Vision of Escaflowne Kickstarter coming to an end!

This is just an update for you guys. The Vision of Escaflowne kickstarter is coming to an end in 3 days so if you guys plan on funding the project now is the time to open your wallets! Continue reading

Naka-kon Schedule for 2016 is out ^_^

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all in on some Naka-kon news~

Recently, OGZ told me that the 2016 schedule was out and I went ahead to check it out. I was both surprised and disappointed with what I found. Why was I disappointed? Well, like I mentioned before, the actual convention starts pretty late, at 4pm. And then there were the panels. There’s not much happening and when there is I’m forced to pick which two of really good sounding events I want to attend! Like, why couldn’t one of them be scheduled in those blanks where nothing is happening?! Continue reading

Crimson is Backing Vision of Escaflowne Kickstarter

I’m sure many of you guys have seen this Kickstarter by now, if not through Funimation then through Takuto’s recent blog post. I actually stumbled upon this news when Magnitude Reviews tweeted about it. Getting curious, because this series is one of my favorites/makes me super frustrated, I checked it out. Continue reading