘real’ Sousuke. By consuming spirits and becoming stronger than Sousuke, Ao is able to steal sensation, eyesight, and (very nearly) Sousuke’s soul.


I actually liked this season more than I did the previous because there was more focus. Every episode felt like it counted; if not to bring Shino to the next gem, then to give me a heart attack over Sousuke’s failing body and Ao’s growing strength.

We also ended up meeting our last two gem holders, Daikaku and Shinobu. Shinobu ends up being another child like Shino (mentally older but body is frozen). I thought we would get a bit more info about this and it seems like both Shino and Sousuke were hoping for answers (possibly a ‘cure’ for Shino’s condition) but this didn’t go anywhere. Daikaku is actually my favorite out of the two new characters. He’s a really devoted doll maker who ends up being killed by his father and once his issues are resolved he moves to the capital. He always has this deadpan expression but I find it charming

Besides, he’s really cute even though that eye seems to be a wee-bit too powerful


I did have mixed feelings about the ending. For one, I was finally able to breathe a little better, what with the whole Sousuke and Shino memories bombarding my fujoshi mind. Ao also ends up being cooler than I expected and I was conflicted over who I should cheer for. Yes, I wanted Sousuke to not disappear but /badump badump/ I also don’t want Ao to disappear? It was quite the dilemma

We did have an “epic” battle at the end, and the only reason I’m putting it in quotations is because the characters were put in a barrier where they couldn’t use their powers, so they were basically powerless. But the before and after were pretty good!

Also, Murasame can be scary sometimes


Even though all of this kept me clutching at my seat’s arm and my heart, once it was over and my emotions were calmed down, I realized we didn’t really get stuff resolved. Why did Rio want to collect the gems? What’s his purpose? Is he good or evil? What happened to the blonde lady and will she try again? Who was she truly? I have one suspicion but will keep it to myself. Does this mean Ao will try to take over Sousuke again or is there something else they can do to keep them both alive? Especially since Rio told Shino to still look for the gem

Where was the Church before this? The way they suddenly appeared at the end of the series felt like a reminder that they were still part of the story. I had actually forgotten all about them, and the way they just gave up their attempts…too convenient. There was also Rio showing up at the battle and I wonder, did the Church just let him go even after they threatened him? Did he somehow fight his way through? By the end they seemed to be on good terms so I’m guessing they let him go, but why if they were so against him interfering? Too many questions!


Overall I really enjoyed this series and I’m so glad I decided to check out the anime. I ended up giving S2 a 9/10 on MAL because I just loved it that much. No, there was nothing out of this world about it but I just got so invested in the characters, their relationships, and the plot that I can seriously say this was a Great watch (even with all the questions I still had at the end)

If there had been a s3, I would be watching that right now but alas, I must now go back to the manga!

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2 thoughts on “[Review] Too Many Feels and Tears: Season 2 of Hakkenden

  1. Ahh, I agree! By the end, I was so confused. There really was no resolution which pissed me off and a part of me wonders if this could be made better by more seasons.

    P.S. LoL. I found Ao hot too in comparison to Sosuke. Probably because he’s very outwardly demonstrative and obsessed with Shino.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yes! i really liked how aggressive he was, sosuke was cute but passive xD and i agree with more seasons. i seriously wish there’d been more bc all of what happened and still they couldn’t collect all the balls…Orz

      Liked by 1 person

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