My Hero Academia OST

GUYS! I want it so bad! Like, I WANT IT and I’m not really into music but it’s My Hero Academia, my new drug. And what does one do when they get addicted? Get lots and lots of MHA junk ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Just a preview of the songs that will be on the disc and it looks like it’ll be released July 13

Some tracks I instantly loved: Track 2 | Track 9 | Track 13 | TRACK 15 | Track 17 | Track 20 | Track 30 | Track 35. Track 23 sounds funny and I like it even though it’s so different from what I usually like

Preorders are already available on CD Japan with this warning Only 10 more copies available.

2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia OST

  1. MHA is THE new drug. Go get that soundtrack! I always hesitate when it comes to buying things from foreign sites (where the currency isn’t in US dollars), but if you can DO IT. I want the Rose of Versailles OST they recently announced with 70+ more tracks >.<
    And the Evangelion OST, and Aldnoah.Zero, and KILL la KILL, and Seraph of the End 2, and . . .

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    • i want it but ive just never ordered from that site so im a bit nervous to? i mean, everyone who has ordered from there says it’s good but im still hesitant (oh they give you the US equivalent on there)

      SO MANY RIGHT orz

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