[Review] Sick by Kurahashi Tomo

Back so soon? Yes well, I couldn’t stay away from the yaoi once I started reading SO as I said in yesterday’s post…I went ahead and checked out more of Kurahashi Tomo’s works.

uhoshi_sick001_001.jpgWhile I saw that five stories were listed under her name on MAL, I was unfortunately, only able to find one other and that is Sick. Sick will be used to fulfill the prompt “read a manga that has a main character of gender opposite to the demographic.” Since this is a yaoi manga I figured it fit the prompt 🙂

Kishi has always been a quiet kid and as the years passed he became more withdrawn. So much that just talking to people sends him into a panic. It’s this trait that has also made him the target of bullying. Now in University, Kishi still can’t break away from his shell and one of his classmates takes notice of this.

Sudou comes from a rich family, is popular among his peers, and has never been rejected in his life!…or at least it’d be never if a mysterious girl from his past hadn’t completely turned him down. Unfortunately for Kishi, he happens to resemble that past crush and Sudou can’t help but want to bully him.

This story was so adorable! I really enjoyed it though I was initially skeptical about starting it, what with a title like Sick. Was it a normal sick like when someone gets a cold? Or was it something darker and more menacing? Still, I decided to try it out because Tomodachi Ijou no Koto, Shitai was a really nice story. Continue reading