7 characters in boy’s love manga that give mothers a run for their money!

When people say “Mother’s Day,” usually the first things that come to mind are biological mothers and females who have taken up the role of a mother (caregiver), however, as our society continues to evolve the roles of mother and father have changed. What do we do when we have same sex relationships? Who is the “mother” and who is the “father”? What about children who are raised by older siblings or acquaintances?

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’ve come up with a list of male characters in the Boy’s Love realm that have either taken up the role of mother or who show potential in being a motherly figure. The list moves from people who have experience with children to people who have potential.

Oosawa Naoki

Oosawa was originally the “breadwinner” of his family, however, after his wife left him, he had to take up both roles. Not only does he go to work before Chizu wakes up, Oosawa also comes home as she’s waking up to make breakfast, finish the laundry, and take her to daycare. To finish off his day, he always makes sure to be home to make dinner and eat as a family.

Only Serious About You, 2 volumes 

Iori Kobayashi


Iori has three younger siblings and we can tell he’s their driving force when they all beg him to stay home once they find out he’s moving to Tokyo. They all go shopping together, play around, cook, eat, and (occasionally) sleep together. Moving to Tokyo, Iori finds, isn’t all that different as his roommate is a high maintenance man-child.

Caramel, 1 volume 

Haru Kaidou

Haru has a brother complex, as his ex-host coworker likes to call it. Everything he does is for the sake of his brothers. He worked long hours as a host to save up tuition money for twins Aki and Shima, suffered bites, scratches, and bruises to civilize Ren, and even bought a place for the four of them to live together like a family.

Super Lovers, 9 volumes (ongoing)



This one was a tough choice! Michio is basically the manliest looking from this list but considering Mei called him Michio-mama, I just had to add him. Having his roommate surprise him with the new addition to their “family” Mei quickly warms up to Michio with his enthusiasm, his care for her during the day (at the shop), and his overall caring demeanor.

Patchwork, Oneshot

Ryoumei Kousaka


Dedication just oozes out of Ryoumei as we see him dedicate his life to a single person without even realizing he’s doing it. While he looks rough and tough on the outside, it’s true that he likes creating healthy and specialized pastries for his loved ones, takes care of them when they’re sick, and can read the atmosphere enough to invite a lonely boy to have dinner with his family in hopes of cheering him up.

Bonds of Dreams, Bonds of Love, 4 volumes

Ruizaki “Rutta” Takao

Rutta is your typical fearsome delinquent who can punch a guy into oblivion and not feel a hint of regret. Of course, he’s also a pretty decent guy who panics over what Tama could have eaten to upset her tummy, brought Shimako out of the rain and kept her hidden in his dorm, created a training schedule for Kodama, and helps lost children to their moms.

Rutta to Kodama, 3 volumes 

Chinen Tougo


Tougo may look like he wants to kill you and you might fear for your life with just the sound of his name, but like all guys with killer looks, Tougo is the exact opposite. He looks out for people, tries to help them when they’re not sleeping enough, returns lost items to their owners, and he likes kitties (kitty bandaids, kitty wallet).

Mayoke no Darling, 1 volume

Originally this list was going to have 10 characters but as I started picking through my books and read section on MAL, I realized I don’t actually know of 10 motherly characters in BL, especially characters with children experience! Anyone have recommendations? I know I’m missing A LOT of people! ^_^

Also, I was originally going to only pick ukes because they’re the catchers but as I was picking them, semes tended to have more of a caregiver personality.

Until later~



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