[Review] Rereading Ten Count by Rihito Takarai

Eherm, so I stopped reading this manga a while ago, weeks, possibly months. But I was bored last night and figured there was enough content where I could just skip certain scenes if I needed to (or at least get some sort of explanation where I wouldn’t feel too weirded out reading this), only to end up rereading the whole thing


Because I’ve been following it pretty faithfully since (probably) before volume 1 was printed, I feel like I’ve forgotten a few things. It’s kind of like watching anime once a week compared to binging everything. Rereading it helped jog my memory and I thought I’d write up a post with some quick thoughts about each volume, knowing what’s coming in volume 5

And if you haven’t read Ten Count yet, here’s what it’s about:

Shirotani is a corporate secretary that meets Kurose when his boss was nearly run down by a distracted truck driver. As Shirotani tries to get Kurose to accept his boss’s gratitude, his mysophobic condition is exposed. Kurose recommends Shirotani go see a doctor and after some pondering, Shirotani decides to take his advice, only to find out Kurose is a psychologist. Kurose becomes Shirotani’s unofficial doctor.

Spoilers ahead~

Volume 1


Ok, I can totally see why I fell in love with this manga! It’s just terribly cute. I really enjoyed rereading their first interactions. There was just something so fulfilling about how innocent they were. How Kurose genuinely wants to help Shirotani get over his mysophobia, the way Shirotani is afraid but also determined to change, and just seeing them getting to know each other. The art was gorgeous (as it always is) and the pacing good

It was also nice to see the list again, and knowing what happens later on, I finally realized that the things they’re doing are stuff Shirotani wrote in the notebook. And like always, I’m still SUPER curious about his 10th item!

Also, I took note of the time span. By the end of the book, 2 months have passed (1 month 3 weeks). This is something I seriously needed to know since, at one point, the pacing starts to pick up.

Volume 2


So I’ve lost track of time again. I think we haven’t gone into 3 months yet but things are started to get STEAMY. I’m conflicted. I feel like the whole mysophobia thing is progressing still at a believable pace but also, is it? I mean, Shirotani still feels like he’s dirty if people touch him (even with Kurose at times) but also he’s getting used to Kurose and letting him tear down his defenses…Plus he is attracted to Kurose so is it believable that their relationship would develop into a sexual one? I think it’s at this point where I thought that Shirotani’s mysophobia was a bit more complex than just not wanting to get dirty

I like how we haven’t gotten the full backstory of these characters yet but we can start seeing flashbacks sprinkled in when they do certain actions or feel a certain way (and it makes the story feel a bit more ominous).

I’d say I can’t wait for more but I’m kind of liking this whole innocent stuff happening right now. It gets complicated later on (LOL)

And ok Shirotani in Kurose’s clothes IS MY THING (god he looks way cuter than usual and with his hair down, moe levels off the charts!!!)

Volume 3


And Shirotani is pushed even further by Dark Kurose (like damn that was hot, that one tongue scene and when Kurose looked up at Shirotani with the dingaling in his mouth)!

At this point I feel the volume has less to do with Shirotani’s mysophobia (though we still do get those moments) and more to do with exposing Dark Kurose. We saw him being a super sweet guy in the first volume, his dark side was slightly coming out in volume 2, and now we just have full blown Sadist mode. Which he is super aware of as we’ve seen him mention ‘situations’ and the S android model during extras.

I’m enjoying this because as much as I loved innocent Kurose, this Kurose lines up better and feels more “real” in a way. Plus, he’s pulling out Shirotani’s inner desires, which I feel Shirotani has been hiding since someone called him disgusting.

We do get some backstory to Shirotani’s past and some conflict between our characters after Kurose confessed he wanted to corrupt Shirotani.

Volume 4


Can someone tell this child that he is NOT disgusting or dirty or corrupt and that I love him? Please!! ;w;

While the previous volume went into Kurose’s character, this one delves into Shirotani’s hidden desires and how he went about developing mysophobia. By this point I detest a certain character and am super angry at Shirotani’s father (even though he technically doesn’t know why his son suddenly rejected him). I feel really sad about Shirotani but feel that Kurose will help him through it/to accept himself/his desires because he’s just as bad as Shirotani (ok that sounds wrong but i don’t mean it in a bad way)

At this point it’s also pretty clear that Shirotani and Kurose are no longer patient and doctor. It may have started out that way but then it got personal and it’s more like these two strangers who are kind of friends but also more, kind of lovers but not exactly. It felt like this in the previous volume too but I feel more certain about it in this one.

