Fall 2016 First Impression [Part 1]

I was debating on how long I should wait before I wrote this post up but figured now would be a good time! I’m going to leave YOI for last because I already wrote up a quick “impression” when the first episode came out. And believe me, I will be posting more about it even before the series ends! Plus, we do gotta leave the best for last right? 😉

I’ll be writing these impressions with the assumption you guys have at least checked out the first episode so there might be spoilers for at least that


status: dropped


So you guys remember how I said I wasn’t really expecting this to be anything interesting because of the summary and themes?

WELL, I was right. The first episode does very little to really capture my attention. We have four bloodivores robbing a bank (the ones in the above image), a car chase, a death trial, and really annoying boobs. I wasn’t really bothered by the bank robbery and was even interested in how they managed to break into the place, which looked all high tech and secure but as they escaped some things began to bother me.

Bloodivores wear collars around their necks in order to tell them apart from normal people and they also have some sort of GPS installed in them. During the escape, I was just thinking, why did her collar go off? Why did this white haired kid put her safety above everyone else’s? If you’re going to rob a bank as a group, shouldn’t there be some kind of loyalty, at least until the job is done? Why did white-haired dude run off with the girl knowing there would be no way to escape (because of the GPS)?

I guess it just bugged me how I don’t know anything about these two characters or their relationship but I’m supposed to go with the flow.

The beginning song was nothing impressive, the animation felt stiff, and overall I wasn’t impressed. I decided to drop this series.

All Out!!

status: continuing?

Ok, so this one wasn’t in my initial to-watch list but my brother said he watched it and thought it was ok so I decided to check it out.

From what the first episode has shown me, I’m there. I’m really liking it except for maybe the whole rugby part, which is why I’m not sure if I will actually continue this. I really like the characters. Gion is hilarious with his tough guy act but he’s all small and cute and adds sir and please to his senpai. Iwashimizu has a hard name to pronounce, is super tall (oh my hehe), and he’s SUPER CUTE. I love how I can look at him and recognize poses that I do or that I’ve seen others do.

.And oh my god that height difference you bet I’m shipping that 

The opening and endings aren’t anything special though I really like the art for the ending. As for the reason, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue…I feel this borders on bara and I’m not really into huge burly muscles. That being said, I do really like how they make it a point to say that any body type is welcome to the sport and we already see that with some of the cast: Iwashimizu is super tall and lanky looking, Gion is really short, Sekizan is tall and built, and Hachioji is chunkier but built.

I’ll be checking out the next episode for sure but not sure how much I’ll be following or if I’ll drop halfway.

Kiss Him, Not Me

status: dropped

For some reason, I hadn’t realized this was airing but when I saw it I knew I had to at least check it out. I’ve read manga by Junko before and thought they were cute and this one was fairly familiar. I think it was Daiyamanga who wrote a review about this manga a while back and I thought checking out the anime would be about the same.

So this series is about Serinuma, an avid fujoshi who likes to pair her classmates (and really any hot guys) up like she does her 2D baes. After she watches an anime and her favorite character dies, Serinuma refuses to leave her room for one week and even ends up losing enough weight that when she goes back to school nobody recognizes her. Basically, she went from human cushion to cutest girl in class with a harem.

I was initially giggling about how Serinuma was portrayed because I seriously saw some fujoshi traits I have (pairing guys with little to no reason, preferring two princes instead of a prince/princess, debating who is the top/bottom in a relationship), but at the same time, I was also offended. I felt it went overboard and then the whole weight/change in attitude thing (for example, why make her fat to begin with? that really threw me off considering she’s thin in the image above)

It really stepped on my toes so I decided to drop it halfway through the first episode.


status: continuing

The preview for this series left me pretty confused but after watching the first episode I was convinced I need to check more out!

The series follows Suzuko who has come back to her hometown after moving when she was a child. When she returns, she feels isolated from her classmates and her home situation doesn’t make it better. The only hope she has is finding her childhood friend Chinatsu, who she lost contact with soon after moving away. She tries locating her via the last mail address she had but finds that nobody know where her family went.

One day, Suzuko decides to learn a card game called WIXOSS in order to make friends at school. Unfortunately for her, the cards have chosen her as a Selector and now she must battle other Selectors if she wants to retain her memories of Chinatsu.

Don’t worry guys, it’s better than what I make it seem like (lol). I really like the animation and the whole childhood friends aspect. That was actually the reason I decided to check this out! I’m pretty excited how this will pan out since we do learn that Chinatsu was also chosen and is under a lot of financial stress.

If I had to say something bothered me it would be the static moments that just cut through. Kind of like when you would take off the antenna or cable from your TV and it would make this really shhh noise (you know, back in the day when you could use TVs like this). I didn’t like how it disrupted scenes. I also wasn’t too convinced about Suzuko’s first battle, especially after she decides that yes, she will battle. Like, I was sure she didn’t know the rules so how’d she play so well?

I will be continuing this one!

