[Review] My PS Partner: Whatcha Wearing Down There?

All the love songs are so obvious
Love itself is obvious
You meet, love, part away, get hurt, and you meet again

Hey guys!

So I decided my first movie for the Valentine’s Special should be something fun and relaxed, and out of the list of movies I was recommended, My PS Partner fit the bill….and for the most part it did. This movie is rated R or M or whatever the rating is for nudity, phone sex, actual sex, and you know, all that bedroom shabang! (I totally did not expect boobs 7 minutes into the movie LOL). Also, possible spoilers? I try not to go into too much detail after a certain point, hehe

My P.S. Partner

My PS Partner is a short, almost 2 hour movie about love, heartbreak, and mending hearts that I (surprisingly) really enjoyed. It made me tear up because I was laughing so hard, made me make whale noises, and go Awww at the end. 

One day, Yoon Jung decides to spice up her sex life by calling her boyfriend for a little phone sex. She dials the number by memory because she got a new phone, and (unfortunately) got it wrong. She tells the stranger on the other end not to speak, to only respond via dials, and it’s only until after the act has been completed that she realizes her mistake and panics. Her solution is just to forget about it (and put the blame on the stranger)

The issue is practically forgotten, as her worries are shifted to a dinner her boyfriend has set up for them. It’s her birthday and their 5 year anniversary, so it can only mean one thing, right?


Apparently not. And it’s soon after this that the stranger she’d had phone sex with calls her back to complain about woman and how they’re such terrible “holes.” Obviously this doesn’t go well with Yoon Jung, who says she’s going to report him to the police because he’s being a pervert, calling her at night, only to get the tables turned on her. Afterall, she’d been the first to call him and sexually harass him (he had proof, he claimed!)

It’s actually this second interaction that starts off the story as Yoon Jung decides to lend her ear to the broken stranger who called to curse all woman. They make it a habit to talk about the things they dislike about their partners, or just strange habits. They talk about their day and sometimes even have more heated conversations. The plan is to help the stranger forget about his ex-girlfriend so that he can (basically) move on.

Because there’s this anonymity, it’s easier to speak without inhibitions and they both learn that neither is really happy with their relationship status.


Hyun Seung (stranger) missed his ex terribly. He would go out drinking with his friends who apparently knew of her new interest (boytoy) and didn’t tell him. Little interactions with others brought memories of their time together and made him even more sad. He even quit music writing, as that was one of the things they had strong arguments about when they lived together.

Yoon Jung practically left her whole life behind in hopes of getting married with her boyfriend. She doesn’t work anymore, she tries to please him only to be rejected continuously, and she even turned a blind eye to his infidelity. She’d waited so long for him to finally propose and it was a mixture of events that lead her to realize she wasn’t really happy.

One event in particular pushed her to finally meet up with Hyun Seung, which they’d been avoiding for awhile, preferring the liberties their current relationship status granted them.


And the feels train went downhill from here!! Their talks were no longer just tied to phone calls. Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung would hang out together, physically go comfort each other when someone’s ex came to see him, and it was just SO CUTE. I really loved the interaction these two had after this. It really reminded me of the days where people would actually talk for hours and hours with each other about petty things (I would eat up all my plan’s minutes and get in trouble with my parents all the time!) and just hang out

At times I just wanted these two to get together and be done with it. Show me some cute stuff about the both of them living together (my weakness) but then I’d be reminded that Yoon Jung was in a relationship. After a certain point, she was cheating on her boyfriend, and while that could be justified with a “he did it first” it wasn’t proper (and she realized this). I wanted her to just dump her douche of a boyfriend but she seemed to be enamoured with the idea of marriage and love.

To say I was conflicted was an understatement.


Overall I really enjoyed this movie. I’m actually considering going back and rewatching it because that’s how much I liked it. There was actually a part in the movie where my Fujoshi just screamed. It involved a wet dream Hyun Seung’s friend had about him. I swear I laughed so hard then (there was also another part where he meets with his ex again). Just retelling it made me burst out laughing!

The movie is pretty sexual, especially in the first few minutes as Hyun Seung’s life with his ex is defined by sex and arguments. But then there’s the whole “whatcha wearing down there?” that I LOVED. And I just loved how the talk of panties turned into a normal part of conversation. How Yoon Jung was so beautiful but also pretty insecure with herself at times. The song that Hyun Seung composed and just…oh man, all of it. I enjoyed all of it. Even the last 20 minutes that left me on the edge of my seat!!

If I had to complain about something, I’d say I wanted to see if these two ever got married or moved in together or had kids or you know, just Hyun Seung x Yoon Jung life moments.

I give this a 9/10 rating

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