[Progress] I finally bought the house!

I have no idea how I did it but I finally bought the manor in Solitude and added all the furnishings in one go! Unfortunately, it only has the options of my room, my kid’s room, living room, dining area, kitchen, patio, enchantment area, alchemy area, and I think that’s it…

I really wanted the one where you can do the ore stuff (smelter I believe) but I think I need to build the house from scratch if I want that option. I remember I did that when I played on the 360 but the location was just so inconvenient (lol)

Achievement Unlocked: Married, get married

Also, fyi, I am now married! Yup, this person here is no longer on the market, sorry everyone (HAHA). And the lucky (or unlucky) person who got to marry me was Ysolda!

SO. I was initially going to marry this other character named Lisette (I wonder why) but the option for marriage never came up and she didn’t really say anything that made me think she was interested. But whenever I went to Whiterun (where my first house was at), Ysolda would always be like “It’s a fine day with you around” and I was like, mmmm maybe her?

It turns out that even when I already had the Amulet of Mara, I still had to go to Riften and speak to one of her followers about marriage before the option was given to me. So yeah, I got married and once I bought the house in Solitude we moved out there!

Achievement Unlocked: Proud Parent, adopt a child

Not going to lie, this is one of my favorite things in the game: the family. I get the achievement for only adopting one but since I’m allowed a max of two, I take a girl and a boy (gosh this image is dark).

But it’s really hard! When you go to the orphanage and you can only take two and all the other kids are like, adopt me! I’d take you all but the game only let’s me take two…

Since I started playing the game, I knew I was going to get these two so I stored up on treats, toys, and clothing for them. Now I just have to move it over to the manor.

Also, I found them outside one day and Solitude has like three kids running around. Sometimes they ask me if I want to play tag and before I left I checked to see if they would all play. They don’t! The Solitude kids just walk around my kids and my kids just get out of the way or keep walking, so sad

Achievement Unlocked: Outlander, traveled to Solstheim

The plan was to finish off the Companions quest, start with the Dark Brotherhood, and then do the Thieves Guild but that’s not exactly what happened. Instead I started the Thieves Guild first (without finishing the Companions yet) because I felt my sneak was high enough where I could do their jobs.

But now I’m stuck again. I don’t think my character is weak but it’s not Strong, and I need it to be because dying every time you want to do a quest sucks (lol)

And so aside from getting money from my wife’s shop, I also do these little quests from the Thieves Guild and one of them lead me to¬†Solstheim, where I need to steal 500 gold’s worth of items. I’m a little stuck though, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to steal because I went inside this manor and took quite a few things but none of them seemed to count towards the 500.

I ended up going back home because I was carrying too much (I’d just fought a dragon and forgot to leave those bones behind!) so I figured I’d continue that quest later. In the meantime, I also got the achievement Explorer when I went to Solstheim, which means I’ve discovered 100 locations!

But yeah, that’s what I did today. Not much in terms of making my character stronger but quite a bit in achievements and restoring my money!

Progress: 16/75

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