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[Review] Joou to Shitateya by Scarlet Beriko

Ok guys, I lied. I’m not going to read Jealousy just yet, but I am going through Scarlet Beriko’s manga and I found this super cute one


Rumour has it that if people wear suits from the tailor shop SHIDA, you will be successful. Oumi hears about this rumour from one of his coworkers and decides to go check out the place, to see if this is actually true. Of course, when he gets there, he ends up getting teased by the shop owner Tetsuya for believing the rumours. He claims that he won’t be able to make Oumi a magic suit and that success comes from the hard work his customers put into their jobs. 

Oumi ends up leaving the shop (embarrassed), but then returns at a later date, determined to get a suit done before his exhibition. During that time, Oumi ends up hanging out with Tetsuya and they get to know one another. And during this time, our characters end up falling for each other.


I really loved this manga for the opposite reason I loved Yondaime Ooyamoto Tatsuyuki and Jackass. The art here isn’t sexy, the mood isn’t high school teens with kinks, or cute teacher with stalker tendencies.  It’s actually more on the innocent side of things and even the sex feels more emotional. These two are super cute, like damn, how can this be

Oumi is a hard worker, trying to prove he’s a great designer (it seems his parents begrudgingly let him go into this occupation) and we can see it in the scenes where he’s at work. But he’s not perfect even though he tries to be. He gets into slumps where he thinks he’s not good enough/useless and he doesn’t like it when others pamper him. He has trouble communicating with others (as we see when he so “kindly” tells his co-worker she sucks) but he’s trying to fix this

And it’s actually his relationship with Tetsuya that the people around him start to see change (most noticeably, he stops driving around his flashy Ferrari which I really wanted to see, Lol)


Tetsuya is a 40-something-year-old (don’t think they ever say his age?), that loves his job and inherited the shop from his grandmother. At first he seems to be an enigma to Oumi. Oumi just can’t seem to comprehend why Tetsuya looks so happy when working, even though he’ll get impossible or ridiculous requests from customers. Out of the two, Tetsuya seems to have his life in order. He’s got a steady job, his neighbors like him, he can cook, he’s dependable, and he’ll take care of you when you walk into his house, drunk off your ass (nahhh, he wasn’t that drunk)

But it’s when our “antagonist” shows up (Oumi’s sister), that we see that Tetsuya isn’t perfect. Like Oumi, he puts up a front so that Oumi will like him. For example, when Oumi stops visiting, Tetsuya goes back to his habits of filling his fridge with snacks and beer. Oumi ends up super surprised about this and Tetsuya confesses that he was trying to impress


Overall, I really liked this manga. I’m super glad I decided to check it out (I wasn’t going to because the cover wasn’t that nice to me) and yeah, I’m considering just buying all of Scarlet Beriko’s manga. I really liked how the theme for this was their jobs and the slumps they would get into. It felt a bit more mature even though it does follow your typical yaoi format and I wish there’d been more at the end (like extras of them being adorable)

Nothing amazing but I’m glad I checked this out ^^

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Joou to Shitateya by Scarlet Beriko

  1. Ooh ~ I really liked this manga from Scarlet Beriko too! It was a really good read and I enjoyed it more than a few of her other works cos of how it portrayed a more ‘mature romance’ like you mentioned.
    You totally summed it up well X))

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