Yuri on Ice episode 11: the end is near…

OK GUYS, so I wasn’t going to post anything because I’m overall a lazy person but I have so many feels right now over this episode!! I mean, I usually do but this one especially has my heart racing and possibly not in a good way.

Spoilers ahead for YOI ep 1- 11 because who can actually contain themselves?! Also, I’m going to be jumping around because I can’t get my thoughts in order right now


I’m going to assume the whole YOI fandom has already made their assumptions about Victor’s feelings from episode 10 and BOY I am right there with everyone! No, I don’t think Victor fell in love with drunk Yuuri but he definitely felt something. Because I am a full supporter of Victuuri, I am going to say he felt a pull of attraction from our lovely and (then) spicy katsudon!

Of course, considering he was in a slump and Yuuri said “Be my coach” I will not discard the idea of Victor lighting up at the idea of surprising everyone with taking a season to coach because I seriously think that would be a very Victor-like to do (considering his mentality at the time)


And let’s not forget the finishing blow! Episode 10 was one of my favorites because of spicy katsudon but also because we got to see an episode in Victor’s POV where we see he’s enjoying his time out of the spotlight. He gets to be in the onsen every day, eat Katsudon, spend time with Makkachin, and just not have the pressure and responsibility of skating in his face. The dancing at the banquet and how much he enjoyed it! Love, possibly being the romantic type with Yuri, and friendship with everyone he’s met.

He found Life and Love. Which is why I am DYING over that ending and preview we got in episode 11!


Like, we had JUST gotten a marriage proposal in the previous episode! No, Yuuri did not say yes to it but EHERM, he also didn’t protest (wink wink nudge nudge). Obviously, it could have been just Victor being Victor but it might have also been an actual thing (remember the airport?).

I feel YOI does a lot of showing but leaves us hanging with what is actually happening, which is awesome at some points but also hell at others (I mean, can we really say wedding if one of them hasn’t actually said yes? just because they’re wearing matching rings? Can they be boyfriends if a relationship was never established? not in the real world!)


Their expressions seriously broke my heart, look at them!

At this point, I really think it’s going to be “the end” of Victuuri as coach and pupil BUT I think that just means there can be a beginning to something even better (I’m sure you all know what I mean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))!

With Yuuri’s score being 4th, I legit don’t think he has a chance at gold (skater people please correct me if I’m wrong). Maybe he can get into the top 3, I seriously don’t know what score he can jump to if he skates flawlessly in the next routine, but competition-wise I feel Yuuri has lost his chance at gold. I don’t think any of our top 3 players are going to give an inch, especially not Yurio or Chris. I don’t really know anything about Otabek, but considering he was up there with Victor, I highly doubt he’ll relent.

Can we also take a moment for this moment?

Like, I feel Yuuri had already realized he’d lost before he even finished his routine! As much as all defeat moments in sports anime really break my heart, I’d have to say this one tops. There’s just something very raw in this moment that seriously brought me to tears. It felt very real to me and just shook me. The way he has the flashback, the look in his eyes, how he drops to the floor, clenches his fists and we just see the ring there like it’s mocking us. My attachment to this scene may stem from how relatable Yuuri is as a character and how much I really want him to win

And I think we were even given a glimpse at his loss. He just felt very different when he opened (he didn’t do anything flashy, he even looked upset or troubled instead of seductive), and his thoughts weren’t really on Eros (and we saw how that worked for Yurio)


Also, I don’t know if anyone else thought this but I feel Yuuri is too dependant on Victor. Yes, Victor helped him out of his slump, made him realize the feeling of Love, and has helped him improve his skating, but in a way it hinders Yuuri. Not the feelings, but the relationship they have and how Yuuri sees Victor as an idol (though I think this is slowly changing as we’ve seen them get closer and closer)

When you think of how it could’ve been with Victor here, you really want to see that right?

Assuming we do get a season 2 and Victor returns to skating, I’m really curious to see how this will affect Yuuri and how he’ll grow as an individual! (because really, I feel like this is the thing that’s really holding him back, he needs to gain confidence in himself). I want him to see himself as a worthy opponent who can beat Victor and stand on the ice as his equal!


