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[Review] Okubyoumono ni I Love You by Sakura Riko

Since I left you all with an incomplete title last time, I thought I’d review one that was complete! More BL for you all~


Shougo has just moved to the city for University, however, his rebellious appearance and glaring face always make people fear him. He thinks people can tell he’s from the country and that’s why they don’t want to come near him (too high class for you bumpkin). One day he walks into a coffee shop and meets an angel named “Hina-kun,” who instantly notices his discomfort in ordering and helps him out. Since then he’s frequented the shop, until one day he finds out Hina has “quit” (fired)

Seeing as his only form of communication to his angel has disappeared, Shougo becomes depressed. On his way home, however, he finds Hina being harassed and he steps in to protect him. Luckily for him, he didn’t just look like a thug (LOL)


From the beginning I immediately connected with Shougo and no it wasn’t just because we both had stalker tendencies, but becauseΒ I’ve been judged incorrectly because of my facial expression before. I’m sure people who don’t smile have been in the same situation where people assume you’re angry. And while I don’t have people running from me left and right, they also don’t approach me for the same reason. It was that one thing that made me really like Shougo from start to end.

Especially considering he’s such a puppy~


The character that didn’t really convince me was Hina. His character just felt very flat to me. He was nice to everyone, people fell in love with him, and he rejected them with the excuse of ‘I’m allergic to love.’ When I read this in the summary I was really curious how they were going to pull it off but I wasn’t too impressed. Just some childhood trauma that lead to him being ‘allergic.’ I guess it’s the word allergic that I’m having more issues with than the actual fear he has of being in that type of relationship.

If anyone has seen Loveless (or read it), Yuiko rejects Yayoi by saying that her mom won’t allow her to date guys who are shorter than her. Then, when Ritsuka transfers in, the whole excuse comes out for what it really was, a rejection. This manga reminded me of that moment.


We also had two other characters that show up, Akio and Harumi. They’re both Hina’s childhood friends and know about his condition. I don’t really like Akio. He’s the type of person who will tell people your secrets when it’s not his secret to tell. His relationship with Hina is also really edgy, considering he has the hots for Hina but can’t say anything because that would ruin their friendship. (He claims he doesn’t like Hina but I know better)

I also think Harumi likes Akio and that makes me feel very sad. For one, Akio doesn’t really treat him well and heΒ likes someone else. Poor guy, he’s so nice too…when he gave Shougo some advice I was like, you’ve won me. Personally, this moment was the only one I saw where these characters really made an impact.

Eventually it follows the normal romance routine, especially after the characters end up together.


Overall this was a very cute and short read. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-read or amazing, because even the art style was only OK. Still, I’d say check it out if you need something to read. I know trying to find a BL manga that isn’t just PWP or cliche is hard to find. Okubyoumono ni I Love You definately falls into the cliche category with some fishy allergies, but at least it has some nice art, lol

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Okubyoumono ni I Love You by Sakura Riko

  1. I must admit the cover attracted me, so I might check it out. I love how you bring attention to small, more niche, less known series! I get to discover nice things thanks to you ( ˘ ³˘)❀
    I hope you never stop doing little spotlights like this ~(^Π·^)-β˜†

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