[Review] Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban by Keri Kusabi

Hasn’t done BL Manga reviews and when she does, she picks an R18 Omegaverse story? Yup, I did, though I didn’t know it was Omegaverse when I picked it out. I just thought, Oh hey look at these two super hot guys and oh man that tall one probably gives devious one the world/is super devoted to him/it’s HOT sexytime, definitely something I’m into 


And into it I went (hehehe). Since there’s no summary on the website I read it on, I suppose I must now use the few brain cells I have left to try and make sense of all the yaoi in my head:

Takaba has just started his new job and is relieved to find his coworkers are all Alphas. It seems like the perfect workplace…until Director Karasuma walks in and his Omega scent reaches Takaba. Having grown up away from Omegas and practically loathing them for their “typical Omegan ways,” Takaba finds this job might not be as easy as he once thought. Especially when he’s invited to one of Karasuma’s “meetings”

So in terms of a yaoi manga, there’s nothing really special about Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban, but that’s not exactly why I read yaoi manga (lol). I actually found this while cover browsing the yaoi tag. Since it didn’t have a summary, I figured I’d go ahead and check out if the rest of the book looked just as gorgeous as the cover (I’ve been lied to before!!), and it did not disappoint.


We have the whole dynamic thing at play here where Alphas are at the top of society while Omegas are abused and the ‘lowest of the low’ (so to speak). Even Takaba who seems like a cheerful and well-tempered Alpha has this mentality and when he sees Karasuma he’s surprised to find out he’s the Director and his superior. And when he finds out what Karasuma does during meetings, his thoughts automatically make sense of everything with a ‘they’re all the same’

I think I’m fairly new to Omegaverse content but this theme is something most (if not all) stories mention at least a dozen times (some even make it the point of their story). I don’t mind it as long as there’s something else.

In this case, Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban creates characters that I feel for and that’s why I really like it. Takaba was raised by his Omegan father who would prostitute himself just to get them by. He’d witness so much abuse inflicted on his father that, to a point, he began to detest him (possibly some self-loathing too?). On the other hand, Karasuma’s life pretty much ended when he presented as Omega because he was viewed as nothing but a ‘hole’. However, instead of letting others take advantage of him, Karasuma used that as his strength and manipulated others.

And thus our two characters conflict!


Part of me is like, of course it’s the Alpha who says this! I mean, he’s the ‘better’ of the two but then I remember Karasuma has never really been shown kindness by anyone and I cry because it makes sense

Yes, Takaba is a little bastard that says one thing but is actually thinking the opposite (and it’s usually something sarcastic), but also a sweetheart? Like, I knew that from just the cover where his attention was zeroed in on Karasuma, but after their interacting I’m just spilling tears. Karasuma gets into the habit of trying to break Takaba’s control because he’s not like other Alphas. At first it seems to be just a game for him, tormenting the noob, but after some time he realizes it’s more but he can’t seem to say how he feels.

Because of all this hate flying around (among other things), I thought this story was going to be a little too rough for me but it was surprisingly filled with feels. And biting to keep yourself in control.



GUYS, and there is this super awesome chills down my spine scene where Takaba finds out that Karasuma is a “virgin” (he’s never been mated). His neck is so beautiful like please, just that page brought tears to my eyes and made me a blubbering mess

Definitely check this out if you like Omegaverse/sexy scenes with a bit of feels. By the end of it I was just really sad it was over because they finally got together and the author was just, OK I’m done (lol). Oh and Karasuma has multiple partners, sometimes going at it with 5 people, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then maybe this isn’t a read for you. As for me, this shall be a future purchase! (。・`ω´・。)

If you’ve read this, what do you think about it? Did you like it? Also, does this art (the cover) kinda look like Rihito Takarai’s? Because that’s another reason I decided to check it out. I wanted to see if it was by her (lol)

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8 thoughts on “[Review] Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban by Keri Kusabi

  1. Ohlala, Crim, did you just say the magical words, OMEGAVERSE?! /pants deeply
    /scribbles down the name of this Manga furiously

    Liked by 1 person

    • HOHOHO, of course of couse >:3
      and yeah, i’ve been really into omegaverse recently?? but i was mostly reading it in fanfiction, this is the first manga omegaverse i’ve read and it was so good 😉


      • Well your magical words made me read it, I’ve fully gobbled it down, and I’m happy that the author has announced a sequel fof this 🙌🙌
        Omegaverse are really hard to come by in Manga tbh, but common in fanfic so I get what you mean he he. It’s why I’m hooked on Teen Wolf fanfics, tho I’ve never seen the show, werewolves! 😻😻😻👌
        The first, but not the last ohohoho 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙋

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL, omegaverse is surprisingly popular and im just where was i when this phenomena happened?? xD

          really? AWESOME. i hadn’t even checked that xD now i can hope for more of them lovebirds :”)


            • at this point i can’t even remember what i was reading before omegaverse but i feel it’s exploded recently. and there’s some stuff that you only see in omegaverse like noncon and rape so if there’s ever any of that i just don’t read it. plus, like you said, omegaverse usually equals pwp/smut which is cool and all but sometimes i want a bit more feels, something to destroy my heart and leave me crying for days bc what do i do with myself now xD XD xD

              so it’s always super cool when i find omegaverse AND feels/angst :”D cry me a river~


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