[Review] Wakabaryou De, Kimi To by Ayu Sakamoto

Having read Ote o Haishaku yesterday, I was expecting something really fun for Wakabaryou De Kimi To, unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.


Wakabaryou De, Kimi To is a one volume story that revolves around the romance of three different couples at an all boys school. We start off with Hidaka and Higuchi, two guys that have been roommates for a while now. Higuchi starts off as our typical flirt, except that he can’t seem to keep a girl for more than a few days.

Early on, Higuchi comes home and tells Hidaka that he was dumped again. Trying to cheer Higuchi up, Hidaka tells him that if he were a girl, he’d totally date Higuchi.


Out of the three couples, this one gets the lowest rating from me since there was hardly any passion. There were some tense moments where Higuchi didn’t know what to do when Hidaka confesses, but afterwards they get together and that’s all. I was hoping to see some cute scenes, possibly see them flirt, or even have Hidaka get jealous (he does but it wasn’t anything impressive). It’s probably because Hidaka doesn’t have facial expressions.

Wanibe x Sayama


The second story focuses on Higuchi’s friend Wanibe who we met in the previous story, and how he falls for his new roommate. Sayama comes from a wealthy family and as soon as he walks into their shared room we can tell he’s rich. He asks about the beds being stacked, why the toilet is in the same room as the bath, and then he shivers at having to use the shower with others.

Usually the rich type are the snobby characters, but here Sayama is the cute overprotected child. Compared to Wanibe’s more “gruff” appearance (he’s got a beard, that’s gruff right?), we have a pretty moe themed couple (author’s intentions). I give this couple a slightly higher rating than the first for two reasons.

First, I really liked how forward they were about their feelings once they kissed. There was no fumbling of ‘oh god I’m gay?!’ and ‘this can’t be happening.’ It just happened and I was glad for that simplicity, especially considering the limited page count. The second reason is because shy Sayama put effort into getting closer to Wanibe. It was so adorable!

Kirino x Shima


And lastly, we have my favorite of the three couples: Kirino and Shima! If you read Caste Heaven then maybe hearing Kirino here could trip you a bit, I know I stumbled, haha. Shima is possibly the only character that we see throughout the manga. He would interrupt Higuchi and Hidaka when they were trying to talk things out, he introduced Wanibe to his new roommate, and then he gets his own romance story.

At first I was slightly confused. I thought Shima was a student, but it turns out he’s actually working at the school so he’s at least a year or two older than the students. He did attend the school before he graduated and that’s where things start and end.

Shima is afraid of being in a real relationship, since his last one ended when his ex graduated. His ex had been sneaking into his room for a while but one day he accidentally dropped the key and it was picked up by Kirino. Taking advantage, Kirino blackmails Shima and they enter into a friends with benefits relationship. And like many friends with benefits relationships, things turn into real affection and love.


Except that Shima refuses to believe anything will change.

This couple gets a passing grade because they look so hot together (!), they have more feeling than the other two (even if it’s sadness and frustration), and overall there was just more. In the previous stories, everything ended as soon as the couples formed and I really wanted to see what happened afterwards. With Shima and Kirino we get to see a little bit of that.

This book could have done much better if it had kept to one or two pairs. It was really hard to connect with the couples since they switched immediately after they reached their ‘happy ending.’ The art was a bit stiff and the characters didn’t stand out much (except for the last two, glasses and bad boy look). There were also moments where I was like, how are you just accepting this? So realism had to be put on hold.

I did prefer Ote o Haishaku

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