[Review] Wakabaryou De, Kimi To by Ayu Sakamoto

Having read Ote o Haishaku yesterday, I was expecting something really fun for Wakabaryou De Kimi To, unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.


Wakabaryou De, Kimi To is a one volume story that revolves around the romance of three different couples at an all boys school. We start off with Hidaka and Higuchi, two guys that have been roommates for a while now. Higuchi starts off as our typical flirt, except that he can’t seem to keep a girl for more than a few days.

Early on, Higuchi comes home and tells Hidaka that he was dumped again. Trying to cheer Higuchi up, Hidaka tells him that if he were a girl, he’d totally date Higuchi. Continue reading