Crimson Comments on the CR Anime [Popularity] Awards (And Places Her Votes)

A few weeks back, this thing on Crunchyroll was going around where we could go ahead and vote for our favorite shows in a few categories and now the results are out!


I actually didn’t vote for this stuff because (what I understood) was that we could only vote on one day and I just didn’t have time. If this had been opened for a few days, then I definitely would have voted! However, if you follow me on Twitter, chances are you guys saw my votes in some of the tweets I retweeted from Crunchy. (Votes that didn’t count I think, booo!)

And I’m sure nobody wants my commentary but I’m going to go ahead and give it because I want to! I know this is all opinions and everyone has probably already talked about this somewhere on the interwebs but I haven’t. Plus, I think it’s fun to also mention what I would have wanted to win!

Some Spoilers! You have been warned

Hero of the Year

Ok guys, I love love love My Hero Academia and Deku but to be a Hero it’s implied that you saved someone. Throughout the series, Deku doesn’t save anyone and he can’t even control his abilities. He acts reckless and breaks his limbs (and then is in need of saving). I suppose the only time he did save someone was when he helped Uraraka in the exams. And (I suppose), if it weren’t for him rushing into danger, All Might wouldn’t have moved to help Katsuki when he was grabbed by the sewer monster.

But still. Title of Hero? I wouldn’t give it to him. Not with what we got in Season 1, which I think is key here. If maybe we got up to Season 3 (or depending on where season 2 ends), I’d give it to him. As he is now, not really.

My vote would actually go to the runner up Satoru from Erased.


Yes he was forced into the situation and he did it out of selfishness (saving his mom and proving himself innocent), and overall these traits aren’t really considered Heroic, but along the way, I believe, he started to do it because he really cared. He wanted to help Kayo because she didn’t deserve what was happening (who does?). In catching the culprit he became a hero who saved Kayo, Aya, Shiratori, Hiromi, Misato, his mother, and even himself. Even if they didn’t realize the danger they were in.

In a way he also saved Kayo’s mother and our culprit.

Villain of the Year

So I just finished implying I loved Erased and the cast, and yes I do. But…I’m not sure I’d give Yashiro the title of Best Villain. Yes, he did do some despicable things but he just wasn’t despicable enough (if that makes sense). For me, a good villain should make your blood boil and hurl something because GOD the things they do and how can they be so brilliant?! There was nothing very cunning about Yashiro and we also didn’t get much info on him, which just made me not care about him as a villain.

Then, who would I nominate as Villain of the Year? I’m not sure. I didn’t watch a lot of anime where there were villainous characters. But if I HAD to pick someone, then I’d choose Angelo from 91 Days.


He was actually our protagonist and was out for revenge on the people who killed his family when he was a kid. He managed to befriend these criminal groups, killed his targets one by one, and caused a whole power shift. He got what he was after and he did it in such a cruel way, like, what’s better than being betrayed by your right hand and left to live? He was going for a pain worse than death and I think he accomplished that.

Of course, his plans weren’t without consequence and it’s probably because the story was from his POV that I was so heartbroken with his loss.

Best Boy

What does this category even mean?! Because if it’s just your favorite guy character then I suppose it could have been anyone. It looks like Reigen was the runner up and I love both Yuuri and Reigen but also, what are we judging this on? Just on liking them? If that’s the case, I can say that I liked other male characters more than Yuuri or Reigen (no offense to them)

In fact, I’d go with Tsukishima from Haikyuu for Best Boy!! And I’m judging based on functionality


Like, this guy was already an amazing volleyball jerk since season 1, but now he’s an amazing volleyball jerk who can block and gets excited about playing volleyball. MVP of the season in my eyes. We got quite the development from this guy starting from season 2 and seeing the results of his hard work was very satisfying. He became a key player and while he wasn’t really able to stop any of Ushijima’s spikes, he was able to control their course (which then helped the rest of the team fight back)

I know I mentioned this before and I’ll do it again, Karasuno got a winning chance because this guy got serious 👌👌👌

Best Girl

One of the things I’ve noticed is that I watch shows with a 98-100% male cast, so suffice to say I have no Best Girl for 2016. I did get to meet Chise in the Ancient Magus Bride and Yachi from Haikyuu but none of them were Best Girl material in my eyes.

But if I had to go with someone, I’d pick Lelei  from GATE


When we first saw her in S1, I just thought she was this cute girl who loved to learn and who could do some magic. She didn’t really feel like the confrontational type or aggressive in any way. And yes, she is a cute little nerd but in s2 we also got to see more of her badass side as she helped weaken the Fire Dragon and showed off some skills in the magic match against her sister! Was really glad to see this side of her. Still feeling a bit “ehh” about the harem thing but guys, who wouldn’t want Itami? LOL


I also want to mention that Rory and Kuribayashi are also on the same level as Lelei and could have easily made it best girl in my eyes. The only reason I chose Lelei over these two is that she’s more levelheaded, smart, bookworm, loves doujin, and was a pretty important character since s1.

