OWLS on ICE!! Blog Tour

I can’t believe we’re already in February! Next thing you know it’s going to be March, April, May, DECEMBER! Haha

As a recap, we just completed our first OWLS Blog Tour on January 30th and we’re not stopping there just yet. We’ve already got February all lined up with great posts for you all. Great posts featuring a certain ice skating anime, anyone care to guess?

So here’s the story: OWLS had this very democratic election for when the next tour would be and about what. Sneaky me went ahead and put in a ton of YOI ballets without anyone noticing and BAM YOI Blog Tour (but seriously, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, I see you Arria hehehe)

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One of the reasons YOI got such a huge crowd (I feel) is that it treated being gay as secondary and touched on issues of gender identity successfully (subjective here). Neither Victor or Yuri were defined by their sexuality and they were your normal everyday characters with relatable life problems. Because of that (and their over 9000 Cuteness levels), OWLS decided it would be a great series to talk about during February, the supposed month of love and friendship

OWLS 2nd Blog Tour “Flight”


For the month of February, OWLS members will be writing about “Flight” in Yuri on Ice. We will be focusing on “the underdog’s dream, the possibilities that Yuri on Ice allows viewers to think about, and also the dangers of greed and ignorance that can influence one’s dream.”

Like last time, there will be an array of different POVs on the topic and compared to the January Blog Tour, the February Tour is BOOKED. As you guys might notice from the list below, we have some new members making their OWLS debut this month!

This time around we’ll be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, AND Fridays!

Feb 3rd

A Yuri on Ice Dream: Love is Love, Gay or Not (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria (Fujinsei)

Feb 6

A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS February Blog Tour | Flight by Remy (Remy Fool)

Feb 8

Would Yuri and Viktor’s Relationship Be Accepted In Their Own Countries? Homosexuality in Japan and Russia (OWLS February Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

Feb 10

Yuri on Ice: Love and Life (OWLS Blog Tour) by Steph (TwoHappyCats)

Feb 13

The Flight of a Russian Fairy – A Character Analysis on Yuri Plisetsky {OWLS Blog Tour} by Pink (Pinky’s Palace)

Feb 15

Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought to You By Yuri on Ice by Kat (GrimmGirl)

Feb 17

Otabek Altin’s Flight From Inferiority – OWLS Yoi Post by Venus (Japanime Talks)

Feb 20

[OWLS Blog Tour] We’re All Pork Cutlet Bowls: The Relatability of the Underdog’s Dream in Yuri!!! on Ice by BeckNaja (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero)

Feb 22

Yuri on Ice – Individuality – OWLS Blog Tour by Stephanie (Anime Girls NYC)

Feb 24

Viktor’s leap of faith – [OWLS Blog Tour] by Hazelyn (Heyitszel)

Feb 27

Yuri!!! On ICE goes the Distance For Love & Life | OWLS “Flight” by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

Since the whole tour is centered around analysis on Yuri on Ice, it’s best if you guys check the series out (if you haven’t already), otherwise SPOILERS! You’ve been warned~

Our first stop start Tomorrow so…Join in the conversation! 😀

Also share the news via Twitter by Retweeting content from our Official Twitter Account or talking about the posts and tagging us~

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8 thoughts on “OWLS on ICE!! Blog Tour

  1. I’m really looking forward to following this tour because I’m a sucker for anything related to Yuri on Ice at this point and I’m sure you guys will give me something new to think about with this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! Let the YOI love spread~~

      Oh man, I won’t be participating in this one but I love posts about yoi, especially the analysis type, it’s always interesting to see what people have to say about it, makes me love the show even more 😀


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