I also think it’s been about 6 months since they met so the whole “rushed thing” I mentioned before…nonexistent. It felt rushed to me before because I hadn’t realized so much time had passed.

Volume 5


I feel like the transition between volume 5 and volume 6 is so smooth I hadn’t realized I finished volume 5 until I checked my book (and the drama that awaits!)

I think it was around this point where I stopped reading the manga for awhile. There was just something about Kurose flashbacking while having sex with Shirotani to his past to a guy who not only had mysophobia, but looked like Shirotani that bothered me. I was wondering if maybe he was just projecting those feelings he had as a kid to Shirotani and it wasn’t really Shirotani that he liked. It might sound like a minor thing but I like to read stories where the MCs like each other.

But just like Shirotani, we finally witness Kurose letting his fears get the better of him. God, why are these characters so hurt?!

Also, by the end of the volume we’re reunited with a character I seriously could have done without, and I’m wondering if maybe we’ll get to meet Shirotani’s father and (if he’s still around) Nishigaki

Overall I’m really glad I reread this series because it cleared up some stuff I was feeling weird about. And it got me back into the groove of Ten Count, which I really needed. I always kept seeing the ‘updated’ tag and would tell myself next time but then wouldn’t read it.

I feel like I’m understanding the characters a bit more but it’s just so complex to me (to the point where I feel I need to write what I know down on a paper and make arrows and connections, lol). I feel like Shirotani has completed all of his objectives but only in connection with Kurose, and I wonder if he’ll ever really be cured via this method, which seemed like a good idea to me at first but now not so much? But maybe that 10th item will be what really helps him. What if it’s something like confronting his dad about it/telling him what he’d seen? Since that seems to be one of the roots. And after he does that, then doing those things with others won’t be so hard (possibly?)

And really, I don’t think the 10th item could be something physical? I mean, he’s already done just about everything with Kurose at this point. Or maybe it could be like, unleash my desires upon Kurose’s hot body (lol!)

Is anyone keeping up with the series? What do you think the 10th thing could be? What do you think of the latest chapters? I was so angry when that lady came back but then Kurose put her in her place like YEAH.

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7 thoughts on “[Review] Rereading Ten Count by Rihito Takarai

  1. Ten Count is a really nice manga :)) I feel like the 10th item has already been completed…maybe it was the kiss ( since they only kissed recently when they “normally” should have done it a long time ago ). It’s been a while since I read it ( takes so long to update :,) ) so it’s kind of fading out of my mind but so far I really like it, especially the art style..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh man! i initially thought thats what it would be (or maybe having sex) and i discarded the kiss because i thought he wrote that in after they kissed but i went back and no, it was before so it might be that!! :0000 the suspense is seriously killing me, why can’t they just tell me xD

      it does! that’s also why i wasn’t in a rush to pick it up again but it’s on the 6th volume now so ehhhh it’s a bit more

      the art style is beautiful. rihito takarai is one of my fav mangaka and i’ve bought so many of her books just because of that (even light novels where she did the art even though i shall never know whats inside :”) i just like looking at the pics and mounds of text xD)


  2. Dark Kurose makes me weak, hot damn 😹😹😹👌👌👌
    The 10th point is maybe sex xP
    Please love and protect him, he’s so precious 😭
    Forgetting lots of details is definitely why I prefer to binge read, RN I’m waiting for Ten Count to continue and finish off, because I always need to reread from the beginning when there’s new chapters out and I feel confused about who is who of the side characters :’D
    I hate her, so much, and I’m so mad she did and said those disgusting things ugh. I’m so ready for Kurose to destroy her mentally tbh 😹

    Liked by 1 person

        • ok so going back

          i actually thought ten count was almost over but then the recent stuff happened and now i’m like…so is it almost over? are we continuing? xD

          YES HE BE DESTROYING HER, damn what he did to her in that one chapter i was just like pls do more (but she was starting to kinda like it so maybe nahhhh can’t get her seeing/liking Dark Kurose, thats for shirotani only). if the chapter ends there when you read it then there’s been like one new chapter ^^;;

          I actually thought the 10th item was sex at first too but then they pretty much started fooling around and im just HMMMM. it’s not the same but then he also wrote his 10th item after they did have sex so what could it be now?? orz


          • Yeah, I doubt it’s going to end so soon when it’s bringing bank $$$ 😹
            Bless Kurose for Slamming her down. I think all I saw was he verbally putting her down, so I might have some Chapters to read. But I want this arc to end before reading it, cause I suffer cries ORZ
            Yeah, I thought it was sex too. I’m not sure tbh, this mangaka is sneaky 👀👀👀👌👌

            Liked by 1 person

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