My (mis)Adventures at Colossalcon

After I got home from Fanime I knew my trip wasn’t complete. I got home, put my clothes to wash and repacked everything. I also knocked out for a whole day, which basically meant I had even less time to prepare.


Now, the reason I call this a misadventure is because I had less time to plan and therefore a lot of things went wrong…

  • I lost my driver’s license while in California. I have no idea where or when but it didn’t make it back with me to IL. I also thought I lost my ID but I ended up finding that in the wash. I drove out of town without a driver’s license and just prayed the cops wouldn’t stop me!
  • Because I last minute decided to go there was no vehicle for me to drive…we have so many cars at home and that Thursday everyone just happened to take them all. I ended up missing all of the Thursday morning and afternoon panels because I arrived at 10PM (which I suppose was OK, I mean, I didn’t miss the yaoi panel)
  • The only thing I knew about panels was that there’d be at least 4 yaoi related ones: Shipping Wars: There Will Be Yaoi (18+), How Do I Even Fanfic: YAOI Edition (18+), Yaoi After Dark (18+), A Yaoi Panel: Behold CORN! (18+). Everything else was a mystery to me, like, was there a Daiya meet? (there wasn’t lol)
  • Because it got really cold inside the convention center I would keep walking back and forth to my truck and I somehow ended up losing my keys. Turns out I left them inside the truck and I had to call someone to get them out…and it cost me $60 Orz Considering I was on a tight budget, this is what hurt the most
  • Because of the keys, I ended up missing one of the yaoi panels…
  • There was so much snoring in the room I was staying at I just wanted to pull out my hairs! (but I usually knocked out soon after because I wasn’t getting enough sleep, what with leaving early and coming back past 2AM)


At that point (the keys incident), I just wanted to go home because I felt like utter shit. I was so depressed because everything was just going horribly wrong and how could I forget those in there?! My mom was totally and completely right about the ‘if my head weren’t attached, then I’d lose that too’

But of course, it was only the start of the convention and I ended up cheering up and having a lot of fun!

I ended up seeing a couple Daiya cosplayers, which is always the highlight of my convention adventures! If you guys were following me on Twitter, you might have noticed I ‘saw a Miyuki cosplayer’ but I never found them after I glimpsed at them (because of the key incident). Part of me wonders if maybe I’d seen a 20 instead of a 2

Overall, most of the Daiya cosplayers I found were at the dealer’s hall (lately that’s one of the reasons I go to the DH/AA, to find cosplayers lolol)


I also got to see a couple My Hero Academia cosplayers (not as many as I would have liked BUT I’ll take what I can get lol). I think this Deku cosplayer was the first one I’d seen. At this point I was just walking around, trying to find something to do, and I saw him sitting down by the Holo there and just had to ask for a picture!

I did also find a couple Todoroki cosplayers and it was really funny. There was a Todoroki cosplayer in a black suit and they were saying that their current outfit got them even more photo asks than their previous one and I walked up to them then and was like ‘can I get a picture?! ♥)

Proved their point LOL


I did end up going to a lot of fan panels instead of guest panels at Colossalcon. One reason is because I’d already met the guests I wanted to see and another is that I didn’t know who the other guests were. I went to a couple Vic and Chuck panels but didn’t stay for long.

Some of the fan panels I attended were:

  • Anime Pictionary: I accidentally called out the answer when it was the other team’s turn (derp)
  • The Greatest Manga You’ve Never Read: The Deku cosplayer ran this one and I jotted down a couple titles, which I’d like to review in the future! Some non-yaoi titles for my non-yaoi audience 🙂
  • Haikyuu!! How to Volleyball: This gets an A++++++ score because I love volleyball and they took us out to the court to play! I also ended up winning a shirt (hehe)
  • A Bite Into Tokyo Ghoul: Honestly, I can’t remember if this was the ‘ask a character’ panel (I’m 90% sure it was) and if so it was OK. They had a game at the end that was a bit awkward because nobody knew what was going on. Apparently the audience were investigators and one of the panelists was a ghoul going around killing (other panelists). We had to figure out who it was. My guess was Tooru because they pointed at themselves before the game started. I don’t think we ever got the answer…also, this Tsukiyama cosplayer is from this panel!

I also went to three yaoi panels and they were all FUN! I even ended up participating in the yaoi jeopardy one and I failed because a white haired boy in a dystopian world?! Who could that be #derp (in my defense No. 6 is not a yaoi)

Other panels I attended included: Eating Your Feelings: A TG Discussion Panel, Level Up Your Cosplay, How Do I Even Fanfic, Cos-Fitness for Cosplay (my mom could have totally run this), Detective Conan 101: An Intro Into Case Closed, Cosplay Horror Stories, and more!


Aside from panels I also ended up going to two cosplay meets. One of them for Black Butler and the other for Food Wars! I honestly didn’t want to go but the lighting inside the convention center was really making me angry because none of my pictures would come out OK. Going outside and taking pictures of people out there was my only solution.

Personally, I did think it was too hot outside but I wasn’t out there for too long (and I got some really nice cosplay photos!)

This pretty much concludes my Colossalcon adventures. I really liked going out there because there was variety in the panels but it was also small enough where you could get autographs/tips and tricks from guests if you wanted to. The lighting was really a pain, especially when it’s me with a crappy phone camera.

Since it’s not so far, I would like to attend again next year and possibly buy something because I didn’t this time around but I haven’t decided yet 🙂



10 thoughts on “My (mis)Adventures at Colossalcon

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  2. I feel so evil laughing at your misfortunes, so I’m sorry. But they’re funny, although I know that they won’t be funny if they happened to me. Anyway, it seems that you really had quite the adventures.

    P.S. Great photos

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