2 Months In and We’re Still Going STRONG

I can’t believe it guys. I can’t believe it.

It seriously feels like the OWLS Bloggers just came together a few weeks ago but we’ve already completed 2 Blog Tours and now we’re on our third!


Our third Blog Tour focuses on the term “Sanctuary.” Basically we’ll be talking about where characters in anime take refuge when they need a place to feel safe. This could be a tangible or intangible space. 

Personally, my Sanctuary is this blog, where I’ve met a bunch of people with similar interests over the years. Whenever I want to share something I just come here, write up something and know I won’t be judged (because I know you’re all sinners too, I KNOW). And because I’ve always been someone with a weak mentality (especially now with all the worries out in the world), my blog post for this tour will focus on that kind of sanctuary.

But aside from mine, here are everyone else’s ideas!

Since we’ve acquired quite a few new members, our tours will now be posting up to 4 times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This month we also have a couple new members making their OWLS debut so be sure to check out their stuff!

March 1st

Sanctuary According to Ouran High School Host Club!!! by Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)

March 3rd

Kenshin’s Divided Conviction – March OWLS Blog Tour by Lita (KinoReviews)

March 6th

OWLS Blog Tour: Sword Art Online – Finding Sanctuary in Gaming by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

March 8th

Evangelion’s Misato Provides a Home For the Lonely | OWLS Sanctuary by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

March 10th

[OWLS Blog Tour] We’re All On The Same Team: Finding Sanctuary on the Volleyball Court by BeckNaja (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero)

March 13th

Chuunibyou – A Disease or Sanctuary? (OWLS March Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai Anime Blog)

March 15th

Sanctuary in One Piece: Status vs Nakama (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria (Fujinsei)

March 17th

[OWLS Sanctuary Blog Tour] Kyoko’s Journey to Accepting Love and Acquiring Inner Sanctuary by Crimson (Crimson Blogs)

March 18th

Watamote “Sanctuary” OWLS Blog Tour by Stephanie (Anime Girls NYC)

March 20th

OWLS: Amamizukan, The Sanctuary in Princess Jellyfish by Lyn (Lynlynsays)

March 21st

OWLS Post: A Home Away From Home – What Sanctuary Meant For Zoldyck by Venus (Japanime Talks)

March 22nd

A Figure Skater’s Sanctuary by Eren (Sakura Daisuki)

March 24th

When Your Dreams Dissolve Into Barren Wasteland [OWLS Blog Tour] by Hazelyn (Heyitszel)

March 27th

OWLS Tour: Gundam Wing and the Sanctuary of War by Nick (Chasing Japan)

March 29th

OWLS Tour: Sanctuary, Immigration, and Ace of Diamond by Kat (GrimmGirl)

March 31st

Friendship as a Sanctuary in Fairy Tail {OWLS Blog Tour} by Pink (Pinky’s Palace)

Aside from our Blog Tours, we’ve also added a monthly Livestream Roundup where Naja, KatSade, and Lita will go over the blog tour posts (some of their favorites, what they thought was interesting, etc) and answer any questions anyone might have. Our first one actually happened 3 days ago so definitely check it out!

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I hope you guys enjoy this tour as much as the previous ones!



11 thoughts on “2 Months In and We’re Still Going STRONG

  1. Ooh, I’m intrigued by this month’s theme. I’m especially looking forward to finding out where Lyn and Hazelyn go with Princess Jellyfish and Fate/stay UBW!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I know, right? This is seriously awesome. And we were even thinking of taking a March break but it turned out the be the busiest blog tour yet. I’m so excited for this month. We got our first vlog for our tour ever, too, courtesy of Shay. So exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

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