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Trip to AX and Cosplay Plans

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I last posted anything on my blog, I’d like to apologize (you know, if anyone even noticed lolol).

You see, while at Fanime I met this cosplayer I’d met at the Daiya meet from Acen (guys, I totally didn’t stalk him) and we started talking for a bit. I randomly asked him what other conventions he was attending and he mentioned a few that (at this point) I can’t remember. For some reason though, one of them stuck and while being bored at Fanime I looked up Colossalcon.

Turns out Colossalcon is really close to my house (compared to Fanime) and I decided to go check it out. It just so happened to be the next weekend and about a dayย after coming home from California I left again, this time to Ohio!

When I finally came back I was busy trying to get my reviews out for UnimeTV and they’re done now, if anyone wants to read them! I’ll also be posting about Acen, Fanime, and Colossalcon here. Mostly showing you all the awesome cosplays and merch I got!

But alas, I must depart once more: I’m going back to California


AX is literally around the corner and a few months back my brother and I convinced my mom to a road trip to CA in that time. We were originally going to leave later this month so we arrived on July 1st but my dad decided it would be better if we got there a few days earlier and left for home on July 4th.

So yeah, I’ll be heading to CA on Saturday and probably won’t be online until the 27th (latest 28th). Signal is practically nonexistent when driving from CA to IL. My family hasn’t really talked about what route we’ll be taking but my dad mentioned wanting to go through Wyoming so we could stop by the park

Regardless of what route we take I’ll be taking lots of pictures and then uploading them…somewhere, I haven’t decided yet, so you can all look at nature haha

There might only be one more post forย the month of June (my AX plans) because I’m working on a cosplay outfit so there’s not much time for reviews! No I’m not going to cosplay for AX and I’m still not sure if I’ll even be using this once it’s done (if it gets done).

I’m doing Bakugou Katsuki’s hero outfit from My Hero Academia


I’d actually been meaning to make it for a long time now but it wasn’t until I went to Fanime and saw all the MHA cosplayers that I thought yes I’m going to make it

In just one day I was able to construct the basic shape of his gauntlets and figure out how to make the green grenade covers (idk what they’re actually called). Today I was hoping to get through the other gauntlet pieces (18 of the grenade coversย and the long latch on the side), his head piece, shoulder piece, and knee guards but police, passport, and DMV issues kept me away from my house for almost 5ย hours.

I know Matt asked if I had the outfit already purchased and my answer was that I was going to make everything. Ever since I decided I wanted to cosplay I knew that whatever I did would have to be made by me instead of bought and that’s what I’m doing now. I have no idea how to make clothes but I’m going to figure it out and it’s going to be epic LOL


I did post up pictures on my Twitter and Tumblr and once it’s complete I’d like to make a post about it here (like how I made stuff and just post pictures).

My youngest brother is about the same height as me now so I might have him model it for meย (I mean, he’s really rage filled so it’d be perfect for him haha)

Until July!

5 thoughts on “Trip to AX and Cosplay Plans

  1. Just don’t catch fire to the house with your rage-filled brother trying those gauntlets on! It’s lots of fun seeing the creative process and behind the scenes. To be honest, it makes me want to make my own cosplay, even if I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. AX is the beginning of July, right? Yikes! Work hard on that cosplay!

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