Emily Is Away

Hey guys!

So recently Cat started building up her Youtube channel where she’s doing Let’s Play videos (she plays a game and then puts a short review at the end). I started watching and the videos are short enough where I can watch them before going to bed and I actually went ahead and got one of the games she played! (“got” since it was free but you know what I mean haha)

But before reading my stuff, here’s her gameplay (/whispers/ watch it, it’s fun!)

The game takes some 30 minutes or so to play and I was interested in playing it because Cat doesn’t end up with Emily by the end of it. I was wondering if it was possible to end up with Emily (though judging by the title, I sort of assumed no). I also just wanted to type things and get answers…

So I started to play!


As short as it was, I really enjoyed it. The game is mainly set up as this chat where you get 3 options when speaking with Emily. You click on the option you want and then start “typing.” Based on the response you choose, you have a predetermined response (for emily). I actually thought we could type stuff in here, which I thought was super cool and how did they do it so Emily would respond to us?! Do we need to at least use the phrase provided?! 

Well now I know (it was a lie!) Still, I liked talking with Emily and even though it’s over, I’m glad I checked it out

I suppose the only thing that really bothered me was in the fifth chapter where, even if you wanted to talk with Emily, your character would always chicken out and change the subject. I think it would have been interesting to see what those conversations would have been like. Other than that, I have the same thoughts on the game as Cat.

In terms of replaying, it does have a couple achievements but they’re mostly ‘use this icon’ so if I do go back, I’ll try out some of the Jerk options during the conversations (maybe she’ll leave me sooner </3)


It was mentioned that there would be a sequel game this year and yeah, I’m kind of interested in seeing how that goes (Maybe Cat can even play it for us~)

8 thoughts on “Emily Is Away

  1. I remember playing this one. I really liked it the first time around but was quickly disappointed when I realized your actions don’t change much. A lot of the varied dialogue options will get you the exact same response, and the only thing you do get to decide is whether or not you want to be a horrible human being to her or not. It’s definitely one of those stories that you’re only supposed to play out once.

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    • i did notice that! i watched Cat play first and semi remembered some of her choices and when i played i was like ‘wait i did something else’ but would still get the same response :”D

      def only once but it was nice in a way

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  2. Waah, you’ve done it already! 👀✨✨
    Fff, I’m flattered you liked it enough to get the game, Crim /bows to you
    FF JERK OPTIONS, GOD NO. I’ve thought about it, but I’d feel like such a bitch to tell Emily I’m seeing Emma and so on 😭😭 /gross sobs
    I’m looking forward to the sequel too, and fff, you’re making my head grow with this much love and support aah 😻😻😻😻

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