Yuri On Ice!! My fujoshi heart needs more~

And the skating anime with the hot bishies is out and everyone I know is fangasaming over it or mourning the fact that they can’t watch right this instant!

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Yuri on Ice follows our main character Yuri Katsuki, a 23 year old who has been ice skating since he was a child, as he tries to win at the Grand Prix Finale in hopes of standing on equal grounds with his childhood hero Victor Nikiforov, the very lewd and proclaimed ‘living legend.’ After losing in the GPX, however, Yuri ends up going home, completely depressed and not sure of what to do next.

And it doesn’t help that Victor has shown up at his family’s hot spring inn after his friend’s children uploaded a video of him copying one of Victor’s routines! (or does it? 😉)

Is this guy not absolutely adorable?! Don’t you just want to grab him, hug him, and pinch those adorable cheeks?! Because I do. This here is our lovely and beautiful main character Yuri~

He’s 23 (finally a character who is in my age range!) who has flubber (his mom is really cute too), isn’t sure what he wants to do after college, and has a Major Crush on Senpai. So Major he copies Victor’s routines from age kiddie to adult, ends up getting a poodle when he finds out Victor has one (also names him Victor), and has tons of posters of Victor in his room. He may also blush A LOT when he sees the man, no homo (HA). But seriously, the amount of emotion in his eyes when he sees Victor or when he’s ice skating, beautiful

I’m bringin’ sexy back

Them other boys don’t know how to act 

I think it’s special, what’s behind your back 

So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack~

OK, it’s getting hot in here with Victor in the club, look at his glowing skin, those pecks, the curve of his spine, them thighs that have been cut from this image and don’t even get me started on his bootehhh /fans self/ I totally get Yuri’s crush

This guy flaunts his bod like omgtakemetochurch and the sin will never wash awaaaaay~ Stare at him for .2 seconds too long and he’ll Sense It. Turns to you, smiles all cute, and offer a commemorative photo. He also likes to wink at the paparazzi and touch 23 year olds in…very distracting ways :^)

And this is only in the first episode!! Gosh I think I’m in love!

13 thoughts on “Yuri On Ice!! My fujoshi heart needs more~

  1. Holding myself back from watching because I prefer watching a series after it’s finished and then this review comes up. It’s too much! I’m now ready to leave my watch list to break my rules for once! (Twitter’s all over this since it aired!)

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    • ahhh! i know what you mean but i just had to check it out and ive already watched it twice plus skimmed through it for this impression, it’s SO GOOD, i already know i’m going to be devastated when it ends

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  2. This was one of my most anticipated shows of the season and even though it’s a little goofier than I expected, I loved every minute. This episode made me so happy I was afraid I might just burst. So glad other people are swooning over it too!

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  3. Yas, praise the Gays on Ice anime! NIPPLES, CRIMSON, HE HAS NIPPLES
    It also made me break my rule of “no ongoing, or airing” anime/manga, so I suffer for more T_T

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