Death Note | Netflix Original Teaser

Hey guys! So I wasn’t going to post anything else today but I just found out about this and had to share~

It’s supposed to be available on August 25th and since it’s Death Note, I feel obligated to at least watch one episode, but I also feel…conflicted. I don’t really like the Light character and the trailer makes it seem more like your typical teenage shenanigans with the cheerleaders, steamy scenes, and police chases

Plus, it doesn’t have that “mind games” and morally ambiguous feel to it, which is something I love about Death Note. And this new Light doesn’t give off that justice or prim/proper feel that Light did, which I felt added to that He’s justice mentality (this guy looks like he’s not all right there, lol). There weren’t any scenes with L so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out…


What do you think? I think DN is one of those few series where I actually sit down and try to read/watch as much as I can, so I’m at least going to check this out, but I’m not really excited. I also feel like DN is one of those series where I just want people to leave it alone. There are already a lot of live actions and now another?


3 thoughts on “Death Note | Netflix Original Teaser

    • im hoping its good just bc it’s netflix. i don’t watch much but their originals are usually good but also i like for things to follow the original content but this didn’t look like it did so im nervous xD and yeah, i already saw some of that on twitter

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