Can I also just say that this scene gutted me when I was already down? Yuuri has always told Victor to only look at him and I feel he’s prided himself in being the only one to keep Victor’s attention. They’re always together and Victor is always cheering him on/clinging to him. Even when Yuuri messes up, Victor is there to smile at him and give him a lecture, but that didn’t happen this time!

Victor looked like his old self here, he looked older and defeated. It was like Yuuri’s feeling just swallowed him up too. Like maybe he’d failed in his duty because he didn’t get Yuuri to win the GPF like he’d promised in all his naked glory that first day!

And…I don’t even want to say it, type it, think it…but it also felt like Victor wasn’t inspired by Yuuri’s skating anymore. Or at least like he’d been let down (he’d been so excited and even did his signature flip when Yuuri did!). Obviously, I hope the latter isn’t actually what he was thinking or feeling, but that single expression did make me feel this.

And then this happened. Victor looked away, he wasn’t by Yuuri’s side and if anything, I felt betrayed and hurt. And I think Yuuri felt his confidence fall. The one person who was always at his side was looking away from him, and being inspired by others, and he wasn’t trying to hide it (he didn’t even refute when Yurio pretty much insulted Yuuri’s skating). And it was to the point where Yuuri didn’t feel he could even call out to him!

I was seriously seeing a repeat of the last GPF where Yuuri was just filled with anxiety and so many thoughts (and what happens when he thinks and skates? mmmhm)

I think Yuuri realized how dependent he’d become, how much fun Victor was having watching everyone else, and that all of this made him decide to end things, maybe as a way to set Victor free from someone like him (he doesn’t have a high opinion of himself if you ask me). And by end I mean their professional relationship because I seriously don’t think he means their Love considering the preview


“I’ll be sure to skate my and Victor’s love, laid bare to the world!”

With that kind of declaration, I highly doubt something really bad is going to happen. I can’t say that Victor is all onboard with the idea since his facial expressions in the preview make me think he’s lost a spark, like he doesn’t want to end things (whatever things is) or like he’s wondering what Yuuri is up to.


Also, can I just mention that I don’t see Yuuri’s ring in the preview but Victor’s is there being all flashy. EHERM, moving on…


Considering the events from today, I feel like this may happen and it just ANGERS me so much! I seriously don’t know if he meant that Victor was incompetent (as Yuuri’s owner or because the ring belongs to Victor) or that Yuuri was incompetent (as the owner/giver of the ring) but either way, that comment really got to me.

If I’d stayed in Russia, Yurio wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. And neither would I…

And if we get a season 2, I am going to laugh and howl because Victor is going to put this little russian punk in his place (he’s got that look to him, like poor russian punk so naive kekeke). Victor is not dead, and if he returns to skating I want him to show that to everyone. I want to see how his experience with Yuuri and Hasetsu have impacted his skating.

Turning away from our lovely lovebirds for a second, I just wanted to babble about some other things that happened in episode 11

I just LOVE that JJ has someone like her by his side! I was so sad to see that he succumbed to pressure because I really liked him. Out of everyone, I never thought he’d be the one to get nervous and just crash. Watching his performance was so hard because someone so bright and confident and just so HIM was falling. I’m so glad he semi-got his bearing back but because it’s a competition, it was too late

Also, is it just me or did everyone just suddenly discard this lovely Canadian jerk when Otabek appeared? All I ever see is people preferring Otabek and kinda making fun that JJ is the straight guy…



Also, it really irritates me that Yakov made this comparison because I keep remembering the encounter at the beach between these two. Plus, I just don’t like Yurio to begin with. Someone on Twitter asked me why and I’m just, what’s there to like about him??

Yes, I admire his skating prowess and his dedication, but that’s all he has in my eyes. He was introduced as this rude kid, he keeps insulting Yuuri (but they did have that katsudon scene but then he also might have called him incompetent when he was with Victor), like what has poor anxiety filled Yuuri ever done to you? Cheer you on during your performance that’s what

His confidence, while admirable, is just a tad too much. Makes me wonder why he’s always bashing on JJ since they’re pretty similar in a way. Except JJ isn’t violent

Also, I’m glad he beat Victor’s high score because that just means Victor will have to teach him how it’s done and keep him off his throne once he’s back to skating

Episode 11 was really something and I’m not sure how to feel right now. Will there be a second season? I hope so, I expect it (what sports anime has not had a second season?!). And if there is a second season I expect Victor back on ice because he just looked so inspired, watching everyone skate. Plus, who doesn’t feel better after a break?


