Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

As many of you might have noticed it is now 2017, and like last year I decided to write up a post with some of my 2016 highlights! Not all of them are anime related and not all of them are good things, but they made the list because they were pretty memorable🙂

I tried to put them in chronological order but I may have failed…because my memory is just terrible sometimes! I also tried to think of something for each month but alas, sometimes some months are less memorable than others😛

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything uber important!

Let us begin!

p.s. My previous phone died so I lost all the photos I had on there, including the pics of Kausus, Takuto, and Lyn D: 

March: Met OGZ and Takuto at NakaKon!

It was probably a few weeks before Naka-kon that both Kausus and Takuto had mentioned this convention. I’d never heard of it but after some deliberating, I last minute decided to attend! Not only did I meet two of my blogger buddies IN THE FLESH, but this was the first time I had been allowed to roadtrip on my own (“own” = with my brother, no parents)

It was about 9-10 hour drive from where I live and seriously glad I attended. I’ll actually be making the trip again this year 😀

To see some of the tweets of this moment, go here

May: Met Lyn at Fanime!

Aside from this being the BEST month of the year, it was only made Better when I last minute decided to book it to Fanime and meet Lyn!! Unfortunately, I did lose all my pics from my phone prior to June sooooo, no pic of Lyn here #tragic The only thing I have to present you all is this stalker video, enjoy if you haven’t already seen it (lol)

My only consolation is that we shall meet again this year so more pictures! 👌👌👌

June: First time at Colossalcon!

I actually ended up going to quite a few new cons in 2016 and Colossalcon was one of the few I really liked. Once you start attending lots of big conventions, everything starts to get repetitive, you’re in a hurry to get from one panel to the other, and it’s all just a lot. Because Colossalcon was small, I was able to go to more panels and they were all just different. More variety.

Hopefully I go back this year!

p.s. I actually drove to this one by myself but WOW tolls were so expensive! Probably $40 total or something

August: First time in Canada!


CANADA! Another road trip with the brother! This one was actually a trip my brother wanted to go to. Something about the finals for his League of Legends team and since I’m always up for traveling I was like let’s go! Of course, our phones ended up not working up there so we were in quite some trouble once we got in (had no idea how to get to our hotel). Plus, we had planned to find out where to go once we were in Canada but…phones didn’t work. Overall we weren’t prepared at all.

We still managed to go to a few places but next time we need to do our research beforehand (LOL)

November: OWLS was created

I wasn’t sure if I should add this to 2016 or 2017 and figured I’d put it down for both. 2016 because it’s when OWLS was created and the group of us got together! I’m really excited and nervous as I’m not really used to writing posts like the ones we’ll be doing for OWLS. Since it’s now January, our first Blog Tour has already started!

Head on over to Matt’s Blog for a Bleach Discussion on Disruptors

December: YOI Shopping Spree!


I don’t think there’s much YOI merchandise out yet so when I walked into Kino last month and saw some magazines with free YOI posters, you bet I bought them! Aside from these clear files, I also got some 3 posters, a YOI booklet, and inside one of the magazines was a YOI special! I was so happy!! 😀

Look out YOI merch, I’m saving up money to come get you! >:D

Wow this list ended up even smaller than last years! Part of that is memory, the other is that I was a boring person this past year (Lol)

But here are a few other things that didn’t make it on here:

  • I was in another car accident. I ended up being hit from behind and the impact made me hit the car in front of me. All things considered, I did end up ok, if just a tad more shaken up than the prior year. This happened in March but meeting OGZ and Takuto was way better than this so I posted that instead~
  • I got a new job in December. Considering that it’s a job in something I’ve been trying to get away from for more than 5 years, I figured I’d leave it out because it’s LAME. My only consolation is that I’m getting money to support my hobbies :”)
  • Had a family roadtrip to California! We ended up going to Disney and Universal but it was in June and I’d already posted Colossalcon there o(-( it was great since we got the unlimited fastpass (VIP I think) so we got to ride the Harry Potter ride until we got sick 👌👌👌
  • In the past few months I’ve gotten to know some people in the book blogging community! I even spent my New Years with them in a chat! It was very fun and I hope to get to know more people this year!
  • I also met more anibloggers via twitter! I honestly don’t even know how we met each other or how we got started talking but it’s been GREAT! Let’s get to know each other more 😀

And this is me officially leaving 2016 and entering 2017 fun! Hope everyone else also had some great moments in 2016 ^^ Feel free to share them in the comments section, I’d love to read about them

10 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

  1. 2016 has been an adventure for you. Darn, I wish I was with you, Taku, Kauses and Lyn haha. I hope you do more of this again this year. Sounds like you had a blast of 2016. I got to see Lyn and Taku in real-life!!! They’re so awesome!

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