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[Review] Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki by Scarlet Beriko

I am here to right my wrongs!! So this is the one manga I thought I’d already reviewed but apparently didn’t…please enjoy. It’s hot and has mafia dudes and the CUTEST seme I’ve ever met.


So this was the “second time” I read this manga and I feel like I’m reading it through new eyes. This picks up after Minori No Te. It seems that at some point, Tatsuyuki took up Minori’s offer of going back to see him, but when he did, Minori was gone. This leads him to being depressed/heartbroken and he returns to being uninterested in being the head of the Ooyamato Group, a major yakuza group from the Kantou region.

Of course, there’s no time for things like that when you’re a yakuza leader-in-training and pretty soon he’s sent to Fukuoka for some business. However, on his first night there, not only does he get banged by someone he promised to “make mine” when he was a child, but he also gets into some trouble with another group.


Now, if it wasn’t clear before, I LOVE this manga and I’m so devastated because I haven’t bought it yet (but I will, no worries there, hohoho). I love it because it’s a really hot/sexy style of art, the characters are fun, and I just love this couple.

Since I read Minori no Te, the whole “Minori-sensei” stuff in this book now make sense to me! For some reason I thought Minori was Tatsuyuki’s teacher or mentor that was going to take over the group. I think this is what  Nozomi thought when he and Tatsuyuki had their “bonding talk” and since it was never explained, I just figured it was that (unless I understood wrong). Of course, now that I know, I feel like I wish I hadn’t read Minori no Te, if only so I wouldn’t see this manga differently.

Part of me is thinking, you only met him one day and he gave you a handjob, and now you love him? Versus before I’d made up some story of how Tatsuyuki and Minori had been together and in love but because they were yakuza, something happened to Minori where he had to disappear. Or maybe he’d used Tatsuyuki and Tatsuyuki had fallen for him. Basically, something with more story and interaction behind it.


Tatsuyuki is really cute and just curious, does anyone think he looks like a vampire? Because every time I read this, I always think it’d be cool if he were (lol)

Out of all the characters he seems to be the most gullible. He fell in love with Minori after a few sweet words, he let Nozomi (other MC) trick him into going on a date, Nozomi was able to guilt trip him into them meeting again, and even Rogi managed to rope him into some weird…I don’t even know what to call it…but basically they end up having sex (no feelings involved, just sex as in you put your dick/stuff into my hole so I can pay you back for that chick I let escape).

Considering everyone in this manga is pretty crazy, I really like that Tatsuyuki is so true to who he is and his beliefs. I think he gets it from Asoda.


Up next we have the lovely stalker Nozomi who has pretty much built his life around Tatsuyuki’s words: Men have fists in order to protect women! Women protect their home with meals, okay?! Hang in there! Don’t die! 

He is completely devoted to Tatsuyuki, and even though he has this super cute and innocent face, he’s not opposed to using underhanded tricks to hang out and keep Tatsuyuki close. He does this on the first morning, after they “did it four times” when he recorded Tatsuyuki getting pounded and blackmailed him into a date if he wanted the video deleted. He also uses his past as leverage, in hopes that Tatsuyuki will (possibly) take pity on him

In a way, all of his actions and persistence ends up working. After their first date, Tatsuyuki ends up doing a lot of little things that make Nozomi happy like holding hands and waving goodbye at him, visiting him at home, actually talking like civilized people, and so forth.


And of course that pretty face can also look like this so nobody mess with Tatsuyuki unless you want to get hurt!

There were other characters I had strong feelings about, like Rogi and Asoda. Asoda was super amazing and hilarious. He’s actually part of Tatsuyuki’s yakuza group and works as his kind of nanny. You can really tell he cares about Tatsuyuki. For example, in the beginning, Tatsuyuki was originally supposed to leave on a plane but because he was afraid, Asoda arranged land transportation and when he did arrive in Fukuoka, his new room was a replica of his old one in Tokyo. Like, I need someone like Asoda in my life!

Rogi, on the other hand, I completely dislike. I won’t say hate but if I did see him I’d probably glare like Nozomi is up top. Tatsuyuki seems to have no bad feelings after the whole business-sex (god, what do I even call it, is it rape? prostitution? dubious consent?) and it was hinted Rogi had some story with Tatsuyuki’s dad but still. I have no pity for him. I don’t like him. WHY did he have to touch Tatsuyuki?! And Tatsuyuki’s so nice to him in the end! (cries)


Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this manga. It made me laugh many times, especially after the plot. There’s this scene with Asoda that had me cracking up for days!! I’m actually going to go ahead and read Jealousy, which goes into Rogi’s background. Part of me is like, Nooooo!! But the other is like, Why not? Plus, I might be able to see young Tatsuyuki and he’s so adorable!

I guess my only complaint is that it’s too short. If I could get 10 more volumes of Tatsuyuki and Nozomi living their lives together, I’d be GOLDEN. Oh and if Tatsuyuki had moved Nozomi’s hair out of his eye for me, perfect (I just had the urge for Tatsuki tug on it, perfect length man)

If you do end up checking this out, tell me what you think! And if you’ve already read this, did you like it?

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