Crimson is Backing Vision of Escaflowne Kickstarter

I’m sure many of you guys have seen this Kickstarter by now, if not through Funimation then through Takuto’s recent blog post. I actually stumbled upon this news when Magnitude Reviews tweeted about it. Getting curious, because this series is one of my favorites/makes me super frustrated, I checked it out.


As you can see there are still 29 more days to go, however, this project is very nearly funded! I was checking out the tiers today and a lot of the big ones are starting to run out. The $5,000 tier was instantly gone and that one included getting a tour around Funimation, and getting to audition for a role in the new dub, as well as everything in the previous tiers.

But which one am I interested in?

I really want to get the $200 tier THE LOVERS, which includes the complete series, the movie collector’s edition box set, both the movie and series in Japanese audio, English Subtitles, and the new dub. A chipboard box with new art from the Japanese release, an art book, a to-be announced special item, bonus DVDs of the original dub, AND the soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi.

Of course, there are (as of 9:02AM, 3/1/16 CST) only 71 spots left for this tier! Which means I have to go deposit money into my account in an hour and fund this project, because who knows if it’ll still be available later on

Even with how enthusiastic I am about throwing my money at Funimation, I actually already own both the Escaflowne movie and the Vision of Escaflowne because why would I NOT? So should I really get this?

YES. I was thinking about this since I first checked out the kickstarter. I was thinking that maybe I could just fund a bit, just so that I can help this become a reality, but the truth is, I really want all this new Bluray junk with the art book and soundtrack and special goodies.

I also really wanted the poster but that’s $100 for something that would probably be lying around for a while, not to mention that I like getting the VA signatures myself and in this project they’re already provided.

I guess the only thing I’m afraid of is how the new dub will sound. I really like the old dub and even now I can hear Van in my head and I’m thinking there’s no way anyone can top that. I mean, I checked out the new Dub for Sailor Moon and still cringe at it, not because it’s bad (I wouldn’t know, only watched like 5 min or something) but because it’s so different from my childhood and I don’t want that to be replaced.

Stretch Goals

This project’s goal is for $150,000 and I see no way that this goal can’t be met, so listed in the description of the project are some stretch goals to consider.

  • 200,000: Part 1 will be upgraded. Behind the scenes footage and interviews will be included
  • 250,000: Art cards will be upgraded to a saddle-stitched art booklet and special foil printing for the chipboard box
  • 500,000: VIP Backers only party and original director Kazuki Akane will be invited to a major U.S. anime convention

It would be REALLY COOL if this project made it to 500,000 and I’d totally go to this mystery con.

Is the series worth it?

I really enjoyed Vision of Escaflowne. It’s a series I watched back when I was younger and I’ve rewatched it a couple of times. I also like the movie, however, it’s only meh compared to the series.

“We have Hitomi Kanzaki, a member of the track team who decides that if she could beat her last record, she’d confess/give Amano (her crush) a kiss. Amano agrees to this and as Hitomi sets up to run and Amano tells her to GO, something happens and a mysterious boy appears on the track.

He tells Hitomi, Amano, and Yukari (Hitomi’s friend who’d also been at the scene) to get away because a Dragon was coming! Thinking him insane for a second, Amano’s about to put him in his place only for an actual dragon to appear. After the mysterious boy defeats the dragon, him and Hitomi are then transported to a world where Earth lies next to the moon.

It’s only later that Hitomi realizes that everything lies within the pendant she carries around, the one her grandmother gave her years ago.”

There’s just so much going on and I love and hate everything. Giant robots (invisible enemy), handsome guys fighting for an oblivious girl with eyes for Amano copies, animal people, Tarot cards, fortune telling, insecurities, believing in yourself moments, the devotion of some of these characters! Angels, dragons, the power of Atlantis, and constant bloodshed because that is the nature of humankind…as Emperor Dornkirk aka Isaac Newton claims. Ok now I want to rewatch the series @_@

Definitely check out the Kickstarter, possibly contribute and share!

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