My Spring 2016 Lineup

Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a few people ask me about my spring anime lineup and I figured I’d write up a post about it now. I usually do but this time I’m rather behind, constantly forgetting that stuff is ending (you’d think I’d realized we were nearing the end when I checked out the last episode of Erased).

But yes, I ended up checking out our new shows…only to double check and triple check. Why? Because there’s hardly anything that’s catching my eye! But let’s see what I have…

Super Lovers

This is probably the only show I’m super pumped for! It’s based on the manga by Miyuki Abe and is a boy’s love title. It follows Haru and Ren, two adoptive brothers who meet when Haru’s mother calls him to ‘civilize’ Ren in the mountains. Initially their relationship is rocky as Ren prefers to be out in the wild with the dogs, sleep with them, and run around barefoot, but Haru’s persistence starts to get through to Ren and the child begins to act more ‘human’.

A few years pass and Ren comes to Japan to live with Haru, who he learns, lost his memories of their time together in an accident.

Super Lovers is actually one of my all time favorite BL titles!

Bungou Stray Dogs

The only reason I picked this title for ‘check out this Spring’ is because the art looks pretty cool and the characters are to my taste, kekeke.

This follows Nakajima Atsushi who, after being kicked out of an orphanage, saves a man from committing suicide. He then learns that this man Dazai Osamu is part of a detective agency that takes on supernatural cases that the police can’t handle. Currently they’re hunting a tiger that’s been detected in the area ever since Atsushi appeared, and so Atsushi’s life is now tightly intertwined with that of this special detective agency.

And that’s really all I have for the Spring 2016 shows. I might watch other things once stuff starts airing and people start talking but as of now this is all I’m following.

I know there’s going to be the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie and a Case Closed one. Recently I’ve found myself going to watch a lot of the movies Funimation is releasing so maybe, if these come out in theatres I’ll check them out. Otherwise I’ll watch them…wherever they’re available.

Binge Watching

I also had Anon ask if I was going to binge watch any shows and yes, I am. There are a couple from this last season but also others that I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now.

Psycho Pass s1 + s2

I went and watched the movie in Theatres without finishing even the first season. I feel like I have to now, especially to see what happens with Akane and Kougame!


This is the one title my brother has been following religiously and he’s been telling me how AMAZING it’s been. For that reason I’ve been holding off on watching it

Daiya no A s2

Diamond no Ace: Second Season

It’s finally come to an end! Part of me is happy because I can just watch it through, but the other more emotional side of me is extremely sad. According to Shiroyuni, the anime has caught up with the manga and this season doesn’t end at Koushen so hoping that there’ll be a season 3 later on!

Haikyuu s2

Haikyuu!! Second Season

And the sports madness continues! I actually started watching this a while ago but didn’t actually continue but then last week happened and I watched some more. I really need to finish this! The battle between Karasuno and Aobajosai!

That’s all I can currently think of. There’s probably more stuff I’m going to be watching but for now, these will be at the top of the list!

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17 thoughts on “My Spring 2016 Lineup

  1. I am still sad about Daiya 😦 Season 3 will be a longgggg wait ><

    And I need to catch up on Haikyuu lol I can barely remember what happened in the first season. And I haven't caught up on the 2nd either haha. Been saving it up xD

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  2. Ooh, Psycho-Pass is a must-watch for sci-fi fans (wow, just used 3 hyphens, that’s cool). I’ve yet to see season 2, but season 1 was enough to leave my brain spasming and flooding over with perspectives on society. It’s the good stuff, trust meh.
    And I figured Super Lovers would be here…

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  3. i’ve been struggling to find a good anime that’s airing in spring 2016 – i aim to watch at least one that’s airing in the current season, each season! last season it was haikyuu s2 and this really silly comedy anime called sekkou boys, and i just started osomatsu-san as it ended airing. super lovers looks great though, i might give it a shot! all my friends will judge me for watching a BL though…ah well. it’ll be worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! I’m really hoping Super Lovers will be great and if you like it then I’d definitely check out Hakkenden: 8 Dogs of the East. It’s another series by the same creator 🙂

      That’s a pretty good goal, I usually start off by watching a lot of the new series but then end up either dropping them all (because I don’t want to wait) or suffering because why is it only 1 episode per week?! xD

      I hear a lot of people like Osomatsu, I started off liking it but it loses the humor for me pretty soon >.<

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  4. I am so freaking excited about Super Lovers! Ren is just so cute! I wonder how much will the anime cover. I hope we get to see atleast a few makeout scenes. Sighhh.
    I wanted to see Haikyuu so much but I have exams and stuff, so I’ll have to make do with Super Lovers for now.
    Its good to see more BL mangas getting an anime! Hopefully another one is in the making XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well in the manga it took FOREVER for them to even kiss so maybe it might not happen @_@ I know Doukyuusei is being done soon and I can’t wait to go watch it! 😀 I heard it’s airing in select theaters ~~


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