[Review] Omae wa Hitsuji by Takasaki Bosco

More yaoi for you all because why not? Unfortunately, this one isn’t complete but considering it’s at the 4 chapter mark, I’m guessing it’s not too far from the end point.


Sahara has lost everything in one night when a fire broke out in his apartment complex and only the saving grace of his friend Keigo kept him from sleeping outside. Keigo insists that Sahara stay at his place, forgetting to say that ‘his place’ is actually his older brother’s apartment. Sitting outside the apartment (like a stalker), Sahara goes into a panic when he’s glared down by a handsome man. 

Fortunately, Keigo arrives and explains the situation to his brother Masaki. Masaki agrees to let the younger boy stay with the condition that he brings no trouble. Sahara agrees, grateful, but it turns out this is a hard request to fulfill, especially when he’s asleep and tugging on the older man’s shirt.

The reason I decided to pick this title up was because it had an amazingly adorable cover! I just knew I’d like it, and like it I did 😀


In terms of characters I really enjoyed both protagonists. Sahara is your cute hard working student who just had the worst day of his life, but he doesn’t let this misstep bring him down. He immediately gets back into school life, gets a job (being Masaki’s assistant), and even starts looking for an apartment. He’s also got green eyes and brown hair!! Ah~ totally reminded me of Eren when I saw him in color, except more feminine 🙂

Masaki, on the other hand, is more masculine, taller, and underneath it all, softer. When we first met him I thought he’d be a prick (he just looked like that kind of seme) but throughout the story he tells Sahara that if he can’t do something on his own, it’s okay to ask others for help. And if he ever needs something off the top shelf, please ask him (snickers). He also offers Sahara a rather suspicious job: being his assistant and bedmate (aka. teddy bear). He’s considerate, likes to cuddle, and can tell when Sahara isn’t well *dreamy sigh*


We also had two other characters, Masaki’s brother Keigo and Masaki’s friend Edward. Keigo is pretty much useless and was only there to bring our two protagonists together. He’s hardly ever there, but when he does show up it’s for Sahara to take a 3 second refuge or to say he’s leaving the house (oh my, now that excuse flies out the window ≖‿≖). And Edward is there to cause trouble for our adorable couple. Personally, he should just go back to America by himself (Masaki has no need for you anymore!)

For the most part, this manga is filled with misunderstandings and worries. Sahara worries about Masaki not trusting him for some reason, he worries about being a burden, and what’s this about sleeping together as his night-time job?! Yes, Sahara sleeps with Masaki, or they try to at least. And I mean legit sleep since Masaki has some kind of insomnia problem.


In terms of sexytime we do get a very erotic scene of a handjob (a censored one of course), but it looks like a full blown sex scene might be coming up in the next chapter, since Keigo will be out of the apartment ԅ( ԅ)

Ah, my to-buy titles keeps expanding~!

I did see another title by Takasaki Bosco but it didn’t look all that great so I’ll be skipping it. Maybe next time if I need something to read 😛

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3 thoughts on “[Review] Omae wa Hitsuji by Takasaki Bosco

  1. I really, really like that cover, it looks so cute! I’m gonna add it to my MAL, so I can read it once it finishes. I really like the art, and the story sounds cute too. Thanks for talking about it, I had no idea about this one ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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