[Review] Ote o Haishaku [Chap 1 -2] by Ayu Sakamoto

Whenever I go through Yaoi titles, I find it hard to pick something to read. What if it’s only the cover that looks nice? What if the plot is just SO bad (because it’s usually not that good)? What if I can’t get behind the characters (jejeje)? Well, I took a chance today and opened up a few titles. Unfortunately, my internet’s being a douche today and everything is loading slowly. Still, I found a completely adorable one!

Unfortunately, my internet’s being a douche today and everything is loading slowly. Still, I found a completely adorable one! Anyone have a hand kink? Anyone? Or am I the only one? 😉


Arimura loves hands, gets excited when he finds a particularly beautiful pair and has chosen to be a ring maker to follow his love of hands. While at the library one day, one of his seniors, Yuasa, accidentally touches Arimura’s hand while they’re reaching for the same book, “What a beautiful thing, his hand!”

So far there are only two chapters out but I am completely in love! Arimura’s attitude is completely honest, as he pesters Yuasa to please let him take pictures, make a sketch, make a sculpture of his hands (Yuasa refuses the last request)! When they meet up Arimura greets the beautiful pair, he can tell Yuasa exactly what he finds beautiful about them, and he’s even thinking about what kind of ring he’d make to enhance their beauty.


There’s honestly nothing really outstanding about Arimura but his character type is one of my favorites. When he’s so excited I can’t help but be excited as well and when he’s on his knees apologizing to Yuasa because yes he totally overstepped his bounds (no please continue, I’d like to see more ≖‿≖) I feel like he better be forgiven because if not what kind of devil are you!?

Yuasa is his complete opposite. When we first meet him he’s got his ‘not my business’ type attitude that we later learn is his way of protecting himself from perverts. He doesn’t outright reject Arimura’s company but he finds Arimura’s fascination to just his hands confusing.

Personally, I find Yuasa’s character design to be really simple. There were a few places where I could see what everyone meant about him being pretty but maybe I just need more of his POV to really start liking him (not that he’s not nice to look at with his grumpy face).


There haven’t been any (real) intimate scenes ԅ( ԅ) but we aren’t exactly left without a taste. I was actually wondering who the seme might be between these two and for some reason I thought Yuasa might be but after thinking things through, I decided to pick Arimura. Especially after I saw him get serious on his sketches.

His chibi and shaggy hair was replaced by a more serious look, his contours better defined, he’s got dark hair, and he’s taller than Yuasa. Yes, dark hair is a valid argument!

Overall, I really enjoyed the first two chapter, Arimura was a fun main character, I’m curious to learn more about Yuasa, the art is beautiful, and I can’t wait to read more. And as I wait, I’ll be checking out more of Ayu Sakumoto’s works!

Depending on how this pans out, I will might be buying this book 🙂

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