yes I’m playing Pokemon GO too

When Pokémon blew up and was released in the US, I told myself I wasn’t going to play it for some weird reason. I stayed put for a few days (maybe a week or two), as I saw my Twitter and Tumblr feed blow up with screenshots and fanart about the game, all before I caved and downloaded the game. Now it’s become part of my daily routine…

After work I spend about an hour going Pokémon hunting and I pretty much have a route set. I go through two little streets before stopping at the Pokéstop at my local library. There’s another at the church right across the street from my brother’s high school, two more at these churches I would never have found had I not gotten lost, three at a local park, three more near City Hall, and one at the historical society right by my house. 

In the afternoons, around 7-7:30PM my brother, my mom, and I walk around town until nearly 10PM just hunting and collecting at Pokéstops. My mom is seriously taking advantage of the fact that this game requires walking. Just yesterday she came to my room and was like, “hey you wanna go walking?” and who am I to say no? Haha

So far I’m a level 14, thanks to one trip to downtown Chicago, which landed me with a few new Pokémon, 100+ regular Pokéballs, and 76 super Pokéballs. I have never had so many items in my bag and I probably had to empty out my stuff five times!

Right now my greatest accomplishment and major goals is to get as many Eevees as possible and evolve them (fun fact: i call it digivolve because I’m a digimon person : P) I’ve only just managed to get enough Eevee to get a Vaporean but I’m crossing my fingers for the other forms! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Aside from my Eevee goals, my strongest Pokémon is Hypno at 850CP, which isn’t much considering other people’s Pokémon are above 1000CP. I also only started getting higher level catches, somewhere in the 300 range. I don’t know too much about the basics of this game but I’d like to see if evolving a Pokémon at 300+CP will yield a stronger evolution than (let’s say) a 14CP.

There seems to be an abundance of Drowzees everywhere I go so I’m going to use them for this little ‘experiment’ lol

Aside from wondering about CP and hunting, I’m also hatching eggs. I had been getting a lot of these and never really knew what they were for (or how to hatch them). Then I saw on Twitter that people were saying something about walking a certain amount of distance so that eggs could hatch. I finally got around to obtaining incubators and so far I’ve hatched about 5 eggs.

I’ve gotten Jinx, Magnemite, Ponyta, Slowpoke, and Tangela. I can’t remember if I got Poliwag as well or if I just caught that one…and right now I’m waiting on another 10Km egg!

We’re planning another trip to Chicago to catch more stuff but my youngest brother goes to camp on the weekdays so we need to find a day on the weekend that fits. It’s a little hard considering my mom doesn’t want to go out there late and I work weekend, but we’ll find something!

In the meantime I need to get more incubators because I’m on my last one!

Overall, I’m really enjoying this game even though all one does is walk, catch Pokémon, and fight at gyms. I’ve never really been a fan of games where you need to do things at a certain pace so this falls right into my category of fun. I can play it whenever I have time and I don’t have to worry about sucking because who’s going to see me fail? I still haven’t fought at a Pokégym because all my Pokémon are weak but I plan to soon!!

I’ve also been active since I started playing. I always hate going to the gym or doing exercise for the sake of being healthy because ughh how boring! But GO makes doing healthy things fun and I’ll just walk for hours with my family and not notice it’s been hours (versus being at a gym for 2 hours would feel like an eternity)

It might not be much but considering I was ZERO active before, I think this is a great improvement!

AND I just love that GO is this game that everyone is playing because it makes me feel like not a weirdo for playing it. At work I’ll talk with my coworkers about something I’m legitimately interested and passionate about, I talk to new people, and when I see people huddled near buildings on the street we can just nod our heads because hey bro

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