Yuri On Ice



This was me for the first two episodes like holy moly please shine this brighter upon this sinner (Shine even brighter!! SHHH go away scryed)

If you don’t know what this is about…well, I’LL TELL YOU.

It’s about this guy named Victor who, whenever he’s on screen, the rating just automatically bumps up to Mature/18+/NSFW because he likes to show 20-year-olds his nude body, ask them to sleep together, sleeps naked, does the wink every 5 seconds, tries to not so subtly ask if they have a girlfriend/love interest/ex, and touches their lips real close and gazes heatedly into their eyes ‎(rawr~)

Oh and they also ice skate. In really nice tight get-ups

ANYWAYS, the animation is gorgeous. I mean, have you guys seen Victor’s skin? It shines All.The.Time. When they do the ice skating it’s really smooth, which is something I’d been worrying about because sometimes stuff looks stiff and bad. No worries here though! Obviously, I like the gay vibes I’m getting from this and the social media! That’s actually my favorite second favorite part of all this. In the ending credits we get an instagram feel, during the episodes we get youtube and they mention retweets. Even in the second episode Victor is all about taking pictures and uploading them on his instagram.

HASHTAG NINJA (I loved this scene so much)

As you guys can see I’m completely in love with this series and how funny it is.

In terms of what I’m not really enjoying…I’m not a total fan of the opening, which everyone apparently loves. I like the song, it’s nice that it’s in English and I can sing it, but the actual visuals are very…repetitive. I feel like it could have been better. I’m also not a fan of the whole Russian vs. Japanese Yuri. It’s so hard to tell them apart like this and even the characters are like ‘let’s rename you as Yurio.’ I’ve heard that Yuuri is Japanese Yuri and Yuri is the Russian one but I’ve also heard the opposite…SIGH

I won’t touch the whole piggy stuff from episode 2 but let’s just say I’m not completely immune

p.s. Dear TG fans, I’ve finally found Hide. He was cast into YOI and that’s why he hasn’t appeared in TG. Let’s get our fill of him here!

And that is all for this part! I’m going to leave HQ and BSD for part 2 since those are sequels and I still have to finish Haikyuu…I also did check out one of the female sports anime…I’m not sure if I’ll actually write up a first impression for that.

Out of curiosity, what shows are you guys watching? Are there some that you recommend I check out? Any shows I should be on the lookout after the fall season? (It’s never too early to plan ahead lol)

11 thoughts on “Fall 2016 First Impression [Part 1]

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard a fair bit about the fat shaming in Kiss Him Not Me. I wasn’t that interested in the premise anyway, but now I’m not watching on principle. “Oh now you’ve lost weight *actually* you’re really cute.” 🙄😒 On the other hand, after really not being sure whether to watch WIXOSS, I’m starting to be persuaded by other bloggers’ first impressions.

    As I understand it, bara is full-on, often hardcore gay porn aimed at gay men. I wouldn’t say All Out falls into that ball (heh) park, this definitely comes across as being aimed at women. Because oh my goodness those guys are gorgeous and so cute together and aaaaaahhhhhh! ✨

    And even more aaaaaahhhhh Yuri on Ice aaaaaahhhhhmygod I don’t know if I can take much more of this. Russian Yuri (this really is gonna get extremely annoying) is one of the most beautiful and beautifully animated men I’ve seen in anime. Can’t top Hisoka in my eyes, but I bet even he wishes he could be that sleek and shimmery 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    • ugh i hated how that happened! and yeah, you should def at least check out an episode for WIXOSS :0

      oh yeah thats bara but i meant it in description to the characters (a lot of ppl i know use it that way too). so in yaoi the guys are more bishounen-like while in all out i feel they’re more “macho” what with them being burly and having so much muscle, compared to shows like Free or HQ so i described it as bara (also, i usually don’t take the target audience into acct bc a lot of ppl outside of that also watch) ^^;

      I’m actually not too fond of russian yuri even though everyone seems to like him? i mean, i don’t dislike him but there hasn’t been anything that made me think i should like him (lol). i actually had to lookup hisoka, i recognize him but don’t know where he’s from or anything xD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah I see, I get where you’re coming from now with the muscular characters. And I agree, target audience has nothing to do with who can enjoy a series. Everyone should be watching outside their demographic, I think. Anime’s a much smaller place without that freedom.

        Oh, he’s from Hunter x Hunter, my favourite anime, with one of my all-time favourite villains in Hisoka ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. In Kiss Him, Not Me’s defense, they do cover the weight issue (i.e. do they like her for her) a few times.

    But it still comes off as some kind of self-insert fanfic. I don’t get why so many people love this series. I still read the chapters on Crunchyroll just because, but I’m always like, “???? What am I missing???”

    Liked by 1 person

    • i guess with a start like that, even if they covered it I’d be like ‘but they didn’t talk to her before then so how can you say you do?’ type thing xD i think it’s probs because it IS a self-insert who knows

      Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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