2017 Resolutions

“Oh man,” you guys are probably thinking, “Here she comes again with a list of impossible resolutions again.”

WELL, you guys are CORRECT

My failing rate is so high IT’S AN ARTFORM


Now, before we look at the new set of resolutions, let’s go back to some of my 2016 resolutions (to see how bad I failed)

  1. Read 40 Books and 300 Manga/Comics
  2. Save money to go to Japan
  3. Lose Weight (5 – 10 lbs)
  4. Finish a draft for novel idea done by Bro & I (possibly a mini-comic and random merchandise)

Little poor naive Crimson, 2016

1. No I did not read this much! I actually only read 15 novels and 105 manga. I expected to fail the novel challenge since I never complete it (ever) but the manga one I could have done. I’m rather disappointed in myself

2. Saved money?! What is that?! Fun fact: when I have too much money in my possession I like to spend it and I spend it FAST

3. HA. I actually did lose some weight but then I gained it back. I think the hardest part of losing weight is keeping the weight LOST. I swear, I have no idea how my mom does it every year OTL

4. Writing…the one thing I do and don’t do. No I didn’t get that draft done BUT I did get back into creative writing, which means that draft isn’t impossible anymore! (I was in a slump for so long orz)


But it’s time to put that behind us because it’s a New Year! And a new year means New Resolutions!


  1.  Read 60 novels and 300 manga/comic books (yes, this is me punishing myself for reading 100 less in 2016 LOL)
  2. Find a blogging schedule that works and do it consistently
  3. Create some variety in my posts
    • Try to do a few more book posts and reviews on older anime
    • Posts that are not just reviews but actual analysis, passion, or just randomness to spice things up (hehehe)
  4. Get accepted into at least 1 art gallery/showing
  5. Create a huge landscape piece for my mom and 2 portrait pieces I’ve been thinking about for a few months now
  6. Find a job that I like (I can’t believe it but this is probably the hardest out of all of these)
  7. Become healthier
  8. Get my bachelor’s (I’m waaaaaaaayyyy overdue LOL)

I want to especially focus on #2 early in the year so that I can make a routine for myself. I feel like I’m always trying new things and just failing. I know I can bust out 2-3 posts in one day if I wanted to but then there’s the issue of wanting to publish everything that same day. I’m starting to open up to the use of scheduled posts so perhaps that will help in this new goal!

And if anyone has suggestions for #3 (I am doing more sports related posts soon at Cat’s suggestion) feel free to send them via the Contact Me page, the comments section, or my Twitter~

I swear I don’t bite…much 😉

In terms of my personal life, I’d like to focus more on my art and getting myself out there. I feel like the older I get, the more people tell me I’m wasting my time and I’d like to prove them wrong. I know I can do it, but I also know I need to be dedicated, which is surprisingly hard.

I also think that by focusing on my art I’ll be able to achieve goal #6!

I also ended up leaving goal #7 vague on purpose. I didn’t want to write “lose weight” again because being healthy isn’t just about losing some weight. Yes, I really need to lose some weight but I also know that exercise and going to the gym isn’t me. So I plan to start small (aka my diet)


I got really sick on the 31st and woke up worse on the 1st all because I wanted to eat some red velvet cheesecake. Know what this means? I am LEGIT afraid to eat cheesecake again (and I absolutely LOVE cheesecake). I usually get sick if I eat a lot of junk (especially when I go to conventions) but this time it got bad enough where I got a fever and ended up dehydrated and just stuck in bed all day (I’m still semi-sick now). That hasn’t happened to me in YEARS, since I was a kid.

So it’s safe to say I’ll be more careful with what I eat. Plus, I’ll be crying later this week as my mom is taking me to this lady who is going to fix me up and use fire on my belly (just thinking about it makes me want to cry T_T)

I also want to start doing little things like taking walks once the weather is better, using the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking more water, and just being healthier.

