[Review] Whispered Words by Takashi Ikeda

If you know me, I’m a big fan of yaoi but recently I’ve been meaning to check out something different and a yuri/romance filled manga title seemed to fit the bill.Whispered Words is a nine-volume series by Takashi Ikeda and was published in a three-volume English translation by One Peace Books. I’ll be talking about the first volume only, which is 472 pages long!

Murasame and Kazama have been friends for a year, ever since Kazama transferred in, and accidentally revealed she likes girls. Immediately isolated and treated as a pervert, Murasame took it upon herself as class representative to befriend Kazama.

A year later Murasame finds herself in love with Kazama and unable to confess her love. Why? Because Kazama only likes cute girls and Murasame with her tall physique, black belt status, and poor sense in fashion is anything but cute.

Considering the history I’ve had with yuri manga and my endeavors to expand into the yuri realm, I’m really happy that I accidentally stumbled upon this manga. Otherwise, I would have given up completely on the genre.

At the beginning of the story, Kazama explains that she’s fallen in love with someone again to Murasame. Murasame takes in all the details like routine, and like a true friend, tells Kazama that this will only end in heartbreak because what “normal girl” would fall in love with another girl? Of course, ever the optimist, Kazama thinks things will be fine, which we learn later on is not the case.

In terms of characters, I really enjoyed the perspective we get from Murasame, just because Kazama is a little too ditzy and falls in love too quickly. We learn that Murasame and Kazama while best friends have only known each other for about a year. Still, with the way they act, you’d think they were childhood friends.

I really enjoyed the devotion that Murasame has for Kazama, even though I thought it was a little strange at first. For example, when Murasame found out that Kazama only liked cute girls, she immediately quits her martial arts lessons, which completely destroys her father’s dreams of having her take over their dojo. There were also moments where a single command from Kazama will have Murasame coming back or even cooking a meal, which she fails at even more than me! I mean, at least, my food doesn’t explode…

Other adorable moments include them thinking about each other when they’re separated, waiting on each others’ calls, giving each other longing gazes when they can’t hang out, and Murasame expecting to see Kazama in a bikini.

Aside from the main characters, we also have Tomoe and Miyako, two girls in the same school that Murasame and Kazama spied kissing in a room. In the end, the four of them (along with a mysterious Akemi Yamasaki) try to make a club called the Girls Club where only girls who like other girls will be allowed to join. Later on, we’re also introduced to Azusa, a hardcore yuri fan who writes fanfiction, original stories, and sells them at Yuri Fest, and Charlotte, a German transfer student who becomes Murasame’s apprentice in karate.

The only complaint I have for this story is that it does get a bit stale in some places. For example, my least favorite scenes include the ones related to Azusa and Charlotte because I don’t feel any kind of connection to those characters. I don’t want to read about them, I want to read about our protagonists! Of course, it’s these side characters that make Kazama realize her feelings for Murasame are changing.

The art is also really nice. I can’t think of any scenes that particularly stuck out to me but just how simple and clean everything is really gave me a push into checking this manga out. However, if manga isn’t your thing, I do know that this series has an anime. It looks completely identical to the manga art and the few clips I saw on Google did match accurately with what happened in the manga.

I will definitely be continuing this series and recommend it!

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7 thoughts on “[Review] Whispered Words by Takashi Ikeda

  1. The only yuri I’ve been able to get into was Girlfriends (which was real cute and sweet, you might want to check it out to see if it’s your type) and Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu, which was more graphic but very tasteful by the mangakas of Princess Princess/Love Stage, so this sounds like another nice addition! (^v^)

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