Rewatching Aldnoah Zero: By Episode Mini-Reactions (1-3)

Before I start, I just want to say I thought long and hard about this. Lately I started rereading some Aldnoah Zero fanfiction and just yesterday night I watched Episode 0. I told myself that if I found myself disagreeing with Summer 2015 me I would write another AZ review. I reread my old post and found myself agreeing with what I said

So why did I write this if I agreed? I just couldn’t resist. This is a bit different from what I usually do but it’s something I dabbled in elsewhere and thought I’d go ahead and do it for AZ. Also, because this is a series I’m really emotional about, these by episode reactions are going to change…drastically near the end and possibly in S2 (if I do s2). And because this is a rewatch and by episode thing, spoilers abound!


Aldnoah Zero is a mecha story about a young Martian Princess named Asseylum who is due to make an appearance on Earth in the hopes of strengthening ties, however, things turn for the worse when she’s ‘murdered’ on the day of her visit. Taking the opportunity to attack Earth, Martians descend in a race to see who will stand at the top, uncaring of all the death and destruction in their wake.

Meanwhile, Earthlings are left to defend themselves from Martian’s superior technology and destructive power Continue reading