Have you guys looked back to your past resolutions? How good or bad was it? Have you planned on new resolutions? Anything blogging specific?


18 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions

  1. i dont really do the resolution thing because im pretty much always looking for improvement.

    if you’re planning for 300 volumes of manga, that doesnt seem particularly hard :D. and the best blogging schedule is daily posting! im with you on being healthier. ive mostly just been walking more.

    using fire on your belly? you mean that fire therapy thing where they put alcohol on your body and set it on fire?

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    • i know, which is why i was so sad i didn’t even get to 200 :/ i’ve just gotten lazier i suppose xD i wish i could do daily but sometimes i get busy for a while and then i just disappear o(-(

      the lady lights a match, puts alcohol in a glass jar, puts the match inside briefly, and presses it to my belly and back, it hurts so much OTL

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        • yeah it’s witchcraft but it actually works, has always worked :000

          my parents used to take me to the doctors before but they never really helped, just gave me some medicine and told me to go. so they had to find another way to cure me, found some ppl that do this kind of thing and wahla! i get better


  2. Hah, I’m a master of failing at resolutions too :’D
    /raises head Did you say art gallery??? guuurl, where is your art and where can I find it??!
    I swear by schedules, i have stuff scheduled to june/july, just need to fill in the gaps and can post some spur of the moment written stuff heh
    I have new decisions I’ve started, that is coming to the blog, scheduled to come in a few days, about them.
    In terms of resolutions, I did a list on my notebook with some drawing/painting, some reading, some language ones, and see if i can study too hehe~
    I wanna get healthier too, been sick for weeks now, first food intoxication and then starting getting pains, so for a healthier year for sure! 🙏

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    • I may be adding some stuff here if you’re interested xD I haven’t REALLY put it anywhere since I’m not too confident in it but it’s not helping anyone by being hidden in my room 😛 I was thinking of making an instagram for my art but i can’t keep it consistent right now so i’ve refrained for the time being 😛

      I don’t like to use the schedule option because I always write some heading that is relevant to the day I wrote it like ”so i went to this place yesterday” or something and scheduling it for like a week later just feels so wrong to me xD but i need to start doing that if i want to keep a “schedule”

      NICE! I can’t blog that ahead orz but maybe I will one day!! xD

      YESSS, YOI posts for possibly the whole next month and i’m watching Baby Steps and hope to pick up some Daiya things again 😀 it’ll be sprinkled in slowly but there’s going to be quite a bit of sports this year 👌👌👌

      Ooooo, now I’m curious >:D I’ll def be on the lookout!!

      I decided not to put anything language related this year because I feel I’m going to be too busy to even try to learn the Japanese I set out to learn eons ago LOL (very sad but true ;-;) but i’m not giving up on that! just, if it happens it happens type of thing, ya know???

      I FEEL YOU, in terms of colds and stuff 2016 was probably my best year but other pains and stomach issues was prob the worst, which means i really need to start looking out for myself better. so glad to see you will be too! best to keep healthy while we’re young :”) i hear it’s harder once we’re older/our metabolism and habits get worse


      • YES I AM
        Here or on instagram, they’re all good places to put art, whichever you choose bb 😻
        Well i guess what you could do was change those headings to like “recently i went to this place” instead if being specific about which day it was~
        Scheduling is how i do my blog, and any such content, it’s just too hard if i try to remember to manually post or what months needs what left haha :’D
        Aww thanks! Mind you, it was one post per month that was that far ahead, because once i pulled them back, i only got posts to february/may, basically. Tho i do write in batches. I’ll write like 3-4 posts, and i used it just post it all , which wasn’t the best either. So now i just write them down, schedule if they’re finished more ot less, and then sometimes i go back and tweak/clean them in the month they’re scheduled to come out on ~
        Woa, yoi for a whole month?! I am in heaven!!!! WOOOOOO 👌👌👌👌✨🎉🎉🎉🎉
        OH, DAIYAAAAA YEEEWS 😻😻😻😻👌✨
        Baby Steps is nice, as is oofuri/big windup, and yowapeda 👌
        I’m super existed for all your sports posts woo

