Favorite Reads of 2016

So I was debating if I should write this post or not for almost a week, and then decided I should if I wanted to, it’s my blog, judge me if you want, I know I’m a wannabe reader~!!


I didn’t read as much as I hoped (hence my hesitance) but here are my top reads for 2016, both novels and manga~ (I added manga because it made the list a bit longer hehe, I know, I’m such a cheater)


A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred


A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred was probably my first pirate book ever. I got this via Pegasus Publishers so I hadn’t ever heard of it but was really glad I picked it up! Your typical YA book except that I liked it better. It didn’t pretend to be some action packed story because early on we knew Corey was going to become a lady. It was probably because of that, that I didn’t mind the romance. Also enjoyed the dynamics between the lovebirds (and when do I ever enjoy that?! lol) Definitely going to check out more of Merchant’s books!

Take Note


Take Note was another book I got from Pegasus Publishers and taking a whole 180 from the one above, this book was about everyday lives. Compared to Merchant’s book, this was mundane, boring even…except it wasn’t. I really liked all of the little stories we were given, how they were all connected, and how a 10 pound could impact people’s lives. Sometimes it was huge, sometimes they didn’t even appreciate it. I hardly ever enjoy this genre but was very happy that I checked this out!



So I heard a lot of people read Uprooted and didn’t like it, or couldn’t finish it and I was just GASP HOW COULD YOU. Seriously, I really enjoyed this book! Won’t say it’s in my top 10 reads but it is one I would recommend (and it was recommended to me). Really enjoyed the interaction between the characters, especially once certain events were revealed. I was sad at how it ended because, the one time I DO want the MCs to end up together and this happens?? Plus, our antagonist this time around was pretty interesting 😉


Whispered Words


Started getting into the yuri genre in 2016 and gotta say, I really enjoyed Whispered Words. It’s nothing out of this world or too Mature, and it’s got enough drama but put in a way that just feels natural. Obviously I haven’t read more but I think it’s a good start to the genre. I really need to find me the third volume because I want to know what happens with our protagonists!!

19 Days


I’d been meaning to read 19 Days for quite a while now. I think I picked it up and read random chapters at some point but I’d never started from the beginning. In 2016, I decided it was time to actually read it. And I really liked it! Mostly consists of illustrations at first and then short chapters. There doesn’t really seem to be a point to it, as we’re just reading about 4 teenagers lives. It looks like the author is trying to go somewhere in more recent chapters but nothing has really happened. So why add it to this list? Because the art is beautiful and I love the relationships of the characters! Especially our two new lovebirds in recent chapters (I like that dynamic ok, LOL)

And those were some of my more memorable reads for 2016! I decided not to add any ongoing popular manga titles like MHA or TG:re because they’re still in the “developing phases” but they may end up in my 2017 favorite reads list (hehehe). I also didn’t add any fanfiction otherwise this list would NEVER end

But there were SO MANY books I really wanted to check out that I bought but just didn’t start. Hopefully I get through them this year!

Any fantasy/magic reads are very much appreciated 😀


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