Best Fight Scene

What up people?! I actually agree 1000% on this one and even had to put the video in here because the fights in Mob Psycho are awesome. I love them all! Especially this one and the one with Reigen at the end! (But I also like the fight with Dimple and the one with Teru was awesome and hilarious and the one in the first five minutes, oh and the one in the girls gym too!! though that one was short…EHERM, I mean…)

The runner up for this category was the Katsuki and Deku fight, which I also really liked. It was pretty charged but honestly, watching Katsuki fight is my thing. I love how he fights and just uses his whole body to attack. Can’t exactly say that specific fight was the best though.

Best Animation

I’m sure someone has said this already but here I go again: YOI was not best animation. Far from it. Yes, I LOVED the preview and the first episode. The animation in those were especially smooth and beautiful if you ask me but after that, the animation started going downhill and by the middle of it the great animation wasn’t really there anymore for me, which made me super sad!! Yes, it did have it’s good moments in between but it wasn’t like episode 1 anymore.

So who do I think should win? I’m not really the best person to judge this. To me animation just means: did it look good,  was the good consistent and was the good different from what I’m used to?


And so I’ll pick Mob Psycho because I loved all of the fight scenes and scenes where the espers use their powers. Even that time where Mob picks up the weights to prove he has power (to the alien club people) was pretty neat. The style did change a lot at different times but it happened often enough that it became consistent. Like when Mob goes 100% it would go black and white and would look sketchy. Or the exaggerated expressions (especially Reigen’s, loved those)

Most Heartwarming Scene

Hold on guys! I need to look up heartwarming!! /2 minutes later/ OK I got this! Heartwarming means uplifting, touching, moving

I mean, yes, this YOI scene definitely was touching and it moved me closer to my computer screen but I think I dropped more things than I lifted…(I’m terrible). I loved how this scene ended. Loved the way these two looked at each other as they laid in the ice. The way Victor had his hand cradling Yuuri’s head and all. But, again, I’m not sure if I’d consider this heartwarming enough for me.

I feel like this should have gone to some show involving kids and parents and just something sweet like that (not that this scene wasn’t sweet, but just my thoughts) so I pick the time Satoru sees his mom (in the past) after finding her murdered in his apartment.


But let’s give it to YOI this time. I’m not very upset (LOL)

Best Drama

I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m just disagreeing with all of these just to disagree. But also I do disagree with a lot of these, haha. For best drama…I don’t really watch drama shows but I also don’t think Erased was drama. If you ask me it was like a mystery since Satoru had to figure out who was killing the school girls. It wasn’t fashioned like your normal detective story but I do think it was more mystery than drama? I could be wrong, haha

And if I had to pick something for Best Drama…well, I wouldn’t be able to. I don’t think I watched anything that I consider to be Drama Filled.

Best Couple

Oh man, I can already hear you all booing at me!! So I’m going to assume this Best Couple award is going to romantic couples and if that’s the case I don’t give it to Victuuri, only because it wasn’t stated that they were a couple. If they had been official you’d hear my screams all the way into the abyss.

So what couple would I give it to? Sajou and Kusakabe from Doukyuusei!!

Image result for Doukyuusei

Do you guys know how adorable these two were?! One of my favorite movies and if you like BL then I hope you guys have watched it!! It shows the relationship between Sajou and Kusakabe starting when Kusakabe notices that Sajou isn’t singing in class. Then he ends up finding Sajou practicing in secret and offers to help him because Sajou is kind of hopeless at reading music. It’s SO CUTE 😭😭😭

And the style is just different and beautiful in its own way!!

Best Comedy

I don’t really watch comedy shows either, or at least I never finish them. I did start watching Sakamoto desu ga but dropped it somewhere around episode 7. It was really funny at first but then it had a few boring episodes and I stopped going back.

So let’s just say I agree with this assessment (Lol)

Best Action

Hehe, I think I already mentioned being completely in love with the MP100 fights when I mentioned best animation so I think it’s obvious what my thoughts are here. YES, I completely agree!! But I also want to pick something else because it only really got actiony closer to the end.

But alas, I have nothing~

Best Opening

Ever since YOI started, everyone has been crazy about the opening. Per usual, I only watch an opening (and closing) if I really like it. If it doesn’t catch me the first time around then I just skip them. This is what I especially do with ending songs. And yes, I did like the opening song for YOI enough to watch it in every episode but I also think it was very repetitive. I couldn’t really understand why everyone was crazy over it.

So if I had to pick a Best Opening, I’d go with Re:re: from Erased.

I really have no other reason than it being catchy. I like this genre of music more than others because I can come back to it no matter how much time passes (unlike other genres where they get annoying after a while). I also just liked how everything looked, especially after you see older Satoru peering out the window where his younger self and his classmates are at.

Best Ending

I think finding an opening that I like is hard, but finding an ending is even harder. There are very few (if any) endings that I like enough to call Best Ending. And I think YOI can have this award with no complaints. I just really liked the song, it was catchy, and I really LOVED the instagram feed!!

And those are my thoughts on the anime awards! Did any of you guys vote? If so, what did you vote for? What do you think of my votes? I actually tried to vary what I voted for so that I could also make this a “recommendation” list based on these categories. Are there ones you guys recommend? I know re:Zero was pretty popular so I do need to at least check that out!