        Oooh,are you Curious? Ohohoho, good.
        You won’t have to wait long, the post going to be really soon, and i have stuff ready and scheduled on my new endeavor starting on day 9 of this month.
        It’s not really anime or manga related, tho it could be,I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with it aside gaming~
        It’s gonna be a time sink, but i don’t think it’ll clash with my blog all that much, since i actually write maybe once or twice a month really xP
        aww, that’s sad, i know how much you wanted to learn it. I didn’t fulfill my last years goal either. I wanted to play two games in Japanese, but only ended up playing one, and because I’m not as dutiful as I should be this means i end up losing some of the process i make, or a lot actually. But i just haven’t been into wanting to grind kanji lately. So i might just stick to trying to play games in Japanese and learn through it alone, but heh, I’m too excited for my new adventure, so I’m not really thinking about it rn hehe xD
        Definitely know, I’m the same currently tbh heh
        It is worse yeah, but I find I’m not young enough to deprogram all that easy. I’ve been eating healthier, and lost weight, like i was 65kg and went to 59, but i still eat sweets/cakes sometimes, which i really shouldn’t tbh :’D
        Hope it all goes well, and i feel you. 2016 was pretty bad for allergies and stomach issues for me :’D

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        • that’s what I’m trying out actually 😀 and if it’s something i want to mention specifically i’ll just work from the scheduled date (or just forgo the schedule and publish NOW xD)

          i just find it hard to sit down sometimes to write because i’ll get busy all of a sudden or i’ll do nothing for two weeks LOL

          that’s still good!! if i’d gotten like one or two posts a month consistently i think i’d been happy (but they were just all over the place or completely gone Orz)

          ohhhh i write in batches too! sometimes i’ll get like 3-4 posts done in one sitting (or on bad days it’ll take me a whole day to do one post o(-( bc its a tough topic for me or im just really distracted xD) but i can’t sit down and write every day so that just leads me back to the scheduling issue 😛

          Nice! i don’t look at them once i schedule them which is one thing that makes me super nervous. like, what if it gets published and i don’t look through it til 3 days have passed and finally catch ALL the typos and bad formatting and UGHHH no lie, this will keep me up at night LOL

          YES! I’m thinking Feb 😉 but i need to prepare so not sure, it might be mid-Feb to mid-March (hehehe)

          i’ve seen lots of merch for yowapeda but the concept just doesn’t call to me?? thats actually why i haven’t checked out a lot of the newer sports anime bc i just don’t like the rugby or soccer. OH i bought big windup (thats a baseball one right??) and have been meaning to watch it, looks SO CUTE. also need to watch battery from like 2 seasons ago?? xD so much sports animu!!!!

          2017 is going to be like Crimson Sports Central (xD)

          Ohhhh, now i’m intrigued. i mostly like to read posts about anime and manga but it’s good to see some different stuff sometimes, give you an insight about other obsessions we have hehehe

          Oh man! But having just done one is still good! I downloaded the MP100 mobile game and just cannot figure out what im supposed to do Orz so for you to play a game in Japanese like WOW, that’s true, if you don’t practice it often enough you start to lose it T_T been there. Hehe, it’ll be there when you’re ready!

