[Progress] Skyrim is taking over my life again…

If you follow me on my Twitter, chances are you’ve heard me mention Skyrim quite a bit lately! Well, it’s because I’ve been playing a little (or a lot) each day since the remastered (?) edition came out~

Guys, meet my character Senkka, a Dark Elf. For some reason I’ve always played Elder Scrolls as a woman while other games I use a guy. I also always choose the Dark Elf (because they’re COOL). In oblivion I called my character Penelope and the two times I played Skyrim on my 360 I also called her Penelope.

Figured I’d change things up since I was playing on a PC now ^^ Also, that’s my house behind me (Breezehome in Whiterun because I’m saving up for the Manor in Solitude)

Right now I’m mainly focusing on doing Companion and side quests because I like to leave the main quest for last. I also decided on the Companions first because I don’t need any special skills like I would if I did another guild (like the Thieves Guild, I’d need sneak to do things properly/get full pay). I think I’ll be doing the Dark Brotherhood quests once I’m done with these

That’s Aela the Huntress from the Companions. She’s sent me out to destroy the Silver Hand, and I think to collect the fragments of Wuuthrad but I decided to hold off on that quest because…

I’ve got some 23,000+ gold so I’m SO CLOSE to finally buying that manor in Solitude. Once I buy and fix it up I’ll get me two kids and get married (though I’m trying to get married before that so I can get that MONEY lol). I heard that once I get married my spouse can set up shop and I can give them stuff to sell so that’s my goal!

Surprisingly my character is coming along well. In Oblivion I focused on destruction magic because who doesn’t like fire powers? I also used Light Armour but this time I changed things up. I’m using Heavy Armour (why? Idk, it just happened) and focusing on my bow/arrow and single hand weapons. I’ve never liked the two-hand stuff so I’m keeping away

I’m also pretty decent at the sneaking aspect, which I was sure I would suck at, but there was this mission where I had to find the Khajit guy who had me put out the lighthouse light. My sneak improved so much from that mission and I only died…once? maybe twice.

When I first played Skyrim I had to tell my brother to finish the quest for me (LOL)

And like Oblivion, my goal is to get all 75 achievements!

Progress: 8/75 (11%)

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