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13 thoughts on “Crimson Comments on the CR Anime [Popularity] Awards (And Places Her Votes)

  1. I didn’t vote, because I never vote really heh
    One thing with awards is not everyone watches all the anime in each season. I wouldn’t care if YoI hadn’t won anything, i actually got pissed when some people were saying that YOI only won because it’s fujoshi bait and all the hype, which is like???? No BL has won any awards in these CR awards as far as I know, feel free to correct me tho!
    They have marriage rings, it says in the papers even, they are engaged, they duo skated, and kissed, and sleep together in the same bed, get regularly naked together, he moved countries to live with Viktor, what more do y’all want to make it official? I know i want the marriage too, and the sex scenes, but it’s real 😹😹
    Definitely need to watch Doukyuusei 👀👀👀👌
    Your list is pretty good, and reminds me i still haven’t seen mob 100, or erased /flounces 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh man, if there’s someone out there who watched them all with no bias i would be amazed.

      in a way i do think yoi won because it was so fresh in people’s minds and since you’re really into it at the time, it’s just one of those shows that’s going to win. plus it did have the hype. you didn’t really see any other shows on the list except for “the big ones”

      i actually didn’t know that crunchyroll had these every year?? i only heard of it a few weeks ago xD also, i don’t think any BL shows have won (and idk if you’re implying yoi is a BL…lol)

      I WILL FIGHT YOU. if you let me (i like to be proven wrong hehe.) because as much as i love yoi i think all these points don’t point to canon Victuuri. Oh man, if we could get a s2 and there was a marriage scene or just something that implied that they’d gotten married like 👌👌👌

      oh man i wasn’t going to watch mp100 but i somehow ended up watching it??? i don’t even know how!! xD no doukyuusei yet?! GUUURL YOU BETTER GET ON THAT. and erased, i really liked it! (though that ending smh)


      • I’d be amazed too.
        I didn’t know they had these awards either haha
        True, YoI did have the fact it was fresh on people’s mind, but it wasn’t just because of that that it became so loved by the fandom. But heh, I’m pretty biased.
        I WILL FIGHT YOU, HOW DARE YOU SAY IT ISN’T BL, it just needs the sex smh@u
        Considering the effing writer said it developed to a romance while they were writing it and without their meaning to, you’re all cray smh.
        Marriage on Ice is gonna rekt me inside out and doubly so. I’ve been screaming for it since the rings heheheheheohohohohoho

        I WILL GET ON THEIR DICK, just I dunno, I’m slow at watching anime RIP.

        Liked by 1 person

        • aren’t we all biased LOL we love to coddle our otps and have a battle if anyone so much as looks at them wrong LOL

          I, me, this fujoshi and bishie lover agrees with you completely, it was totally BL, I could smell it from all the way over here >:D oh where did they say that?? :000 it does feel like it started going towards romance near the end xD

          i’m slow at picking up anime like i am so lazy thinking what if i don’t like it?! will i have wasted my time?? but if an animes got me i will stay plastered to a screen all day if i need to xD


          • True, but I’m intensively biased 😈😈😈😈😈
            Which means: 🔪🔪💣💣💣 for heretics
            Good, good, I’m glad you realize it WAS BL ohoho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            It was on one of the translations I was reading, I’m not sure, I know I saw it on twitter. Might be quicker just googling that out tho 👀👀

            OMG CRIM, SAMEEEE!!!!!!! Exactly the same for anime, manga, games, everything. What if my expectations aren’t matched? What if the hype was all a lie and then I have to shitpost with heaps of salt on it? 💦💦💦
            True enough, I watched both seasons of daiya in 4 days so… 😹😹😹😹😹

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Crim!!! This was a great post! And I actually agreed with a lot of your picks – I ended up doing my own Awards on my blog! I gave some moments to YOI, but I tried to give my best judgement. I think with YOI coming in so late in the year, it was more memorable so of course people just went with what was the latest. But OMG, I totally forgot about that scene of Satoru seeing his mom. AH! If I had remembered that, I would’ve picked it for Most Heartwarming scene!! D:

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES!! I think thats also why yoi won quite a bit, it was just really fresh in people’s minds. and dude! i would have also forgotten it but i saw that the runner up for that award was when kayo eats her first homecooked meal and i was like ‘yeah that was touching BUT’ and then i remembered that scene ;-; and i LOVE my mom SO MUCH like we are stuck at the hip ALL THE TIME so if something like that happened to us i feel i’d be super happy to see her well and ok. and just seeing his eyes tear up when he saw her like oh man /CRIES/

      OH SNAP IMMA READ IT NOW! and lol, i tried to judge as well as i could too! xD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My only issue with the voting was the limited chioces we were given in each category (and write in votes don’t count because they aren’t ever going to win). In a lot of the categories the options were pretty lame so you were left wondering of those choices which one is least misplaced. But hey, popular vote and no real criteria for decisions and no need to justify your vote. The result is more or less what everyone should have expected going in.

    Liked by 1 person

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