I am worried about Yuuri though, since he did say this season was his last chance!! But maybe he can be convinced to go again? I mean, Victor is still skating and he’s older than Yuuri so it’s not like his age would be the problem right? YOU KNOW, it would be totally funny if Yuuri wasn’t the main main character but Victor and season two was all Victor’s POV.

Ughhh more thoughts on YOI in the coming months! I’ll be writing up that final review for next week as well (not sure if I’ll just leave it for the weekend or aim for Wednesday)


15 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice episode 11: the end is near…

  1. I am completely in love with these characters at this point and feel that wherever next week goes it is still going to be my top anime moment in 2016. I kind of hope there isn’t another series as I would really like this to tell the story it had to tell and then let it end.

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  2. I stopped reading halfway (gomen!) I still haven’t watched the episode and I can already feel the ‘feels’ by reading this review so I’ll go check it out first then go back here. I might start hyperventilating (which isn’t good since I’m still at work.) Ja!

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  3. I personally believe that Yuuri still has a decent chance at gold. After all, wasn’t Phichit in 4th after the short program in the Cup of China (I’m too tired to fact check myself), and he did end up winning first!

    I personally feel like the shows creators knocked out JJ for a reason, most likely to conveniently get rid of Yuuri’s most formidable opponent.

    We’re seeing everything through Yuuri’s eyes. So naturally, the view we have of Victor, is gonna be slanted towards Yuuri’s assumptions.

    So maybe Victor’s “desire to return to the ice” is being projected onto him by Yuuri. Like I mean, Victor did quite literally refer to his career as something “holding him back” in ep11, and in ep10 he said he’d been neglecting his life and love, in favor of skating.

    Remember, we were all duped into think Yuuri’s a mediocre skater, by he’s pov, when he is in fact one of the top 6 skaters in the world, and most likely #1 in Japan.

    I am eager to see how the last episode plays out, and I have faith that all will end well between Yuuri and Victor.

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    • I think they did the same!! Which sucks because I really like JJ ;-;

      i actually didn’t think of the POV! :000 but i also think that even if he were seeing it, they’ve gotten close enough where it wouldn’t be so slanted? like, he’d be able to read him better? plus i never got the impression that victor disliked skating and since yuuri is now part of that skating (and so is everyone else) it just felt like he would miss it? since there’s something exciting now (lol, i could be so wrong but we did only get that one ep in his pov)

      yes!! i actually spent so long thinking yuuri wasn’t a very good skater until someone pointed out his profile in like ep1 xD

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  4. Feels train is real and we have it 😭😭😭😭👌
    The L word parts killed me, rip me
    I’m so glad the director is already in talks to make season 2, I want a season for all the boys, PLS DO IT
    Ohgod, that scene when Viktor has his back to him and enjoys and smiles at seeing the other skates just murdered me
    Omg, that scene super shook me, Viktor was so serious and when he grabbed his face I for sure thought they were gonna pop a ring right there and duel 😹😹😹
    If Viktor returns to skating, Yurio is gonna get the whoop of his life 😹
    I like Yurio but mostly because we see his life wasn’t easy and all he had to keep going for him was a chip in his shoulder, and he’s finally opened himself to Yuuri and smiled and all that, sobs in happy
    I do hope Yuuri doesn’t stop skating but he keeps saying it’s his last so he might want to retire regardless of outcome 😦

    Liked by 1 person

        • Can we just get their life story?!?! And their pre-Victuuri life story?!?! LOL god, I would love something like Honto Yajuu but for Victuuri, just let me see them during their everyday lives :”D


          • Oooohyeeees! I want it so bad
            Twink Viktor and teenage Yuuri pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
            Sobs grossly at u
            Same, i want them eating, sleeping, cooking, going on fun trips, and etc, like we saw on the show, without the ice skating and being lovedovey 🙏🙏🙏🙏

            Liked by 1 person

              • YES
                FUCK THE HATERS
                GIMME YES PLS ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

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  5. AHHHH i absolutely loved this episode of yuri on ice! it really showed the depth to the characters as opposed to the fluff we usually see in the other episodes!

    i love your blog and how you blog both about books and anime! i hope to start doing that in the new year on my blog!

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