          UGHHHH i go out with my brother a lot and he loves to eat at places we probs shouldn’t be eating at and my weaknesses are burgers and just about every place sells burgers SO I KNOW YOUR PAIN. it’s hard to just stop eating certain things Orz

          Speaking of allergies, my fam thought i was allergic to chocolate for the longest time but it looks like i’m actually alllergic to peanuts and im like NOOOOOO. all my fav chocolate bars have peanuts and this fruit salad my dad makes, my fav part are the peanuts and now i can’t eat it, or i CAN but you know, i’ll just be super itchy for a while o(-(


          • I guess this means your new year’s resolution is to be more consistent? Good luck with it bb!
            Yeah writing every day is…impossible for me. I strictly only write on here when I get inspired to do it, and so I make a couple posts and then I go weeks without doing anything. It’s why I decided I could use that down time while I’m not starting school, to start my Youtube. And yes that was the grand reveal of my new decision, I can say it because the post about it is up now 😛
            I don’t fret about the posts being perfect, I’m the type of person to write all in one go and hit either publish or schedule, my blog is raw and unedited, mostly xP What does keep me up at night is when I’m fretting if I have enough posts, you can never have too many scheduled tbh T_T
            YowaPeda is real cute, Onodera (MC) is a total otaku and sings an anime song when he’s biking. I like everyone there, the rivals are real good too. I got sad and shocked by it a lot, definitely good and enjoyable, IF you’re into sports anime 😛
            I love Oofuri, yaas!
            I need to try the soccer and rugby anime coming, I haven’t seen Days, or All Out, I’m not really into football. I wanna see All Out…and it’s not because of their amazing thighs and asses…not at alll… xP
            Ooh, I need to watch Battery too, I’m so behind on anime T_T
            Crimson Sports Centre needs to happen every year ohohohohoho /winks and nudges
            Really helps when it’s simple games. I’ve done total 2 games in Japanese, but I definitely need to focus more time into that and stop being a lazy butt. You can do it Crim, I believe in you!
            Gross sobs, I love peanuts, I don’t want to discover I’m allergic to them or to any of the yummy food I love ORZ T_T

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            • yes to consistency! and same here! when i started blogging it was a bit easier since i just had so much to say (and still do) but it’s just harder to sit down and write now, my laziness knows no bounds XD

              but i can write batches so hopefully that helps! >:D

              I AM SUCH A FREAK ABOUT MY POSTS HELP like if one word is spelled wrong i will go back and fix it, if one comma is out of place i will reread the whole thing and make sure there’s no other errors (which is probs bad bc i read it so many times i miss stuff, you know?)

              Ohhh I did hear about him! I actually bought some YowaPeda merch before bc it was really cute and funny and was like, I NEED TO WATCH THIS, suffice to say i have YET to do this #disappointment

              Oh yeah, All Out went ALL OUT in the that dept 😉

              /winks and nudges back/hehehe

              You can do it too!!! Play while you’re being a lazy butt!! xD


              • Same, when i returned to blogging i quickly dispatched like 20 posts or more because I’d built up so much. Now I have to stock up, read, watch, game, to do it /rip
                Batch writing is everything in life, bless 🙏

                I fix typos when I see i did them or i notice i missed one word or another, but idc about the rest because I’m too busy trying to write the new posts. They’re the past now, only the present and future matter 😛
                ^says I as i always get tempted to go back and format the old posts like I’m doing now, and sometimes do it. But it’s time i could be spending on newer posts coming out instead 😹😹😹
                YAS TO YOWAPEDA, YES, do watch it if you’re curious~!
                hehehehehehe, will try 😈

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                • LOL, when i changed my blog’s layout and found out all the images looked bad with wrapped text I WENT BACK and fixed my old posts OTL I just could not leave it alone (but because of that i mostly just center images, in case i want to change my layout later on xD)


                  • Lmao, thankfully every time I’ve changed layout it never ducked up my previous posts, because i always center them heh
                    When it’s those cases then ofc we have to fix 💦💦

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  3. HAH, yup, the hardest part is keeping the weight away once you get past the impossible mission of losing it. The only resolution I’ve set is your #2, keeping a blogging schedule. There was a lot of in-and-out this past year and I want to stop doing that. Good luck with those intense goals, man, especially with the art show biz! You ought to show us your art one of these days :3

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    • You’re the second person to want to see it so I may add some stuff 😉

      I feel the same about the blogging stuff, just so everywhere this year, hope we both manage something feasible this time around 😀

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