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[Review] Hana to Usagi by Kashima Chiaki

Hey guys! So I recently went back to Kashima Chiaki’s titles and noticed I hadn’t talked about Hana to Usagi even though I did do an unboxing for it. I did mention what the story was about in that post but I held myself back from fangirling


A cute little story about a delivery guy named Kajiyama Ryouta who, on his first day as a deliveryman, meets a really eccentric guy named Aizawa Mamoru who always wears a bunny head when accepting deliveries. It makes him wonder why he wears the bunny head and his imagination spirals out of control, believing Aizawa is a murderer or some other kind of wanted criminal. One day, when making another delivery, Kajima meets a guy who reminds him of Aizawa only to realize it is Aizawa without the rabbit head! 

If I could read Japanese, I swear my copy of Flower and Bunny would be so worn out. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read this and I still find it really adorable


We have Kajiyama Ryouta who is a 22 year old deliveryman working for Kaizuka Delivery. On his first day making rounds, he meets an eccentric guy who opens the door wearing a bunny head. He tries to ignore it but inside he’s just bursting with questions. He wonders what kind of person would be wearing the mask, what kind of expression they have, and if they could be a wanted criminal who is trying to silence him (plus he’s worried he’s an accomplice now)

Out of the two characters, Kajiyama is the more aggressive. It bothers him that Aizawa always wears the bunny head even after they start dating, when they go out he tries to get rid of Aizawa’s disguise (they have a compromise), and he’s also the more emotional.


And Aizawa is so freaking precious. He’s extremely shy, is super conscious of people looking at him, and he’s a huge guy (tall) wearing a bunny head. And ok, he’s got a super cute smile and expressive face. I still can’t decide if I prefer his blushing face or his smiling one…

Even though he’s super shy, he’s actually the one who confessed to Kajiyama first. They start going out and we learn a bit more about him. He works from home making flowers, he can cook really well (he thanks the all powerful internet for this), he does thorough research when it’s something he’s interested in,  and just like Kajiyama, he’s pretty emotional in his own way. He even stopped working for a week because he was afraid he’s upset Kajiyama!


I find their interactions to be super hilarious sometimes. Like the time during their date, Kajiyama told Aizawa not to wear the bunny head and Aizawa starts to panic because what does he wear then?! When they meet at the amusement park he ends up showing up in a suspicious getup (ie. sunglasses, a mask, and a beanie). Kajiyama tries to rid him of the getup but only manages to take the beanie, which is later replaced with bunny ears

I was sad that the book does end up splitting up its pages with two other stories because I really wanted to see more of Aizawa and Kajiyama. By the end of the book, Aizawa seems to be more open about showing his face to Kajiyama, and I wanted to see if that was because he was getting more comfortable, he was trying harder, or if that was just a response to their argument.


Overall, I really did enjoy this story. So much that I bought the book soon after reading it (thank you past me). It’s nothing out of this word and it’s got its flaws but the character interactions are hilarious and Aizawa is precious. I can see why Kajiyama would want to see his face instead of the bunny head. Not to mention the art is so pretty!!

The only complaint I had were the last two stories being placed into this book. The stories were good, especially Greatest Common Denominator but I really wish those pages had been used to give us more insight to their relationship and Aizawa’s development

If you do end up checking this out, tell me what you think! And if you’ve already read this, did you like it?

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