[Review] Jackass!~ Who said it was okay to touch?~ by Scarlet Beriko

Why did I not read this sooner?! Ok, so I’ve actually stumbled upon this manga a lot of times because the cover is so eye catching, just look at that leg (mmm) but for some reason I’ve never read it? But today I did!

As an FYI, this mangaka also did Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, which I could have sworn I reviewed but I can’t find it, what kind of a fujoshi am I?! Keeping all that sexy to myself, I’VE FAILED YOU ALL


Jackass follows the relationship of two couples. Our main couple seems to be Keisuke and Shinoda, and our side couple is Katsumi and Aramaki-sensei.

One day, Keisuke takes his jersey from his older sister’s room, as she’d been using it the night before, however, he hadn’t realized she’d left her pantyhose inside. While changing into his PE clothes he finally finds out but tries to play it cool so his classmates don’t notice. Of course, his best friend Shinoda, ikeman of the story, notices and immediately sets to help him out of this predicament by taking him to the infirmary. While there, Keisuke changes in front of him and Shinoda can’t help it. Seeing Keisuke’s beautiful legs in the pantyhose turns him on and he practically worships them legs.

And it turns into that kind of relationship (hehehe)


So I knew this author could do cute and sexy and hot and uke combos since that’s what she has in Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, but pantyhose…like, wow, is this a new fetish I’ve discovered? His legs are so pretty, I can see why Shinoda wants that leg action!

Of course, the whole “friends with benefits” (no sex, just leg fondling, lol) arrangement doesn’t last long as Keisuke finds himself liking Shinoda, and that’s really where the whole drama starts. Because Shinoda is the type to fool around and Keisuke is more serious, there’s this conflict of what they should do. Should Keisuke confess? Can they just go back to being friends? And does Shinoda like him?

Having no one to really talk to – Shinoda is his best friend and he doesn’t want to worry his sister – Keisuke ends up getting closer to Katsumi, who had seen them doing the benefits one day after barging into Keisuke’s room (they were already close before but now they even talk about feels)


And alongside our Kei x Shinoda issues, we also learn about Katsumi and Aramaki-sensei’s relationship. I really wish Katsumi had received his own book because I felt both couples needed some breathing room.

Because Katsumi dresses like a girl and is gay, his classmates sometimes make fun of him. One specifically (Haruomi) calls him Shitty Tranny and Katsumi is ok with it because “he just doesn’t want to admit that he likes me.” Coupled with this, Katsumi is dating the school nurse Aramaki-sensei, so there’s always that worry of them getting caught. But even so he’s persistent in what he wants and does everything he can to protect Aramaki (like anything, even blackmailing which was super hilarious!)

And because of his experience (he came out when he was a kid), Keisuke ends up getting quite a bit of love advice from him. In a way, if it hadn’t been for Katsumi, I think Keisuke and Shinoda would have taken longer in getting together.


As for Shinoda, he’s a little slower on the whole feelings thing.

Because he’s got the good looks, he’s always had some girl who wants to be with him, but he’s all about the legs (dumping them when he finds a better pair). He gets excited about ditching cram school and he bribes Keisuke with food and new shoes and really anything since he’s a little rich kid. He just always had this perfection about him and to finally see him with that kind of expression (above) was satisfying.


Overall, I really liked this story. It was really short since it had to be split up into two couples and moved quickly near the end (especially the fighting mess), but it was enough for me to fall in love with them and want to know more. I thought maybe there’d be this side story at the end where we got to see Keisuke and Shinoda as boyfriends and just being cute, but nope. None of that (#tragic).

I was also really sad that Haruomi didn’t have some kind of happy ending (even though yeah he was a jerk at first) since he pretty much showed he really loved Katsumi.

You guys should definitely check this out! Though they kinda have nonexistent dicks sooooo…only downside (LOL, there was a part where Shinoda was like ‘touch yourself’ and there’s like nothing there and I’m just laughing hysterically)

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21 thoughts on “[Review] Jackass!~ Who said it was okay to touch?~ by Scarlet Beriko

  1. I have not finished this yet. I love Scarley Beriko’s art style. So freaking sexy! Yondaime was awesome, but have you read Minori no Te? It’s like a prequel of Yondaime. I freaking love that manga. So smexy!

    Now, I ought to finish this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • i just read it last night bc i saw one of the translator notes say it was the prequel, i was meh about it, idk something about finally getting their problems sorted near the end that made me not as invested? xD

      but def sexy VERY like omg drools (possibly the #1 reason i love these LOL)

      and yeahhhh finish it finish it finish it

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      • What?! You must read Minori no Te
        When I say it’s a prequel, it’s just events before Yondaime but totally about a different couple. Another sexy couple. So just think about it as a completely different story.

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        • i did read it xD last night but i wasn’t all that invested in the couple’s problems? @_@ there was just something about it starting late that made me feel eh about it (plus i like yazuka dude with pretty face, i was like nooooo my heart you’re wrenching it out!!) xD

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ah, I’m crying. ゥゥ。・(つд`。)・。
            I actually read Minori no Te before Yondaime so perhaps that’s the reason why I’m attached to it more than Yondaime. Plus it’s short and sweet. Story-wise Yondaime had more depth because it’s longer and explores the characters a little bit more. But yeah, I guess I’m more attached to Minori no Te. I’m so sad.

            Liked by 1 person

            • noooo, i’ve committed a GRAVE SIN!! i made arria-sensei sad and cry o(-(

              i did like their story, i just didn’t like how it was presented, i guess i just wanted to see more of them together xD bc i was like no he can’t be the love interest bc he meets cute face later on and then the actor dude i was like HMMMM whut this guy is ugly it can’t be him LOL and then when the cute guy showed up i was just crying bc it was already halfway over and the first chapter was minori acting like his normal S self (hohoho)

              but it did help me figure out who this minori-sensei was when reading yondaime. i think the first time i read it i thought minori was like his father or something but then they actually mentioned his dad being an old dude so was like nope then who is he? now i know

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  2. Excellent choice, even I got compelled to make a post about it a few months ago, so love to see it pop up again 😻😻👌
    Definitely a new fetish, the best of fetishes 👏👏👏
    Excuse you, but that fingering open scene with the condom made up for all the non-dicks 😹😹
    I’ll await more of your BL goodness posts, my body is ready 😼😼😼

    Liked by 1 person

    • there were quite a few scenes that made up for it 😉 tho i just thought it was hilarious i had to even go back and recheck like damn son there isn’t even a bulge there when you got hard LOL

      good good, i plan to bring many more BL posts >:)


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